Anthony Martignetti, 63; lived in Boston. On Prince Street. In the Italian North End.
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Rick B.
2020-08-25 12:34:59 UTC

BOSTON - Five decades after an iconic commercial made his name famous,
Anthony Martignetti has died.

At 12 years old, the Italian-born Martignetti was the star of the
memorable ad for Prince Spaghetti. The ad showed him running through the
streets of Boston's North End to get home for dinner on Wednesday, "Prince
Spaghetti day," while a woman called his name from a window of an
apartment building.

The ad was filmed on Labor Day weekend in 1969 and was shown nationally
for about 13 years. It also won a Clio Award, a top honor in the
advertising field.

In 2019, at a fundraiser, he told The Patriot Ledger that he has fond
memories of the commercial and that he continued to get recognized
occasionally for the role.

"My friends always brought it up. I still don't think it's that big a
deal," he said.

His brother announced early Monday morning on Facebook that Martignetti
had died suddenly in his sleep. Martignetti was 63.
That Derek
2020-08-25 14:22:58 UTC
That "Wednesday Is Prince Spaghetti Day" TV ad played for many years in the NYC market. It was truly, to utilize an over-used desriptor, "iconic."