Malcom Hebden, 78, UK actor - ka-ching! another Coronation Street-er
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That Derek
2018-01-11 04:17:05 UTC

BREAKING: Coronation Street’s Malcom Hebden dies aged 78

Actor Malcom Hebden who plays Norris Cole on ITV soap Coronation Street has died following a brief hospitalization, a close family source revealed Wednesday morning.

The 78-year-old actor fell ill and was rushed to the hospital early this week where he was admitted. “We are in utter shock and disbelief right now,” the source said while confirming his death. “I know there will be much more to say in the coming days, and that so many of his fans will want to do everything they can to express their grief and to show support for the bereaved family.”

Malcolm played loveable Norris since 1994. His character was much-loved for his comedic lines and chemistry with Mary Taylor – played by Patti Clare – and Rita Sullivan – also played by Barbara Knox. Malcolm and Barbara even took away the award for Best Onscreen Partnership at the British Soap Awards in 2006. Norris was also named the ‘Funniest Character’ at the Inside Soap Awards in 2001 and 2002.

Prior to playing Norris, the actor appeared in the soap in 1974 as Carlos – the Spanish boyfriend of Mavis Riley. Norris’ notable storylines over the past few years included him being kidnapped by Mary during a holiday in a remote cottage back in 2010 where Malcolm spoke out about his co-star to Inside Soap, praising her for making the show “really special”.

In more recent years, Norris was Mary’s rock during difficult times. The florist broke down in tears after telling her friend that she had been raped as a teenager and forced to abandon her baby in 2016, which saw the two actors praised for their performance. In December, meanwhile, loyal Norris dressed up as Batman in protest again Jude and Angie from taking Mary’s grandson George back to South Africa.

The actor is loved by many, and with a heavy heart it will be hard to say goodbye. The family is yet to make an official statement on his demise. However, tributes continue to pour in on social media for him with many saying they are extremely heartbroken over his loss.
Bob Martin
2018-01-11 07:09:23 UTC
BREAKING: Coronation Street=E2=80=99s Malcom Hebden dies aged 78
Other sources are saying he recovered!