Susan Montgomery Williams, 47, world renowned talent for blowing enormous chewing-gum bubbles
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2008-10-11 04:57:50 UTC
Susan Williams, pro bubble-blower


FRESNO -- Susan Montgomery Williams, a Fresno woman with a talent for
blowing enormous chewing-gum bubbles, parlayed that skill and a keen
understanding of the news media's enthusiasm for superlatives into
eccentric international semi-celebrity.

Williams, 47, died Oct. 1 of an aneurism after suffering a stroke the
week before, apparently unrelated to her hobby.

She had painstakingly inflated her bubble-gum abilities into appearances
on the Johnny Carson and Jay Leno late-night television programs. Her
talent won her travel for appearances in Spain, Germany, England and Japan.

Smithsonian Magazine featured Williams in its July 1990 edition on
bubble gum, and included a photo of her blowing a 22-inch bubble, the
record at the time, the magazine said.

Bonnie Becerra shared her mother's enthusiasm over her bubble gum
success. "She was very famous," Becerra said. "She was known all around
the world."

There were also occasional failures. It wasn't the size of her bubbles
that got her into trouble, but the sound explosions. She came to court
first for gum-popping at a Smokey Robinson concert in Fresno and again,
in 1990, when she was arrested for making the cracking sound in the
hallway outside a murder trial.

A court commissioner ordered her to serve 30 days and pay a $150 fine.
He granted two years' probation on the condition she never snap or pop
gum in the courthouse again.

- McClatchy News Services
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When did Susan Montgomery William go in Court??
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When did Susan Montgomery William go in Court??
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