Ed Schultz, former MSNBC host, 64
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Michael OConnor
2018-07-05 18:50:49 UTC

Ed Schultz, MSNBC Broadcaster And Radio Personality, Dead At 64
The longtime host was 64.

Longtime radio personality Ed Schultz has died, his employer RT America announced Thursday. He was 64.

“We at RT America are sad to announce the passing of Edward Andrew Schultz,” the channel said in a statement. “Ed Schultz passed quietly early morning on July 5 at his home in Washington, D.C. This announcement comes as a shock to all of us here at RT America.”

He died of natural causes, sources told The Bismarck Tribune.

After making a name for himself as a radio and TV personality in Fargo, North Dakota, in the early 1980s, Schultz went on to host a show on MSNBC, a show on RT America and a daily podcast.

After two decades spent covering sports news and hosting a conservative political talk show out of North Dakota, Schultz began hosting “The Ed Show,” a daily show on MSNBC in 2009. On it he took on a more progressive bent, covering liberal causes from labor unions to universal health care.

After MSNBC canceled the “The Ed Show” in 2015, Schultz began hosting a podcast, “Ed Schultz News and Commentary.” Its last episode aired in December. His RT America show began airing in 2016.

Though he remained a divisive figure, particularly among his North Dakota followers, upon hearing of his death, many of those who worked with Schultz recalled his kindness.

Ed Schultz was incredibly kind to me when I was first doing TV on MSNBC. He had a complex personality, but was also remarkably generous. He used to do shows from clinics where doctors gave free care to the indigent. No one else would do that. RIP https://www.wday.com/news/4468792-ed-schultz-former-fargo-radio-personality-has-died …

12:53 PM - Jul 5, 2018

Ed Schultz, former Fargo radio personality, has died
DETROIT LAKES, MINN. - Longtime broadcaster Ed Schultz has died.Sources tell WDAY-TV News in Fargo that Schultz died of natural causes at his lake home near Detroit Lakes. He was 64.Schultz started...

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Karen Hunter

Sad about Ed Schultz. When I was with @msnbc, I did his show frequently. He was always so kind and fair. A good man. #RIP

1:07 PM - Jul 5, 2018
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Scottie Nell Hughes

I used 2 debate #EdSchultz but over the last year being on his show weekly at @RT_America he became a mentor & friend. He loved his work. Despite his fighting persona, Ed had a heart of gold & heartbroken at the news of his passing. Prayers for his wife, family & show staff.

1:34 PM - Jul 5, 2018
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David Shuster

I worked with Ed Schultz @msnbc and while he was doing his radio gig. He was always kind, enthusiastic, and passionate. Ed focused on American blue collar workers most of the MSM had long forgotten. Ed also adored his family. Deepest condolences to all who knew Ed. #RIP.

1:33 PM - Jul 5, 2018
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Schultz spoke openly about his transition from being a conservative force in talk radio to embracing progressive causes.

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“I lined up with the Republicans because they were anti-tax and I wanted to make a lot of money,” he told The Los Angeles Times in a 2012 interview about his morphing political perspective.

“I don’t think anyone wakes up one day and says, ‘I’m a liberal,’” Schultz told the Columbia Journalism Review a year later. “But I underwent a number of grassroots experiences that brought me around to a different perspective.”

He often pointed to meeting homeless people in a Fargo soup kitchen in 1998 as a turning point that inspired his on-the-ground reporting with struggling farmers and other blue collar Americans.

Schultz is survived by his wife, Wendy Schultz, and their six children.
2018-07-05 18:54:29 UTC
What a fat ass blowhard he was.
2018-07-05 21:04:54 UTC
Post by c***@aol.com
What a fat ass blowhard he was.
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2018-07-05 21:54:44 UTC
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2018-07-05 23:10:19 UTC
I’m not a conservative. Borrow somebody else’s brain.
2018-07-05 21:54:05 UTC
Post by c***@aol.com
What a fat ass blowhard he was.
Had he not turned the corner to sanity you'd be praising him as a Conservative icon.
Meteorite Debris
2018-07-06 13:45:28 UTC
Post by c***@aol.com
What a fat ass blowhard he was.
I spy with my eye something starting with the letter T. That's it.

Louis Epstein
2018-07-05 23:17:09 UTC
He was Ed Schultz.
And this is the Dead Show.

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