The Alliance of American Football (2019-2019)
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Michael OConnor
2019-04-02 18:20:03 UTC

Alliance of American Football to suspend operations in blow to investors including Peter Thiel

Thomas Franck

The Alliance of American Football will suspend all football operations on Tuesday, according to NBC Sports affiliate ProFootballTalk.

Though the league bills itself as an alternative to the National Football League with greater focus on player safety and a more convenient fan experience, questions surrounding its financial stability cropped up early into the first season.

The Alliance, which launched its inaugural season in February, said earlier this year that it received a $250 million cash investment from Carolina Hurricanes owner Tom Dundon. Founded and led by television producer Charlie Ebersol, the Alliance of American Football is also backed in part by Peter Thiel’s Founders Fund, The Chernin Group, and venture capitalist Keith Rabois.

CBS signed on as the official TV partner for the new league, airing two games in primetime on CBS and a host of other regular season games on CBS Sports Network.

Hoping to provide an improved experience for fans, the Alliance of American Football partnered with MGM in an effort to provide betting options to fans interested in wagering on game outcomes.

The organization did not immediately respond to CNBC’s request for comment.

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Bryan Styble
2019-04-02 18:52:18 UTC
And what about Arena Football--anyone know if they are they close to folding too, or is their small market strategy working out?

Michael OConnor
2019-04-02 19:45:12 UTC
Post by Bryan Styble
And what about Arena Football--anyone know if they are they close to folding too, or is their small market strategy working out?
A google search showed that the Arena League is still up and running, and that there area or have been at least ten other indoor football leagues over the years. I think there are three or four different indoor football leagues going in the US at this time and I believe there is one in China also.

I think it is possible that these days, due to the intensity of the pro football season these days, that fans can watch every game online, that there is a burnout of sorts, and fans in general need a break from it. For this reason, perhaps the league failed. The AAF had no intentions to take on the NFL, it was meant to be a league that played at a level somewhere between college and pros, and I think they were trying to get established enough to get the NFL to buy into it as a developmental or minor league, which the NFL failed to do as the NFL already has a minor league that costs them nothing to maintain called NCAA College Football. I would think Vince McMahon must be reconsidering his decision to go ahead with his reboot of the XFL, (which failed miserably in 2000) that he wants to do next year.