Tom T, Hall,, 85, country singer/songwriter (Harper Valley PTA; I Love)
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That Derek
2021-08-21 12:03:49 UTC
Tommie Hicks
2021-08-21 14:35:35 UTC
Post by That Derek
I worked at a radio station in Spencer, West Virginia called WVRC where Hall had worked in the early 60's when the station was WSPZ. Some of his signed logs were preserved when I worked there later. Hall also dug graves in Spencer to boost his income. Hall would send Christmas cards to the station in later years. Around 1987 I interviewed Hall for a radio station in Fairplain WV when he was performing in Ripley, WV. Lets just say he was well lubricated. When Hall danced when he performed MR BOJANGLES it was interesting to watch. I was just waiting for him to fall down but he didn't.
Many in Spencer, WV swore Hall had wrote HARPER VALLEY PTA about Spencer WV (no wonder, it was very plausible). But Hall wrote the song about a town in eastern Kentucky. Hall did write THE DAY CLAYTON DELANEY DIED about a character in Spencer, WV.
2021-08-21 20:44:55 UTC
Fascinating info there, Tommy; appreciate your posting the small-station radio remembrance as well.

I had never heard of estimable Tom T. Hall--never followed country music until the 1980s, even though nowadays I'm hard-core into so-called classic country, '40-'60s vintage--when I first saw him circa 1970 on a variety show.

Almost certain it was Dean Martin's NBC fixture, but am absolutely certain the late Hall was exposing me for the first time to "A Boy Named Sue". He didn't mention in intro that it was a Shel Silverstein tune, or that Johnny Cash's live rendition from San Quentin--or Folsom perhaps?--was what catapulted the song into the American vernacular.