That Derek's "Showbituaries," Jan-June 2020 (you can't include everybody)
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That Derek
2020-06-29 03:22:22 UTC
Next week, I'm planning a big half-year "Showbituaries" encompassing January through June 2020.

At the end of one recent year, <alt-obituaries> just would not permit me to cut/paste/post my accumulated list -- it was too large. I needed to make cuts against my better judgment ... and it was tough for someone like me who gets upset when the Oscars/Emmys/Grammys/etc. play the "we-can't include-everyone" card,

Here are some folks who will not be making it into any future 2020 litanies:

01/01: DAVID STERN, 77 (brain hemorrhage), attorney; NBA Commissioner (1974-2014)
01/01: BARRY ZeVAN, 82 (leukemia), comedic 1970s/80s Minneapolis TV meteorologist
01/02: EDITH KUNHARDT DAVIS, 82 (acute pneumonia; lung failure), children's author; child inspiration for mother Dorothy Kunhardt's 1940 tactile children's book Pat the Bunny
01/03: DEREK ACORAH, 69 (sepsis), UK paranormal-themed TV personality
01/03: ANDREA ARRUTI, 21 (respiratory complications), Mexican Spanish language voice-over actress (Disney's Frozen)
01/03: QASEM SOLEIMANI, 62 (US airstrike in Baghdad), Iranian military leader/killer/terrorist
01/06: Rep. MIKE FITZPATRICK, 56 (melanoma), US Congressman (R-PA, split term 2005-2017)
01/08: DAVID BERNARD MONTGOMERY (2nd Viscount Montgomery of Alamein), 91 (heart attack), UK businessman/politician; son of WWII military leader Field Marshall Bernard Law Montgomery
01/09: BILL RAY, 83 (atrial fibrillation), photographer, LIFE Magazine (Marilyn Monroe/JFK birthday; Elvis Presley in Army)
01/09: MIKE RESNICK, 77 (cancer), science fiction author/editor
01/11: MATTY MAHER, 80 (lung cancer), Irish-born owner/proprietor, NYC landmark tavern McSorley's
01/14: JAMES KEHOE, 85 (complications: stroke), film actor (Serpico; The Sting; Car Wash; The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh; The Untouchables; Reds; Melvin and Howard)
01/16: CHRIS DARROW, 75 (complications: stroke), country rock singer/musician,1960s replacement member, The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
01/18: FRIEDA RAPOPORT CAPLAN, 96 (brief illness), entrepreneur/importer of exotic produce; christener of the "kiwi fruit”
01/18: DAVID OLNEY, 71 (heart attack while performing on-stage), singer/songwriter (for Linda Rondstadt; Emmylou Harris)
01/18: GEORGE HERBERT WALKER III, 88 (complications: stroke), St. Louis businessman; cousin to Presidents George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush
01/19: JIMMY HEATH, 93 (natural causes), jazz saxophonist, The Heath Brothers (for Miles Davis, John Coltrane)
01/20: Rep. THOMAS RAILSBACK, 87 (undisclosed), US Congressman (R-IL, 1967-83) who backed 1974 Articles of Impeachment against President Richard Nixon
01/20: JOE SHISHIDO, 86 (undisclosed), prolific Japanese actor specializing in B-movie gangster/yakuza roles
01/21: MERITXELL NEGRE, 48 (cancer), Catalan/Spanish singer; sixth in series/first Caucasian "Peaches” (R&B singing act Peaches & Herb)
01/23: BARBARA REMINGTON, 90 (breast cancer), first US paperback cover illustrator for UK fantasy author J.R.R. Tolkien; poster artist (A Map of Middle-earth)
01/24: MARGO LION. 76 (brain aneurysm), Broadway producer (Hairspray; Angels in America; Elaine Stritch at Liberty; The Crucible, revival; Jelly's Last Jam)
01/24: Rep. FORTNEY "PETE" STARK, 88 (leukemia), first openly atheist US Congressman (D-CA, 1973-2013); proponent, Affordable Care Act
01/25: NINA GRISCOM, 65 (complications: amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), NYC-based fashion industry socialite
01/26: LUCY JARVIS, 102 (undisclosed), TV documentary producer (subjects including Mary Martin, the Louvre)
01/26: MICHOU (né Michel Catty), 88 (pulmonary embolism), French cabaret/drag performer/club impresario
01/30: LUCIEN BARBARIN, 63 (prostate cancer), New Orleans jazz trombonist (Preservation Hall Jazz Band)
01/30; BIL CANFIELD, 99 (peacefully), editorial/sports cartoonist, The (Newark NJ) Star-Ledger
01/30: JÖRN DONNER, 86 (lung disease), Finnish-born Swedish film producer (Ingmar Bergman's Fanny and Alexander)
01/30: FOTIS DULOS, 52 (suicide/carbon monoxide asphyxiation), Connecticut housing contractor; suspect in high-profile NYC-area death/disappearance of wife Jennifer Dulos
01/31: Dr. DONALD WEST, 95 (undisclosed), UK criminologist/psychiatrist/author (1955 groundbreaking work Homosexuality)
02/02: IVAN KRÁL, 71 (cancer), Czech-born musician/songwriter (Dancing Barefoot/Patti Smith)
02/04: ALICE MAYHEW, 87 (complications: series of falls), Simon & Schuster editor noted for political/historical works (Robert Woodward; Carl Bernstein; Taylor Branch; Doris Kearns Goodwin)
02/04: DANIEL arap MOI, 95 (multiple organ failure), President of Kenya (1978-2002)
02/07: MARY GRIFFITH, 85 (lengthy illness), LBTQ activist/author; TV-movie subject (Prayers for Bobby)
02/08: JOY VALDERRAMA ABBOTT, 88 (cancer), widow of Broadway theatrical dramatist/director/producer George Abbott
02/08: VOLKER SPENGLER, 80 (undisclosed), German actor for director/auteur Rainer Werner Fassbinder (In a Year with 13 Moons; The Marriage of Maria Braun; Berlin Alexanderplatz; Veronika Voss
02/10: PATRICK JORDAN, 96 (undisclosed), UK actor (1977 Star Wars, as uncredited Imperial Officer Cass)
02/10: LYLE MAYS, 66 (lengthy illness), jazz keyboardist, the Pat Metheny Group
02/12: PAUL ENGLISH, 87 (pneumonia), country music drummer (for Willie Nelson)
02/14: ESTHER SCOTT, 66 (heart attack), actress (Boyz N the Hood; Dreamgirls; TV adaptation, The Help)
02/16: OWEN BIEBER, 90 (age related illnesses), labor union leader (1980s/90s president, United Auto Workers)
02/16: FRANCES CUKA, 83 (complications: stroke, cancer), UK actress (Albert Finney Scrooge, as Mrs. Cratchit)
02/19: JENS NYGAARD KNUDSEN, 78 (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), Danish designer/creator (LEGO’s mini-figures)
02/21: CAMILA MARÍA CONCEPCIÓN, 28 (suicide), screenwriter; Latina transgendered rights activist
02/21: JEANNE EVERT (DUBIN), 62 (ovarian cancer), tennis player; younger sister of tennis player Chris Evert
02/21: LISEL MUELLER, 96 (pneumonia), German-born, Pulitzer Price-winning poet
02/24: BOB ANDERMAN, 59 (cancer), St. Petersburg/Tampa area popular culture journalist/radio personality Mr. Media; author (Will Eisner: A Spiritual Life)
02/24: OLOF THUNBERG, 94 (undisclosed), Swedish actor/voice-over artist; grandfather of environmental activist Greta Thunberg
02/24: TOM WATKINS, 70 (multiple health issues), 1980s/90s UK music manager (Pet Shop Boys)
02/25: HOSNI MUBAREK, 91 (kidney failure), President of Egypt (1981-2011)
02/26: NEXHMIJE HOXHA, 99 (natural causes), widow/co-conspirator of Albanian Communist dictator Enver Hoxha (1944-85)
02/26: MICHAEL MEDWIN, 96 (undisclosed), UK actor (Albert Finney Scrooge, as Scrooge’s nephew)
02/28: BERNHARD DRIEST, 79 (pneumonia), German actor (Werner Herzog’s Stroszek; Rainer Werner Fassbinder ‘s Querelle)
02/28: FREEMAN DYSON, 96 (injuries sustained in a fall), UK-born physicist/mathematician
02/28: JOYCE GORDON, 90 (undisclosed), actress; first female president, NYC Screen Actors’ Guild
03/02: RAFAEL CANCEL MIRANDA, 89 (multiple health issues), Puerto Rican nationalist/independence advocate; terrorist/participant, 1954 gunfire attack on US Congress (03/01/1954)
03/03: CC, 18 (kidney failure), female tabby cat; first cloned pet
Masters of the Universe; Transformers; Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles; Batman: The Animated Series)
03/04: Rep. AMORY "AMO" HOUGHTON JR, 93 (natural causes), scion, glass industry Houghton fsmily (Corning Inc.); US Congressman (R-NY, 1987-2005)
03/04: JAVIER PÉREZ de CUÉLLAR, 100 (natural causes), Peruvian-born United Nations Secretary General (1982-91)
03/06: DAVID PAUL, 62 (in his sleep), 1980s/90s bodybuilder/actor (with twin brother Peter, as the Barbarian Brothers)
03/09: ANTON COPPOLA, 102 (undisclosed), Tampa-based operatic conductor/composer; uncle of film director Francis Ford Coppola
03/09: MERWIN FOARD, 59 (chronic liver disease), Broadway musical actor (1776; Annie; Disney's Aladdin; The Addams Family; La Cage aux Folles; Les Misérables; Kiss Me, Kate; Beauty and the Beast)
03/09: KEITH OLSEN, 74 (cardiac arrest), music producer (Fleetwood Mac; Grateful Dead; Foreigner; Pat Benatar; Jethro Tull; Heart; Whitesnake; Santana, Rick Springfield; REO Speedwagon; Ozzy Osbourne; Bad Company; Joe Walsh; Scorpions)
03/10: J. (JOHN) SEWARD JOHNSON II, 89 (cancer), sculptor; heir, Johnson + Johnson pharmaceutical fortune
03/15: Rep. RICHARD HANNA, 60 (cancer), US Congressman (R-NY, 2011-2017); moderate Republican who refused to support President Trump’s 2016 presidential election
03/17: GERALD FREEDMAN, 92 (natural causes), 1960s/70s theatrical director (The New York Shakespeare Festival/Public Theater; Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, London)
03/21: DAVID CRUZ, 51 (heart disease), pre-fame boyfriend of singer/actress Jennifer Lopez;
03/23: DAVID COLLINGS, 79 (undisclosed), UK screen/radio actor (Albert Finney Scrooge, as Bob Cratchit; Blake's 7, first TV episode; Lord of the Rings, radio version)
03/23: ALFIO CONTINI, 92 (undisclosed), Italian cinematographer (Michelangelo Antonioni’s Zabriskie Point)
03/23: GILES WALKER, 74 (cancer), Scots-born Canadian film director/documentarian
03/24: Judge JOHN G. DAVIES, 90 (cancer), Australian-born US Federal jurist (Rodney King police civil rights trial); Olympic swimmer (Australian team, 1948, 1952)
03/25: MARK BLUM, 69 (COVID-19), film actor (pivotal roles. Crocodile Dundee, Desperately Seeking Susan)
03/25: RICHARD REEVES, 83 (cardiac arrest), political author/columnist/historian (Infamy, re: Pearl Harbor; presidential administrations: Kennedy, Nixon, Ford, Reagan, Clinton)
03/26: NEIL LANDON, 78 (undisclosed), 1960s UK singer/songwriter (as solo act; The Ivy League, The Flower Pot Men; Fat Mattress)
03/27: Rev. JOSEPH LOWERY, 98 (natural causes), civil rights activist; co-founder (with Martin Luther King), Southern Christian Leadership Conference
03/27: YASUNORI “KEN” SHIMURA, 70 (COVID-19), Japanese comedian/TV personality
03/27: DELROY WASHINGTON, 67 (COVID-19), Jamaican-born UK reggae singer (back-up for Bob Marley)
03/29: MARIA MERCADER, 54 (COVID-19), CBS News broadcast journalist/producer (60 Minutes; CBS Sunday Morning)
03/29: KRZYSZTOF PENDERECKI, 86 (lengthy illness), Polish avante-garde composer for film (The Exorcist; The Shining)
03/30: Dr. JAMES T. GOODRICH, 73 (COVID-19), neurosurgeon/conjoined twin separation specialist
04/01: Judge KEVIN DUFFY, 87 (COVID-19), US District Judge (1993 World Trade Center terrorist bombing)
04/01: ED FARMER, 70 (kidney disease), MLB relief pitcher/sportscaster (Chicago White Sox)
04/02: EDDIE LARGE, 78 (H failure; C-19), Scots-born UK TV comedian (comedy team Little and Large)
04/02: MAEVE KENNEDY TOWNSEND McKEAN, 40 (drowning/canoe accident, with eight-year old son), public health official/attorney; granddaughter of Senator Robert F. Kennedy
04/03: JAMES KING, 49 (multiple health issues), reality TV subject (TLC’s My 600 Lb. Life)
04/03: ARLENE STRINGER-CUEVAS, 86 (COVID-19), 1970s NYC Councilwoman; mother of NYC Comptroller Scott Stringer
04/04: OLAN MONTGOMERY, 56 (COVID-19), web series actor (Netflix’s Stranger Things)
04/07: HENRY GELLER, 96 (cancer), 1970s FCC attorney instrumental in banning cigarette ads from TV/radio
04/07: IRENE HIRANO INOUYE, 71 (leiomyosarcoma, a rare form of body tissue cancer), Japanese-American cultural/philanthropic leader; widow of Senator Daniel Inouye (D-HI, 1963-2012)
04/07: DONNA KAUFFMAN, 60 (pancreatic cancer), journalist (USA Today); prolific best-selling romance novelist
04/07: STEVE RAVITZ, 73 (COVID-19), southern NJ supermarket entrepreneur/philanthropist (Shop Rite franchisee)
04/07: LEONARD “NIPPER” READ, 95 (COVID-19), 1960s UK Scotland Yard detective (1950s/60s Kray Brothers criminal gang)
04/07: ELIOT TIEGEL, 84 (heart attack), music journalist/author; one-time managing editor, Billboard magazine
04/07: GHYSLAIN TREMBLAY, 68 (COVID-19), Québécois/French-Canadian TV actor
04/08: CHYNNA ROGERS, 25 (drug oveRdose), Philadelphia-based rap performer
04/10: BRUCE BAILLIE, 88 (complications; Alzheimer’s disease), avante-garde film director (Castro Street)
04/10: NOBUHIKO OBAYASHI, 82 (lung cancer), prolific Japanese film director
04/11: WYNN HANDMAN, 97 (pneumonia related to COVID-19), co-founder/artistic director, NYC’s American Place Theatre; acting teacher (Alec Baldwin; Michael Douglas; Richard Gere; Raul Julia; Frank Langella; Christopher Walken; Denzel Washington; Joanne Woodward)
04/12: NINA BALDUCCI, 91 (colon cancer), NYC greengrocer/gourmet food entrepreneur (Balducci’s)
04/12: PAT BRYMER, 70 (cardiomyopathy), puppeteer/puppet designer (Team America; Caddyshack gopher; Lamb Chop’s Play-Along; The Banana Splits)
04/12: Sir STIRLING MOSS, 90 (declining health), UK auto-racing driver
04/13: Bishop GERALD GLENN, 70 (COVID-19), Virginia evangelical pastor who openly defied COVID-19 social gathering restrictions
04/13: ANN SULLIVAN, 91 (COVID-19), animatrix (Filmation; Hanna-Barbera; Disney)
04/15: SEAN ARNOLD, 79 (lengthy illness), UK TV actor (Grange Hill; Bergerac)
04/15: LEE KONITZ, 92 (pneumonia; COVID-19), jazz alto saxophonist; collaborator with Miles Davis
04/16: STEVE CASH, 40 (mental health derived suicide/gunshot), feline-themed YouTube personality/video producer
04/17: DEIRDRE BAIR, 84 (congestive heart failure), biographer (Samuel Beckett; Anaîs Nin; Simone de Beauvoir; Carl Jung; Al Capone)
04/19 (body found): PETER BEARD, 82 (dementia-related disappearance, 03/31), wildlife photographer
04/19: Judge NOACH DEAR, 66 (COVID-19), Brooklyn Supreme Court jurist; NYC city councilman (1983-2001)
04/19: ROBERT LOOMIS, 93 (complications: injuries sustained in a fall), Random House book editor (Maya Angelou; Calvin Trillin; Edmund Morris; Shelby Foote; Jim Lehrer; Neil Sheehan, William Styron)
04/21: MATTEO De COSMO, 52 (COVID-19), web TV series art director (Marvel’s Luke Cage, The Punisher)
04/21: BETSY JAMES WYETH, 98 (declining health), widow of/muse to painter Andrew Wyeth
04/22: MORT FALLICK, 86 (kidney failure), film/TV editor (Act One; Love at First Bite; Moonlighting)
04/23: LEAH BERNSTEIN, 99 (COVID-19), executive secretary (director/producer Stanley Kramer, 28 films; animator Ralph Bakshi; talent manager Irving Fein)
04/23: CHEN LIANGTING, 91 (undisclosed), Chinese literary translator (Gone with the Wind; The Old Man and the Sea; The Chronicles of Narnia; The Maltese Falcon)
04/23: TERRY LENZNER, 80 (complications: pneumonia), attorney/scandal investigator (Watergate; Clinton/Lewinsky)
04/23: KUMIKO OKAE, 63 (complications: COVID-19 related pneumonia), Japanese TV host; anime voice-over actress (Pokémon)
04/23: FREDRICK THOMAS, 35 (COVID-19), rap performer Fred the Godson
04/25: MADELINE KRIPKE, 87 (COVID-19), NYC-based dictionary/reference book collector (20,000+ volumes)
04/26: Dr. LORNA BREEN, 48 (PTSD derived suicide following COVID-19 recovery), medical director/administrator, New York Presbyterian Allen Hospital’s emergency department
04/26: BOB GARCIA, 82 (natural causes), 1970s/80s record music executive (A&M Records: The Police; Squeeze; The Carpenters; Amy Grant; Joe Jackson; Joe Cocker)
04/26: Rep. RON MARLENEE, 84 (lengthy illness), US Congressman (R-MT, 1977-93)
04/27: BERNARD GERSTEN, 97 (pancreatic cancer), NYC non-profit theatrical impresario (The New York Shakespeare Festival; The Public Theatre; Lincoln Center Theatre)
04/27: TROY SNEED, 52 (COVID-19), gospel singer
04/28: MARI WINSOR, 70 (complications: amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), fitness/Pilates instructor to high-profile Hollywood personalities
04/29: BENNETT BENSON, 89 (heart and multiple organ failure), NYC steakhouse restaurateur (Smith & Wollensky; Ben Benson’s); 1960s singles bar marketer (first TGI Friday’s)
04/29: GALE HALDERMAN, 87 (liver cancer), automobile designer (the original Ford Mustang)
04/29: JI CHAOZHU, 90 (undisclosed), Chinese diplomat/interpreter (particularly for President Nixon’s 1972 trip to China)
04/30: TONY ALLEN, 79 (ruptured aneurysm), Nigerian-born percussionist; 1970s Afrobeat innovator
04/30: RISHI KAPOOR, 67 (complications: bone marrow cancer), 1970s/80s Indian film actor; scion, Kapoor family acting/film industry dynasty
05/01: DAVID CARTER, 67 (heart attack), LGBT activist/historian/author (Stonewall: The Riots That Sparked the Gay Revolution)
05/01: FRANCIS MEGAHY, 85 (cancer), UK-born TV director (Lovejoy; Dempsey and Makepeace; Hammer House of Horror)
05/02: SAMUEL HORCHOW, 81 (cancer), Broadway producer (George Gershwin musical Crazy for You; Kiss Me, Kate revival; Curtains); luxury goods mail order entrepreneur
05/03: LEN FAGAN, 72 (COVID-19), Los Angeles rock music impresario (venue Coconut Teaszer)
05/03: JOHN MAHON, 82 (natural causes), film actor (LA Confidential; The Exorcist; Zodiac)
circa 05/05: DAVID DENT, 97 (undisclosed), Scots-born 1950s UK film producer (films featuring Peter Sellers; Diana Dors; Spike Milligan; Sid James; Petula Clark)
05/07: DANIEL CAUCHY, 90 (COVID-19), 1950s French film actor (Bob le flambeur/Bob the Gambler)
05/07: ANDRE HARRELL, 59 (heart failure), hop-hop impresario/producer/record label founder (Uptown Records); mentor to hip-hop performer Sean Combs
05/09: RON ZISKIN, 69 (c’s: vascular disease), TV producer (Make Me Laugh; American Gladiators)
05/10 (25th birthday): COREY La BARRIE, 25 (DUI accident allegedly by reality TV personality Dan Silva), comedic-themed YouTube personality/social media influencer
05/11: CHARLES “FUZZY” OWEN, 91 (undisclosed), country music/Bakersfield Sound impresario/record label executive (Ferlin Husky; Buck Owens; Merle Haggard)
05/11: MARGUERITE PEYSER, 89 (COVID-19), landscape painter; widow of Rep. Peter Peyser (R-then-D/NY); mother of actress Penny Peyser (Rich Man, Book II; Crazy Like a Fox)
05/11: STEVE WEST, 68 (cancer), San Diego/Tijuana radio personality
05/12: RICHARD GILDER, 87 (congestive heart failure); philanthropist/restorationist, NYC’s Central Park; husband of actress Lois Chiles
05/12: CAROLYN REIDY, 71 (heart attack), publisher/CEO, Simon & Schuster (2008-20)
05/13: GREGORY TYREE BOYCE, 30 (fentanyl and cocaine overdose, with girlfriend Natalie Adepoju), actor (2008 film Twilight)
05/13: DEREK LAWRENCE, 78 (undisclosed), UK record producer (Deep Purple; Jethro Tull; Wishbone Ash)
05/14: ALBERT KRIEGER, 96 (undisclosed), defense attorney (John Gotti; 1973 Wounded Knee SD American Indian uprising)
05/15: DENNY DeMARCHI, 57 (cancer), Canadian multi-instrumentalist; touring musician, The Cranberries (2009 reunion tour)
05/16: WILSON ROOSEVELT JERMAN, 91 (COVID-19), long-time White House butler/staffer for eleven US presidents (1957-2012, split tenure)
05/17: SHAD GASPARD, 49 (rip tide drowning), 2000s WWE wrestler
05/18: AMBER-LEE FRIIS, 23 (suicide), New Zealander model/beauty pageant contestant
05/18: LEONARD LEVITT, 79 (lung cancer), NYC crime-themed journalist/columnist (Long Island Newsday; amNew York)
circa 05/20: GREGG BEMIS, 91 (cancer), sea explorer/shipwreck recovery diver; owner, recovered RMS Lusitania
05/20: Rep. HOWARD NIELSON, 95 (undisclosed), US Congressman (R-UT, 1983-91)
05/22” SATURN, 83/84 (age related illnesses), US-born Moscow Zoo-residing alligator; escapee from Berlin Zoological Gardens during 1945 Battle of Berlin
05/23: PATRICIA REED SCOTT, 86 (subdural hematoma sustained in a fall), official. NYC's Mayor’s Office of Film, Theater and Broadcasting, instrumental in bringing TV/film production to NYC (under Mayors Edward Koch and Rudolph Giuliani)
05/25: WILLIAM "BUCKY" BAXTER, 65 (undisclosed), 1990s pedal steel guitarist (Bob Dylan; Steve Earle; Ryan Adams)
05/26: IRM HERMANN, 77 (brief illness), prolific German actress (20 films for Rainer Werner Fassbinder, including The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant; Berlin Alexanderplatz)
05/26: ANTHONY JAMES, 77 (cancer), film/TV actor (In the Heat of the Night; High Plains Drifter; Burnt Offerings; Unforgiven; Gunsmoke, seven episodes)
05/27: Rep. SAM JOHNSON, 89 (natural causes), US Congressman (R-TX, 1991-2019); US Air Force colonel (Vietnam POW, 1966-73); one-time oldest member of US Congress (2018-19); last serving Korean War veteran in US Congress
05/30: LOUISE PAGE, 65 (cancer), UK dramatist; 1990s BBC radio script writer (The Archers)
05/31: DAN van HUSEN, 75 (COVID-19), German actor (1970s Italian spaghetti westerns; Federico Fellini ‘s Casanova; Werner Herzog‘s Nosferatu the Vampyre)
05/31: IRENE TRIPLETT, 90 (complications following surgery), daughter of US Civil War soldier; last surviving US Civil War pension recipient
-NJ, 1981-2013, split tenure)
06/01: CARMINE CAPONE, 92 (undisclosed), Mayor of Orange NJ (1976-80)
06/01: JOEY IMAGE (né Poole), 63 (liver cancer), 1970s drummer, punk band The Misfits
M*A*S*H, Brewster McCloud, McCabe & Mrs. Miller)
06/07: HUBERT GAGNON, 73 (cancer), Quebecois voice dubbing actor (French-Canadian voice for actor Mel Gibson; as cartoon characters Homer Simpson, Optimus Prime)
06/09: CLAUDELL WASHINGTON, 65 (complications: prostate cancer), MLB outfielder (Oakland Athletics) featured in 1986 film Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
06/10: MURRAY OLDERMAN, 98 (complications: heart attack), sports columnist/cartoonist
06/13: COLO TAVERNIER (O’HAGAN), 74/75 (cancer), UK-born French screenwriter (for Claude Chabrol; one-time husband Bertrand Tavernier)
06/14: SUSHANT SINGH RAJPUT, 34 (suicide/hanging), Indian film actor
06/14: KEITH TIPPETT, 72 (undisclosed), UK jazz/session pianist, 1970s progressive rock band King Crimson
06/16: PATRICK POIVEY, 72 (undisclosed), French voice dubbing actor for US films (Bruce Willis; Tom Cruise; Kevin Costner; Kenneth Branagh; Jeff Daniels; Richard Gere; Don Johnson; Mickey Rourke)
06/16: YOSHAN (né Kim Jeong-hwan), 28 (undisclosed), South Korean K-Pop singer (group TST)
Bryan Styble
2020-06-29 13:12:59 UTC
It's exhaustive just READING your meticulous work; I can't imagine how exhausting it is to COMPILE it, Derek!

Oh, and as a Florida denizen since 2010, I was glad to see listed thereon Saturn the Nazi alligator*, as his demise is tombstone-memorialized in my own archives, replete with my little sketch of the beast.

Meanwhile, I'm afraid your explanation as to why these names won't make any more of your comprehensive 2020 rosters was lost on my aged mind. Did you mean, as of 7/1/2020, you're now forever done with 1-6/2020, and thus from now on you're doing exclusively 7-12/2020...which of course I may or may not survive to marvel at--and all but CERTAINLY won't, were I to follow through on my long-held secret ambition to become a gangsta rap star and thus in short order ending up like Huey, Pop Smoke, et al.?

* And yeah, I realize it's apparently a myth that he was ever Hitler's pet. But given that he escaped when The Good Guys were bombing the bejeezus out of the Third Reich capital (if only inadvertently also hitting the Berlin Zoo) while that city remained under Nazi control, it is NOT incorrect to identify the late lizard as a Nazi gator!
That Derek
2020-06-29 15:14:00 UTC
There's just too many names. I'd love to keep all the names I deigned to place on the list in the first place; however, it just gets too unwieldy ... and, as stated before, subject to <alt-obituaries> space limitations strictures.

That's why I fall upon the "showbiz"/"showbituaries" criteria and started excising names from therein. Thus, household name world leaders (arap Moi, Mubarek, Perez de Cuellar), US Congressmen (though US Senators like Tom Coburn, usually make the cut), and ancillary show-bizzers (talent managers, film editors, acting teachers, session musicians on hit songs who are not Hal Blaine, publisher/editors who handle superstar authors, et.al.) all faced the chopping block.

I usually avoid international actors unless they worked for well known "auteurs" (Sweden: Bergman, Sjoman; Poland: Wajda; France: Truffaut, Resnais, Chabrol, Godard; Italy: DeSica, Visconti, Bertolucci, Fellini, Argento; Germany: Herzog, Fassbinder; Spain: Almodovar, Bunuel; Japan: Kurosawa, Ozu, Honda; Czechoslovakia: Forman; Greece: Costa-Gavras). They seem noteworthy at the time of their demise, but end up weighing down the list in the long run.

There's a method to my madness. Suicides, automobile accidents, and freak/unconventional accidents usually catapults tertiary celebrities onto the list; after the hype, however, they, too, might be de-listed.

British actors/directors/screenwriters make the cut only if their films/TV series are well known commodities in the US. Peerages (Barons, Viscounts, Dukes, etc.) who are only known for having a peerage do not go beyond being noted in The London Guardian.

Post-1970s non- Apollo/Gemini astronauts are, likewise, excluded.

Non-household name sports figures, ditto.

The main reason I compile "Showbituaries" is to commemorate the folks that award show "In Memoriam" reels and year-end publications like USA Today leave out. Let's face it: if the two Left Banke guys are not seen come December, don't be surprised.

One time years ago before the New YorK Times became extremely paywall-happy, I noticed someone headlined as a surfing-themed documentarian. I said to myself "Unless it was 'Endless Summer' or 'Ride the Wild Surf,' I ain't posting him." Turns out it was one of those seminal films, and, therefore, "sponge-worthy," to borrow a Seinfeld-ism.