Vladislav Krapivin, 81, Russian juv. author & HCAA nominee
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2020-09-01 17:43:05 UTC
Tiny death notice:


What I posted in 2018:

He lives in Yekaterinburg (north of Kazakhstan).

He was nominated for the Hans Christian Andersen Award in 2014.

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...In 1961 Vladislav Krapivin founded the Young Scout Troop "Caravel" (A number of publications maintain that the Troop was founded at the request of the 'Pioneer' youth magazine, but in fact the magazine only took the Troop under its wing in 1965.) The range of activities of the Troop are journalism, nautical studies, and fencing. The Troop still exists today, earlier it had the status of a Young Pioneer's Section, the press-center and the sailing flotilla of the 'Pioneer' magazine. Vladislav Krapivin was in charge of the Troop for more than thirty years.

Vladislav Krapivin's first book, "The Voyage of the 'Orion'", appeared in Sverdlovsk in 1962.

Today Vladislav Krapivin has more than one hundred fifty publications to his credit in various languages. His books were included in the "Golden Library of Selected Works for Children and Youth," "The Library of Adventure and Science Fiction," "The Library of World Literature for Children," and in the 26 volume Japanese series "Selected Works for Teenagers" (which allocated two volumes for his works).

Vladislav Krapivin's books have been reprinted numerous times in Poland, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, Germany, Japan, Hungary, they have been translated into English, Spanish, Persian, and other languages...

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2020-09-02 17:08:08 UTC
(about Krapivin's work, with photos)


Farewell to the writer Vladislav Krapivin will take place on September 3 in the Church on the Blood, and he will be buried on the same day at the Shirokorechensky cemetery in Yekaterinburg, writes RIA News with reference to the daughter-in-law of the writer Larisa Krapivina.

The writer died today in the intensive care unit of the Sverdlovsk regional hospital. Earlier, his daughter-in-law reported on Facebook that on July 15, he was hospitalized with suspected stroke and coronavirus, after tests, stroke and heart attack were excluded, and CT scan showed pneumonia with damage to 25% of the lungs, while tests for COVID-19 were negative. On August 7, Krapivin was discharged from the therapeutic department of hospital No. 40 in Yekaterinburg in a state “much worse than he was three weeks ago,” his relative wrote. According to her, the 81-year-old writer developed bruises on his leg and pressure sores on his back, while he could not move. Soon after discharge, the writer was hospitalized again.

According to the latest reports, the cause of the death of the writer was sepsis, Krapivina told the agency. “You will not convince me anyone that he had a coronavirus. He just had the usual senile pneumonia. <...> He was discharged from the hospital with this leg. A person is not discharged in such a state, ”said a relative of the writer.

Farewell to the writer will begin on September 3 at 13.00 (11.00 Moscow time). “If the whole city comes, we will not be surprised. Probably, they will also come from other cities, ”the agency’s interlocutor suggested.

Vladislav Krapivin was a children’s writer, poet and screenwriter. He wrote the books The Boy with the Sword and The Crane and Lightning. In 1961, Krapivin created a children’s detachment “Caravel”, which was engaged in maritime affairs, journalism, fencing and studied the history of the fleet. In 2014, the writer received an award from the President of the Russian Federation for his contribution to the development of domestic children’s literature and the patriotic education of the younger generation.

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