Robin Gottlieb, 90, in January (juv. author of "Mystery of the Silent Friends," 1964 - think "Hugo"!)
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I'm taking a risk, but the birthdate IS a match...


She lived in NYC.

(Not to be confused with the Harvard professor.)

Here's what I posted on her 90th birthday:

Her husband was Gerald Gottlieb, the Pierpont Morgan Library curator of Early Children's Books at the Library. He died in 2009. (Funny thing is, some claim he was born in 1923; others say 1920.)

For those who don't know, here's what it says on the back cover of "Mystery of the Silent Friends":

"What secret lies hidden in the mechanical dolls? Why are two men so eager, suddenly, to buy them? 'And isn't it queer,' Nina tells her friend Muffin, 'that both men have exactly the same name?' Nina has always loved her father's antique shop -- full of odd mysterious things. And the old dolls have always been like her friends. But something very strange is going on! Muffin and Nina aren't sure what it is, but they do know that the silent friends are in danger."

Here's the cover and two illustrations in B&W:


Great to give to any kid who hasn't read "The Invention of Hugo Cabret" by Brian Selznick or seen Martin Scorsese's "Hugo" yet - and even those who have, might be interested!

(a few book covers)

(five Kirkus reviews)

(reader reviews)

Other titles of hers:

Mystery of the Forgotten Diamond 1963

Secret of the Unicorn (1965 sequel to "Mystery of the Silent Friends")

Mystery of the Jittery Dog-walker 1966

Mystery Aboard the Ocean Princess 1967

Mystery of the Marco Polo Ring 1968

More about her husband:


(book covers)

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From "Contemporary Authors":

Education: Attended Vassar College, 1946-48; Barnard College, B.A., 1950; Columbia University, M.L.S., 1972.


Random House, Inc., New York City, assistant to juvenile editor, 1951-57; Children's Book Council, New York City, librarian and bibliographer, 1972-79, member of special projects staff, 1979--. Book reviewer in juvenile field for New York Herald Tribune; consultant to various New York publishers.


Robin Gottlieb writes: "France has been a lifelong interest, and I have frequently gone to live and work there. I read French [and] have taught it."


Btw, the mechanical dolls were French, IIRC. (As were the dolls in "Hugo"?)