St. Louis policewoman killed by Russian Roulette
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Bryan Styble
2019-01-27 05:43:06 UTC
In the wake of all the nonsensical Ferguson mayhem which is still fresh in the national memory, I suppose this sad and strange story may cement in a lot of y'all's minds that my hometown of good ol' St. Louie is just a mid-sized metropolitan midwestern madhouse.

That said, has anyone herein seen any credible explanations surface yet as to why those two on-duty cops were playing hooky with a quite comely off-duty colleague...and just what variety of, uh, hooky the late Officer Alix may have been playing in addition to some juvenile (not to mention stupid) gunplay which one would reasonably presume she should have worked out of her system back at the police academy?

2019-01-27 22:17:45 UTC
There have been no real details, only a report of what the shooter says. My money is on that story being a lie. Either the on duty male officers ambushed her for sex, or she was in the process of telling someone these two were up to something illegal.
Bryan Styble
2019-01-27 23:11:06 UTC
Well, Sir/Madam Xine, all that may be pure speculation...but it's a downright fascinating theory, and certainly fits the facts disclosed thus far more closely than the Russian Roulette scenario!

(Not incidentally, I write my share of nonfiction, but virtually zero fiction, principally because I don't often display the sort of imagination you just demonstrated; if I did, I'd be doing pulp crime stories, which are one of the few fictive genres which are relatively easy to sell, as the late Spillane surely would have bragged--a fellow who sometimes referred to his readers as "customers".)

2019-01-28 05:53:00 UTC
As a side note, if the details reported so far are correct, the term "Russian roulette" has been misapplied. Russian roulette requires a player to put the gun to his or her own head. The variant described in the media so far is more often than not referred to as "Russian poker".
Michael OConnor
2019-01-28 06:22:05 UTC
Does Russian Poker involve a deck of playing cards?