Sandol Stoddard, 90, in Jan. (juv. author of "I Like You," 1965 - often read at weddings)
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2018-07-06 19:29:43 UTC

First paragraphs:

Sandol Milliken Stoddard, the children’s author who also penned the first major work in the United States highlighting the benefits of hospice care, died on Jan. 4 at her home in Holualoa, Hawaii. She was 90 and the proud mother of five sons, 10 grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren.

She formerly had a long association with the Vineyard, where she summered at Lambert’s Cove for many years and wrote pieces for the Vineyard Gazette.

She authored 26 books, including the best-selling children’s classic I Like You, continuously in print since its original publication in 1965. Excerpts from the text are often read at weddings, reflecting the many kinds of love that unite us. Her landmark 1978 work The Hospice Movement: A Better Way of Caring for the Dying was instrumental in introducing the concept of compassionate, patient-centered care for the terminally ill to the United States. She helped educate medical professionals about hospice practices and spoke at conferences of practitioners who honored her for her pioneering work. A lifelong poet and interpreter of both Old and New Testament texts, she also authored The Doubleday Illustrated Children’s Bible (1983) and its companion A Child’s First Bible (1990)...


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Who would read that juvenile shit at their wedding?