Ivica Antolčić, 90, in January (Croatian artist/illustrator & HCAA nominee)
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2019-03-05 02:48:17 UTC
He was nominated for the Hans Christian Andersen Award in 1996.

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On Monday, January 28, Ivan Antolčić, a versatile artist - scenographer and illustrator, sculptor and medalist, graphic artist and designer, drawer and painter, ULUPUH member, died...

Ivan Antolčić was born was in Komarevo near Sisak on May 15, 1928. After completing the School of Applied Arts in Zagreb in 1953, he worked for two years at the CNB as a mask painter. After that he worked as a sculptor and retired in the Croatian theater house. She is one of the most fertile and most rewarded Croatian illustrators, especially children's books. He received the Grigor Vitez Award (1975, 1980, 1987, 1989 and 1992) three times for the illustration, awarded three times by Ivana Brlić-Mažuranić. In addition, the winner of the Golden Ball of Belgrade (1976) and a number of other awards. He was a regular contributor to the Children's List of Joy, occasionally other editions of the School Book, and he also illustrated for numerous publishers of children's prose and poetry as well as adults. He also worked on reliefs, medals and plaques, free forms and symbolic contents. The chart shows the wooden construction of Posavina, ethnographic objects and figural scenes. He is one of the greatest Croatian animals. He has published several graphic maps. In the seventies he intensively dealt with the graphic design of theatrical posters (which are in the collection of the Institute of Theatrol of the HAZU). In the recent times, he painted wavy images often with the motifs of birds. He made several original scenographies for the Komedija Theater in Zagreb and the City Puppet Theater Rijeka in 1999. He painted a solemn curtain for the Puppet Theater in Zagreb 2008. Nobel Prize winner Vladimir Prelog was portrayed in 2008 for the Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology and the same portrait cast in bronze and set up at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Prague. He painted the altar of St. Francis. Catherine for the church in Komarevo. He was a member of ULUPUH and HDLU since 1961. In 2010, ULUPUH awarded him a Lifetime Achievement Award.

One of the greatest Croatian illustrators Ivan (Ivica) Antolčić left us leaving the legacy of a rich creative opus and sensibility that he developed with many generations of imagination through the virtuosic and funny illustrations published in picture books and books for children, young people and adults, as well as graphics, pictures and posters. From 1956 to 1991 he worked as a stage sculptor at the Croatian National Theater in Zagreb, along with a series of plaques and medals awarded as prizes. In the seventies he began to work intensively with illustrations and collaborated with children's magazines Radost, Smib, Modra, and in the publishing house "Školska knjiga" he was an everyday collaborator. In addition to numerous domestic awards for the award (Grigor Vitez Award (five times !, and Grand Prize for Lifetime Achievement, 2009), Ivana Brlić Mažuranić Award) also received international awards in Moscow (1975) and Bombay (1981) it was awarded the Golden Pear at the International Book Fair in Belgrade (1975, 1976, 1981), ULUPUH, Lifetime Achievement Award (2010) etc. In the seventies it began to deal with the design of theatrical posters, which makes a significant collection at the Institute for theatrology (from 1969 to 1990). According to his design, a solemn curtain at the Zagreb Puppet Theater (2008) was presented, which represents a vivid and witty symbolism - a tree of fantasy from which everywhere famous characters of fairy tale and tales Ivan Brlić Mažuranić. He also made several scenarios for the Comedy Theater in Zagreb and the Puppet Theater in Rijeka. With the exhibition of paintings in Zagreb at the Filakovac Gallery in 2012 he presented his painting opus (on big canvases), confirming himself as one of the largest Croatian animal species with special attention to birds, roaches, turkeys etc. As a designer he was defeated already in 1953 by designing an art slide-sculpture in concrete) located in Crikvenica, and then a true avant-garde enterprise was created as a graduate work at the SPP. The boss of nobleman Vladimir Prelog has been in Zagreb since 2008 in the lobby of the Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology, and the same outgrowth in Prague. Up to the last moment he painted and painted vignettes and illustrations, and with the great smile of his generous heart he was delighted with every character he had created, as he pointed out with all the "verticals of the spirit" with special respect, as he talked to distinguished colleagues and fellow citizens culture and art. Thus it has itself become the vertical of spirit and love that will illuminate the paths to others. Part of his opus that was in the atelier at the Guard will be presented to the School of Birth in Komarevo, home to lasting inspiration, and in the Sisak Museum, a town which in 2009 awarded Ivica Antolcic to the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Branka Hlevnjak


(another - by the author of the obit?)

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You get a different set of illustrations this way...

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Four birthday tributes from last year - they can be translated; just search for 2018:


From the first tribute:

"The versatile art artist Ivica Antolčić (Komarevo, May 15, 1928), with the academic sculptor's education, is rich in experience illustrator, painter, graphic artist, posters designer, medalist, without exaggeration - a legendary personality. It is recognizable alike by the opus, as well as by the warmth, contagious joy, goodness and inexhaustible enthusiasm for the people around it and for life, in all its aspects.

"All the friends, acquaintances and colleagues who knew him honored countless times with Kraš's chocolate bars, "Tortice" (ten years ago someone even calculated that in their meetings they shared between 60,000 and 100,000 of these desserts!) And Croatian art has given apartmatic creativity, which is particularly related to publishing and theater..."