Jan 2019: Oldest living writers!
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2019-01-05 16:29:58 UTC
For adults (many can be seen at genarians.com):

1913 Boris Pahor (Slovene-Italian poet/novelist)

1915 Herman Wouk (American novelist)

1916 Eric Bentley (British-born critic, playwright, and cabaret performer)

1917 Lise Nørgaard (Danish journalist/writer), Diana Athill (British literary editor/writer)

1918 Naomi Replansky (American poet), Wilbur Lucius Cross III (American nonfiction writer & LIFE editor), Henri Vernes (Belgian action/SF writer), René de Obaldia (French playwright/poet)

1919 Miroslav Zikmund, Lawrence Ferlinghetti

1920 Clarissa Eden, A.E. Hotchner, Roger Angell

1921 Hans Albert, Marie Ponsot, Carol Emshwiller, Gabriel Okara, Ray Lawler, Edgar Morin, Henry J. Abraham

1922 Bernard Kalb, Gertrude Himmelfarb, Bernard Weisberger, Jakucho Setouchi, Bernard Bailyn, William Leuchtenburg, Raffaele la Capria, Agustina Bessa-Luis, Angel Wagenstein, Jean Malaurie

1923 John Knoepfle, Edward Lueders, Nathan Glazer, Geoffrey Ashe, Lygia Fagundes Telles, Fina Garcia Marruz, Eduardo Lourenço, James Gunn, Ann Livesay Sutton, J.S. Borthwick, Ida Vitale, Józef Hen

1924 Richard Rohmer, John Lukacs, Lisel Mueller, David Ferry, Herbert Gold, Mary Warnock, Gerda Klein, Edward Field, Rosamunde Pilcher, Guadalupe Rivera Marin, Christopher Tolkien, Friederike Mayröcker, Marc Ferro,

1925 Ernesto Cardenal, Eugen Gomringer, Gerald Stern, Etel Adnan, Rubem Fonseca, John Simon, Philippe Jaccottet, Jean Raspail, Russell Baker, Madeleine Chapsal, Andrea Camilleri, Elizabeth "Betita" Martínez

1926 Charles van Doren, Alfonso Sastre, Miguel Leon Portilla, Jürgen Moltmann, Ruth Minsky Sender, Arno J. Mayer, Frederick Buechner, J.I. Packer, Sami Michael, Rene Depestre, Alison Lurie, Jan Morris, Thich Nhat Hanh, Amalia Kahana-Carmon, Noah Gordon, Murray Schisgal, Robert Bly

1927: Martin Walser, Nayantara Sahgal, George Lamming, Midge Decter, Peter Nichols, David Ireland, Carlos Germán Belli, W.S. Merwin, James Roose-Evans, Willis Barnstone, Rafael Sánchez Ferlosio, Mary Higgins Clark

1928: Daisaku Ikeda, Judith Krantz, William Kennedy, Desmond Morris, J. Hillis Miller, William F. Nolan, Hans Kung, E.D. Hirsch, Tom Lehrer, Cynthia Ozick, Howard S. Becker, Thomas Kinsella, Dr. Ruth Westheimer, Griselda Gambaro, Carlos Rojas, Jean Vanier, Jayanta Mahapatra, Christopher Davis, Noam Chomsky

Children's writers/illustrators, mostly from the "Something About the Author" encyclopedias (I removed one author from 1919, even though I only found one tiny death notice for her that I couldn't even open):

Beverly Cleary ("Ramona the Pest," 1968, & 1984 Hans Christian Andersen Award nominee & Newbery Medalist)

Ann Tompert ("Grandfather Tang's Story," 1990)
Joe Krush (Mary Norton's "The Borrowers" illustrator)
Fern Brown ("Daisy and the Girl Scouts: The Story of Juliette Gordon Low," 1993)

Lee Kingman (aka Lee Kingman Natti: Horn Book editor and author of "The Peter Pan Bag," 1970)
Felice Holman ("Slake's Limbo," 1974)

Jean Kenward (British writer: "Ragdolly Anna" series)
Arnold Bare (illustrator: 1944 Caldecott Honor: Lee Kingman's "Pierre Pidgeon")
Milton Dank (biographer: "Albert Einstein" 1983)
Barthe DeClements ("Nothing's Fair in Fifth Grade," 1981)
Margaret Paice (Australian writer/illustrator: "Blue Ridge Summer," 1979)

Olga Cossi ("The Magic Box," 1990)
Al Jaffee (MAD cartoonist)
Dorothy M. Martin (Protestant "Peggy" mystery series, 1957-1976)
Alice T. Gilbreath (1970s crafts/nature writer)
Lois Lamplugh (British novelist: "Sean's Leap," 1979)
Jean Darby (nature writer)
Belinda Hurmence ("A Girl Called Boy," 1982)
Martha Tolles ("Who's Reading Darci's Diary?" 1984)
Stella Pevsner (YA novelist: "And You Give Me a Pain, Elaine" 1978)
Joyce Cooper Arkhurst (reteller of "The Adventures of Spider: West
African Folk Tales" with Jerry Pinkney, 1964)
Leonard Kessler (writer/illustrator of "Mr. Pine" series, 1965-2001)

Jean Bethell ("The Monkey in the Rocket," 1962)
Joan Heilbroner ("Robert, the Rose Horse," 1962)
Mildred Pitts Walter (1987 Coretta Scott King Medalist: "Justin and the Best Biscuits in the World")
Sonia Gidal (German writer: 1956-1974 "My Village" series)
Hans Peterson (Swedish author of "Magnus" series; 1976 HCAA nominee)

Rosemary Harris (1968 Carnegie Medalist: "The Moon in the Cloud")
Gloria Kamen (writer/illustrator: "Edward Lear, King of Nonsense," 1990)
Pieter van Raven (aka James Edward Duffy, 1990 Scott O'Dell Award winner for "A Time of Troubles")
Louise Meriwether ("Daddy Was a Numbers Runner," 1970)
Chester Aaron (YA novelist: "Gideon," 1982)
Judith Kerr (German-born British novelist: "When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit," 1971)
John K. Tully (British author of "Starpol" series)
Josep Vallverdú (Catalan poet/novelist/playwright & 1988 HCAA nominee)
Ashley Bryan (Artist: 2-time Coretta Scott King Medalist & 2006 HCAA nominee)
William Wise ("Christopher Mouse: The Tale of a Small Traveler," 2004)
Rosamond V.P. Kaufman (adapter: "UNICEF Book of Children's Legends," 1970)
Leone C. Anderson (novelist: "Sean's War," 1998)
Ruth Gannett (1949 Newbery Honoree: "My Father's Dragon")
Aaron Judah (British author: "God and Mr. Sourpuss," 1960)
Gloria Whelan (National Book Award winner: "Homeless Bird," 2000)
Luis Dominguez (Argentine-born cartoonist for DC Horror & illustrator of "Incredible But True!" by Kevin McFarland, 1978)
Lyuben Zidarov (Bulgarian illustrator & HCAA nominee: 1974 & 1978)

Sally Watson (historical novelist: "The Wayward Princess," 2006)
Marian Parry (illustrator: Frederick Winsor's "The Space Child's Mother Goose," 1956)
Toshiko Kanzawa (aka Toshi Furukawa, Japanese author and HCAA nominee: 2000 & 2006)
Doris Faber (author of biographies & history)
Virginia Mueller (author of "Monster" preschool series, 1986-1991)
Byrd Baylor (poet & author of "Amigo," 1963, with Garth Williams, & 4-time Caldecott Honoree)
Roy A. Gallant (science writer)
Andrei Keleinikov (Russian nature illustrator)
Lili Cassell Wronker (German-born artist: "The Rainbow Mother Goose" by May Lamberton Becker, 1947)
Prudence Andrew (British author of 1960s "Ginger" series)
Gene Liberty ("The How and Why Wonder Book of Time")
Leonard Everett Fisher (Pulitzer-winning painter & historical writer
& illustrator)
Warren J. Halliburton ("Africa Today" series, 1990s)
Bernadine Cook ("The Little Fish That Got Away" with Crockett Johnson, 1956)
Jolly Roger Bradfield ("Pickle-Chiffon Pie," 1967)
Elliott Gilbert (illustrator of "The Best-Loved Doll" by Rebecca Caudill, 1962)
Constance C. Greene ("A Girl Called Al," 1969)
Eva Deutsch Costabel (Croatian-born painter/writer: "The Jews of New Amsterdam," 1988)
Louise Moeri (YA novelist: "Save Queen of Sheba," 1981)
Marthe Seguin-Fontes (French writer/illustrator: "I Went Into My Garden" series, 1979)
Kirsi Kunnas (Finnish poet & 2014 HCAA nominee)

Frank Graham, Jr. (nature/sports writer & Audubon Society editor)
Andre Amstutz (British illustrator of 31 Allan Ahlberg books)
Bernice Myers (writer/illustrator: "Not THIS Bear!" 1968)
Jan Truss (British-born Canadian writer: "Jasmin" 1982)
Linda Allen (British writer: "Mrs. Simkin" series, 1979-1996)
Arthur Polonsky (painter/illustrator: "Lincoln: A Big Man" by Helen Kay, 1958)
Barbara J. Brenner ("If You Lived in Williamsburg in Colonial Days" 2000)
Dr. Earl A. Grollman (grief counselor: "Straight Talk About Death for Teenagers," 1993)
Gordon Penrose (Canadian science writer: "Dr. Zed" series)
Laurent de Brunhoff (French writer/illustrator: "Babar's Fair")
Ronni Solbert (illustrator of "The Pushcart War" by Jean Merrill, 1964)
Berthe Amoss ("The Cajun Gingerbread Boy," 2004)
Edward Ormondroyd ("David and the Phoenix," 1957)
Wilanne Schneider Belden (1980s fantasy novelist: "Mind-Call" trilogy)
Domenico Volpi (Italian author and HCAA nominee, 1974)
Gloria Rand ("Salty Dog" series with Ted Rand, 1989-1995)
Renée Reggiani (Italian author & 1990 HCAA nominee)
Idella Bodie (writer on the American Revolution)
Alki Zei (Greek author & HCAA nominee, 1976, 1978, 2004)

Carolyn B. Haas (educator: "I Saw a Purple Cow," 1972)
Joan Walsh Anglund (writer/illustrator: "A Friend is Someone Who Likes You," 1958)
Ina Friedman ("How My Parents Learned to Eat," 1984)
Alain Trez (French cartoonist/illustrator)
Mitsumasa Anno (Japanese illustrator & 1984 HCAA Medalist)
Carla Stevens (aka Carla Stevens Bigelow: "Rabbit & Skunk and the Scary Rock," 1976)
Sandy Kossin (illustrator & movie poster designer for "Becket")
Tom K. Ryan (cartoonist: "Tumbleweeds")
George Booth ("New Yorker" cartoonist)
Margaret Storey (British fantasy & mystery author: "Timothy & Two Witches," 1966)
Patricia Coombs ("Dorrie" witch series, 1962-1992)
Phil Hirsch (war anthologies & joke books)
Alfred Slote (aka A. H. Garnet, baseball and sci-fi novelist)
Hilda Perera (Cuban-born YA novelist & Nobel Prize nominee)
Darwin McBeth Walton ("Kwanzaa: A World of Holidays," 1998)
Tadashi Matsui (Japanese publisher/reteller)
Miriam Cohen ("Will I Have a Friend?" 1967)
Muriel Batherman ("Before Columbus," 1981)
Hilary Knight (illustrator: Kay Thompson's "Eloise")
Herma Werner (romance/mystery/adventure writer, aka Eve Cowen & Eve Gladstone, 1978-1994)
Dorothy B. Francis (romance/mystery/Western novelist)
Harriette Abels (sci-fi/romance/mystery novelist)

Mary Chalmers (illustrator: "The Secret Language" by Ursula Nordstrom, 1960)
Cecil Bødker (Danish YA author & 1976 HCAA Medalist)
Petronella Breinburg (Surinamese-born UK writer & Kate Greenaway nominee: "My Brother Sean," 1973)
Albert Uderzo (French cartoonist: "Asterix")
Ruth Lercher Bornstein ("The Summer Everything Changed," 2012)
Budge Wilson (Canadian novelist: "Before Green Gables," 2008)
Robert Andrew Parker (painter/illustrator: "Who Was Albert Einstein?" by Jess Brallier, 2002)
David Burke (Australian writer on railroads)
M.E. Kerr (YA novelist: "Dinky Hocker Shoots Smack!" 1972)
William Loren Katz (educator/historian: "Black Indians," 1986)
Ancka Gošnik Godec (Slovene illustrator & 2010 HCAA nominee)
Richard B. Lyttle (artist, reporter, biographer)
Carol Lerner (Botanical writer: "Plants that Make You Sniffle & Sneeze," 1993)
Unada Gliewe (writer/illus.: "Actually, I Used to Be a Princess")
Shirley Hughes (British illustrator & 1998 HCAA nominee)
Niels Jensen (Danish author: "Days of Courage," 1972)
George Sullivan (sports/biographies/nonfiction writer)
Lois G. Grambling ("Can I Have a Stegosaurus, Mom? Please? Can I?" 1997)
Melvin Berger (author of 200 science/nonfiction books)
Mort Künstler (MAD cartoonist, illustrator, & historical painter)
Dorothy Levenson (Australian-born writer: "The Magic Carousel," 1967)
Betty Levin (fantasy/mystery/adventure writer)
Barbara Klimowicz ("When Shoes Eat Socks," 1971)
Christine King Farris (memoirist: "My Brother Martin: A Sister Remembers Growing Up with the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.," 2003)
Jerry Lazare (Canadian painter/illustrator: "Queenie Peavy" by Robert Burch)
Richard Brightfield (writer for "Choose Your Own Adventure" series)
Don Madden (writer/illustrator: "The Wartville Wizard," 1986)
Leonie Kooiker (Dutch author: "The Magic Stone")
Elsa Okon Rael ("Rivka's First Thanksgiving," 2001)
Julian F. Thompson (YA novelist: "A Band of Angels," 1986)
Marlenka Stupica (Slovene illustrator & 2-time HCAA nominee: 1974, 1996)
Elizabeth Fitzgerald Howard (2001 Coretta Scott King Honoree: "Virgie Goes to School with Us Boys")

Joseph Slate ("Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready for Kindergarten," 1996)
Barbara M. Walker ("The Little House Cookbook," 1979)
Mino Milani (Italian adventure novelist & 2008 HCAA nominee)
Marilyn Gould (Writer on skateboarding and "Golden Daffodils," 1985)
Robert Newton Peck ("A Day No Pigs Would Die," 1973)
Betty Fraser (Illustrator: Hoberman's "The Llama Who Had No Pajama")
Gudrun Pausewang (Czech-born German YA novelist, "Fall-Out" - 1987)
Lore Segal (Austrian-born writer & translator: Grimm's "The Juniper Tree," illustrated by Maurice Sendak)
Harvey Dinnerstein (Artist: "At the Back of the North Wind" by George MacDonald, ed. 1964)
Tom Hamil (Painter/illustrator: "Calvin and the Cub Scouts" by Patricia Miles Martin, 1964)
Adriana Mazza Saviozzi (Italian illustrator, "Four Little Kittens" by Kathleen N. Daly, 1957)
Mary Lystad ("James the Jaguar," 1972)
Joan S. Weir (Canadian YA novelist: "The Brideship," 1998)
Frank Newfeld (Czech-born Canadian designer/illustrator: "Alligator Pie" by Dennis Lee, 1974)
Jacqueline Dougan Jackson (writer/poet/illustrator: "Turn Not Pale, Beloved Snail," 1974)
Ellen Viereck (Painter/illustrator, "The Summer I Was Lost" by Paul Viereck, 1965)
V. Gilbert Beers (Baptist writer: "The Early Readers Bible," 1991)
Ivica Antolcic (Croatian artist & HCAA nominee)
Shirley Rousseau Murphy (Fantasy/mystery writer: "Joe Grey" cat series, 1996-2010)
Luis Camps (French illustrator: "The Smashers" 1970s series by Alain Gree)
Arnold Dobrin (Writer/illustrator, "Scat!" 1970)
Janice May Udry (1957 Caldecott Medalist: "A Tree is Nice," with Marc Simont)
Virginia Lee (aka Virginia L. Ewbank, Virginia Ewbank Hendricks, and Virginia L Hendricks,"The Magic Moth," 1972)
Robin Gottlieb ("Mystery of the Silent Friends," 1964)
Ellen Kindt McKenzie (fantasy writer, "Taash and the Jesters," 1968)
Nan Holcomb (author of elementary stories about handicapped children; real name, Norma McPhee)
James Lincoln Collier (1975 Newbery Honoree & National Book Award nominee: "My Brother Sam is Dead")
Elizabeth van Steenwyk (writer of historical novels, horse novels, & mysteries)
Patricia Hubbell (Poet: "Trucks Whizz! Zoom! Rumble!" 2003)
Jane Gardam (UK writer & Carnegie nominee: "The Hollow Land," 1981)
Kveta Pacovska (Czech illustrator & 1992 HCAA Medalist)
Betsy Byars (1971 Newbery Medalist: "The Summer of the Swans")
Phyllis Hollander (Co-author: "Amazing But True Sports Stories," 1986)
Eva Hulsmann (French/German/Italian nature illustrator)
Shulamith L. Oppenheim ("The Sea King" with Jane Yolen, 2003)
Esther L. Nelson ("Dancing Games for Children of All Ages," 1973)
Judith Crabtree (Australian fantasy novelist/illustrator: "Song at the Gate," 1987)
Sidney Offit ("The Adventures of Homer Fink," 1966)
Earle Rice Jr. (YA war history writer)
Sybil Wettasinghe (Sri Lankan illustrator & HCAA nominee: 1992 & 1994)
Marjorie Sharmat (author of "Nate the Great" detective series with Marc Simont, 1972-2014)
Toby Talbot ("Dear Greta Garbo," 1977)
Diane Sherman (aka Diane Sherman-Levine, medium, healer, & preschool writer: "Little Skater," 1959)
Eve Bunting (Northern Ireland-born writer of 200 books & Edgar winner)
Alice M. Fleming (nonfiction writer: "Martin Luther King: A Dream of Hope," 2008)
Carolee Wells Henney ("The Cat in the Tower," 2017)
Lilo Fromm (German illustrator & HCAA nominee: 1968, 1974, 1982)

2019-01-05 16:46:06 UTC
Btw, there's one historian who turns 90 today - Robert K. Massie, author of "Nicholas & Alexandra."

(Not to be confused with his 62-year-old politician son.)

Plus, from yesterday, as I just found:

"Amitai Etzioni
German-born American sociologist"