OT: convicted rapist Harvey Weinstein sentenced to 23 years
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That Derek
2020-03-11 15:07:42 UTC
PLUS ... he'll have to register as a sex offender

2020-03-11 15:27:50 UTC
This is NOT “OFF TOPIC”.
He is a dead man walking.

Harvey smells like shit, his balls
look like he has a vagina, and rapes
aspiring actresses. Then, his P. I.
follows his rape victims around
intimidating and threatening them.

Never be alone w Harvey.
He will rape you, slut shame you,
and blackball you. Harvey liked
destroying weaker women. It makes
him and “his big Jewish dick” feel big.

I watched the entire trial. He makes
you afraid to leave your home. I guess
he could continue his fetish of PUBLIC MASTERBATION while encarcerated.

He continues to lie claiming his innocence.

So, Harvey, how do 90+ women tell the
same experiences w you while you deny?
Are they ALL lying 🤥 but you? Special
thanks to jurors who had to hear your
garbage. They are saints.

I trust his victims can get on w their
lives now.

I love Court TV!
Guilty Bastard
2020-03-11 17:08:34 UTC
Post by d***@gmail.com
This is NOT “OFF TOPIC”.
He is a dead man walking.
Now for Dershowitz

dummm... dummm... dummm...
2020-03-12 00:04:34 UTC
Harvey Weinstein taken to hospital with chest pains, rep says.


Oh well. No one cares, rapist
David Carson
2020-03-12 01:22:08 UTC
Post by That Derek
PLUS ... he'll have to register as a sex offender
He will be dead within two years.
2020-03-22 21:22:32 UTC
Breaking: Harvey Weinstein reportedly tests positive for coronavirus in prison.

See? God gets His Justice.

Buh bye Harvey. No one cares about rapists.