Wilbur Lucius Cross III, 100 (nonfiction writer & LIFE editor)
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2019-03-08 17:35:07 UTC
He lived in Acworth, Georgia.

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A World War II veteran from Georgia is celebrating his 100th birthday on Friday.

Wilbur Cross III was born in Scranton, Pennsylvania on August 17, 1918. He grew up in Hamden, Connecticut, where his grandfather served as the 71st Governor of Connecticut for four terms.

Cross graduated from Kent School in 1937 and Yale University in 1941. Upon graduation, he served in the Army for two tours in World War II. He completed his service as Captain in the 581st Signal Aircraft Warning Battalion in 1946, according to his daughter.

Cross went on to work as a photographer and editor for Time/Life and spent many years in advertising. He's published more than 50 books and hundreds of articles...


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From 2013:


Wilbur L. Cross, III, a former resident of Bronxville, recently published a book titled Gullah Culture in America.

The book was selected as a guidebook and reference work for a conference held in early July in Savannah, Georgia, attended by more than 80 educators at the university level from across the country.

The Gullah is a distinctive group of Black Americans descended from slaves who have lived for several centuries on the Sea Islands, a chain of islands along the Atlantic Coast off South Carolina and Georgia. Because of their geographical isolation from the mainland and their strong community life, the Gullah people have been able to preserve more of their African cultural heritage than any other group of black Americans.

Cross is the husband of the late Esther (Sunny) Cross of Bronxville. He has lived on Hilton Head Island for 25 years and has authored more than 40 nonfiction books, many of them in the areas of cruising, travel, geography, and biography....


2019-03-11 18:01:51 UTC

Most of it:

Wilbur L. Cross, III, age 100, died March 4, 2019. Wilbur Lucius Cross III, 1918 - 2019

Wilbur Lucius Cross passed away peacefully in his sleep on March 3, 2019, having celebrated his 100th birthday in August 2018. Cross was a noted author, editor and publisher during his long career before retiring to Hilton Head, SC. the late 1980’s. He also served in the U.S. Army Air Corps during World War II.

Wilbur Cross was born in Scranton, PA in 1918, to Wilbur Cross Jr and Alice Sanderson Cross. He grew up in Hamden Connecticut, where his grandfather served as the 71st Governor of Connecticut for four terms (1931 to 1939). He spent a lot of boyhood time around the governor’s mansion as well as summers in Sunapee, NH where the Cross family vacationed for several generations. Cross graduated from Kent School in 1937, and Yale University in 1941 and then volunteered with the Army for two tours in World War II. Cross participated in two major campaigns at isolated bases in the Pacific over 38 continuous months and was awarded two battle stars for action in enemy held territory. He completed his service as Captain in the 581st Signal Aircraft Warning Battalion in 1946.

Cross worked in advertising at Benton and Bowles in New York City and then as an Editor at Life Magazine. He has published over 50 books and hundreds of articles for major magazines. His last book, “Gullah Culture in America”, was published when he was age 89. At that time, he also co-wrote “Penn Center: A History Preserved” about the first school for liberated slaves after the Civil War. Some of Cross’ other noted books include: “Ghost Ship of the Pole”, re-released as “Disaster At the Pole”, the story of the Italian airship Italia, which crashed at north pole in 1928, resulting in an international rescue effort.

Cross is a member of the Authors Guild and Time/Life Alumni Society. His other books include: “Zeppelins of World War I”, “The Encyclopedia of American Submarines”, “Naval Battles and Heroes”, “Choices with Clout”, “Presidential Courage”, “A Guide to Unusual Vacations”, “Andrew Jackson and the Young in Heart” and “The Henry Holt Retirement Sourcebook”....