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2020-05-18 01:22:35 UTC
I posted what you said at Amy Alkon's blog. Naturally, no one dared to say "yes, it's my right to put my parents' lives in danger if I want."

But I thought this was worth posting here anyway.


My posts started yesterday at 3:06 pm. (Check out what I predicted as to how soon the COVID deaths in the US should end, mathematically speaking - IF the states stay closed a while longer.)

Ken R (a psychiatric nurse, IIRC) responded to Terry's words today at 5:04 am.

I'm not prepared to tackle the WWII analogy.

However, I do think it's silly to bring the Civil War into this, as he did. Why? Because, if I remember my history correctly, Lincoln never had any intention of going to war to end slavery (he thought, as many did, that slavery would die out naturally) and the only reason he did declare war was that when he took the oath of office, he had no choice but to defend the Union. So it's not as though he thought sending hundreds of thousands of people to their deaths was "worth it," since it wasn't his fault anyway.

Terry del Fuego
2020-05-18 14:04:27 UTC
Post by l***@yahoo.com
I posted what you said at Amy Alkon's blog.
I responded to you, but if you're reading via Google Groups, you're
unlikely to see it.