SHOOT DU JOUR: At least 8 dead in massacre by San Jose light-rail depot shooter
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2021-05-26 18:43:40 UTC
Once more into carnage:


Gunman IDed as Samuel Cassidy, dead by own hand.

2021-05-26 19:30:11 UTC
Here's some food for murderous thought:

It's always so easy, especially nowadays in this TikTok era of the six-second analysis--to dismiss gunman like this Cassidy fellow all the way back through Charles Whitman and Andrew Kehoe* as horribly disturbed madmen and leave it at that.

And since few survive the incidents which posthumously bring them at least fleeting fame--and the few who DO survive ended up being thankfully locked up either in prison or secure mental facilities and are often prohibited from talking to the press out of misplaced sympathy for the victims' familiies--we less-violent types out here around the good ol' USA seldom get to learn of the mindsets of such monstrous types.

SO: Does any of you often-so-knowlegable alt-obiters know of any interviews with anyone who claims to have, at one point or another years prior, was seriously CONSIDERING and perhaps even PLANNING such a workplace or other public massacre only to ever-so-thankfully come to his or her senses, who then subsequently to some journalist outlined in extensive detail their mindset back when they were so determined?

That is, what did they hope would be the reaction? How long had this been brewing? How many did they hope they'd take out? Was posthumous notoriety a large factor? Were there reservations along the way, or were they gung-ho with the idea before reconsidering? (And a dozen or more such questions any of you could come up with on the spot.)

Y'all's serious thoughts requested. (And if you MUST joke in response, kindly at least make your bad taste witty.)

* Just days before Charles Lindbergh became the most celebrated man on earth during the last weekend of May 1927, ergo few even in '27 (and far fewer now in the 21st Century) remember that Bath, Michigan mayhem.