Off Topic, and to anyone who can help me figure out things about this song.
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Dresden Houndiearfums
2018-01-12 10:21:14 UTC
Okay, first of all, It looks like the guitarist is playing some
kind of Fender guitar, so the first thing about my question is,
would I have to buy this type of guitar, in your opinion to get
this sound? It's an important question.
My second question is, after the 1:07 mark, in your opinion, what
kind of amp is this guy using? He must be just using separate
effects, after the 1:07 mark. Does anyone know what effects he is
using to get this sound? It just blows me away, with this clean
sound and what effects he is using. Thanks in advance for anyone
that can help me figure this out.
The link didn't copy. Sorry about that.
Foxygen-San Francisco-
3/13/2013-Stage on...
When I search for that on Youtube I get a lost of Foxygen videos,
not a specific one. I chose the first one, the full concert at

The guy is playing a Fender Jazzmaster and he has a Telecaster
leaning on the amp in the background. He's got a full pedalboard and
I head a fuzz and a Leslie or Univibe effect at times.
Vintage Fender Jazzmasters can be pricey. They became popular with
the Indie Rock crowd, maybe because they weren't seen as desirable
as Stratocasters and Telecasters at that time. The vibratos are said
to be finicky and hard to keep in tune, but I guess if you don't
abuse it it could be OK.
Here's a Squire Jazzmaster that looks pretty good for the money,
$400 new (less used, of course - I see them on Craigslist
I've thought it might be fun to have one of these. I thing it would
make for a good rhythm guitar - they have kind of a "plunky" sound
and don't have a lot of sustain, which could work well for chords.
J Mascis of Dinosaur Jr., Nels Cline of Wilco, and Elvis Costello
use 'em.
Nil nobody knows how to have fun more than you. Just being around your
brilliant personality makes life worth living. And your guitar
recommendations are the reasons why Mascis, Cline and Costello have this
model. Once someone hears your holy recommendations, they will follow
through just like Jesus's disciples did before you took over for Jesus.
Dresden Houndiearfums
2018-01-12 10:25:28 UTC
For the record, I bought a Squier short scale Jazz bass about a
year ago, brand new and cheap (something like $179). It is
extremely good.....really suprised me.
A friend of mine has an old Squier Strat that is the ugliest shade of
orange you can imagine, but it sounds and plays fantastic!
Another friend has a Squier Jazz Bass that he likes, but I think it
plays not so good and sounds thin and weak. If it were mine, I think a
good setup and a new set of pickups could make it pretty decent.
I've been told that the oldest Squiers were made in the same factory as
the Japanese Fenders and were just as good. The difference was the
label on the headstock. The newer ones are completely different, but
some of them are surprisingly good.
Oh Nil you can be sure that one touch of that Squier with your holy
hands and it will no longer play thin and weak but strong and loud. And
you have the divine power to wipe away the ugly shade of orange and make
it a golden aura similar to the one that surrounds you in heaven where
you are seated next to God and Jesus.
Dresden Houndiearfums
2018-01-12 10:31:33 UTC
Damn, the rest of their music really sucks. I love this one song
though. It starts at the 10:00 mark of the video you posted.
"San Francisco". Here is the studio version that you might like

It's OK. I don't think I like this band in general. The lead singer is
super annoying.
There's another new-ish band you might want to check out: Lemon Twigs.
Led by two VERY young (like 17-19 year old!) brothers from Long Island,
but they're well-steeped in '60s and '70s rock and they make it all
sound very fresh. I just listened to two live concert videos and
Nil thanks to your holy recommendation, this band will become the new
Beatles. For someone with your encyclopedic knowledge and appreciation
of classic rock to enjoy bands like this is reason enough to consider
them the new Beatles. For sure we will find your review in Rolling Stone.
They're somehow involved with Foxygen as well - it appears that the
Foxygen guitarist produced one of their albums.
So you're saying I couldn't get this sound without using a Fender
I'm not sure which sound you're hearing, but you could get close enough
with any number of guitars. A Telecaster would work well.
If you say so oh holy One. For you are the repository of all musical
knowledge on the planet. All great music comes from thee o holy Nil.
Dresden Houndiearfums
2018-01-12 10:35:03 UTC
So you're saying I couldn't get this sound without using a Fender
If you're interested in Jazzmasters, here's a contest to win one.
You have to sign up for their email newsletter, but it's easy enough
to unsubscribe from it if it gets annoying.
May the best man win.
Nil you should rig the contest so Jeffie wins it. After all he has
suffered enough over the years and most recently in particular. Your
divine sense of justice and fair play would go a long way towards
releasing the grief that the poor simpleton endures every day of his
miserable life.

Your brother Jesus would certainly tell you this for you are his holy
Wir Munchen Liebschoen
2018-01-12 18:55:57 UTC
The vibratos are said
to be finicky and hard to keep in tune, but I guess if you don't
abuse it it could be OK.
Vibrators huh? :-)
You're going to piss off Nildo by playing Norm Crosby on him. He took
time out of his busy day to answer your insane questions and you
trivialize it with innuendo. Now you know why everyone here thinks
you're an immature twit.
Dresden Houndiearfums
2018-01-19 15:15:48 UTC
Here's the link, Willy. I'm talking about the sound of the
guitar/amp at 1:07 to 1:44. You don't have to watch the rest.
There's no link.
Willie, I'm not sure this is a Les Paul. An Epiphone isn't a Les
Paul is it?
"Les Paul" is a trademark name belonging to Gibson. Epiphone is owned
by Gibson and makes Asian knock-offs of Gibson's USA models (among
other things.) Gibson puts the Les Paul brand on their Epiphone Les
Paul copies, so I guess you can call them Les Pauls. Epiphone quality
varies wildly. Most of the ones I've played are just OK. They're in the
ballpark and not terrible, but they feel kind of cheap. But! I've
played a few of them that play and sound as nice as any "real" Gibson
I've played. A friend of mine has one that he picked up somewhere for
just a couple hundred dollars, and that thing has mucho mojo - very
resonant and lively, sustains well, plays well. Since I played his, I
check them out in music stores when I see them. I haven't found one
that rings my chimes yet, but now I believe they're out there and I may
buy one if the price is right.
Oh Nil just think how honored Epiphone would be if you would actually
buy one and endorse how great it is here. Who wouldn't want to play the
same guitar as the great Nil? Your endorsement is worth even more than
all the pictures of the Beatles playing that brand.

People everywhere would be able to use their tax cut to buy an
affordable guitar that you endorse.
Kenny McCormack
2018-01-19 16:18:59 UTC
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Dresden Houndiearfums <***@gmail.com> wrote:
1%ers in the US would be able to use their tax cut to buy an
affordable guitar that you endorse.
Fixed it for you.
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Dresden Houndiearfums
2018-01-19 15:17:59 UTC
I will give you guys a report on what
this little Paulie is like. I have high
hopes for the boy! He's so purdy.
I'm curious to know what you think. I still don't think it really
qualifies as a "Les Paul" because there's no equivalent Gibson Les
Paul, but so what?! It might have a cool sound of its own, and that's
what really counts.
What really counts is your opinion. For you are the great Nil who knows
all and whose word we rely upon to live our lives.
When I was a teenager a guy I knew had a short-scale Fender Mustang,
and I thought it sounded great. It's one of the things that inspired me
to dig into the guitar in the first place. Nothing wrong with a little
And as you have proven so often oh great Nil, nothing wrong with a small
penis either.
Dresden Houndiearfums
2018-01-26 13:18:26 UTC
Here's the link, Willy. I'm talking about the sound of the
guitar/amp at 1:07 to 1:44. You don't have to watch the rest.
There's no link.
Chorus pedal, maybe a flanger pedal. Both can be set up to sound
Oh Nil you are so brilliant for figuring this out and telling us the
answers to this difficult question. Only you could figure out the answer
and in your infinite goodness share it with us mere mortals.
Dresden Houndiearfums
2018-01-26 13:31:29 UTC
I'm confused because if I read what you told me above, I get it
that you said the opposite, but I'm thinking your reply to Willie
in this post is correct.
Willy's Epiphone Les Paul Express is a travel-sized guitar (short 22"
scale, compared to a regular Gibson 24 3/4" scale, so the fretboard is
almost 3" shorter). It also has a bolt-on neck rather than a glued-in
neck and a flat top, not carved. It looks kinda like a Les Paul Junior
or Special.
Hey you wouldn't know anything about Ipads, would you? I'm unable
to type in anything on it, and I've cleared just about everything
you can clear.
Sorry, I don't have much experience with them. I avoid Apple products.
Have you seen Steve Jobs in your travels in heaven, Nil? We all need to
know how he is doing since he croaked. We know that you visit heaven
often to see your brother Jesus and other fellow prophets who are also
sons of God like you. Maybe John Lennon knows the answer. Maybe you can
ask him next time you are in town.