HEALTHWATCH (pretty much perpetual) Artie Lange, former Howard Stern foil
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2018-01-10 05:01:27 UTC
Ailing Artie Lange ‘Too Ill’ For Rehab After Shocking Arrest: Comedian STILL In Hospital

Lange's plans to fly to a drug recovery program fail as health continues to decline.
By Mary Jacob
Jan 8, 2018 @ 16:59PM

Artie Lange never made it to rehab and is still being treated at a New Jersey Hospital. The 50-year-old had plans to fly to Atlanta for a drug rehabilitation program following his arrest, but the comedian was too sick, according to the Essex County Court Prosecutor.

"On the day he entered a guilty plea, he told the attorney to inform the judge he would be leaving New Jersey and going to Atlanta for a drug rehabilitation program," Essex ?County Prosecutor, Katherine Carter, told Radar exclusively. “It turns out he was too ill to fly and is being hospitalized here in New Jersey."

"Normally he would have had to do probation, but the judge wanted him to get the help he needed to get," Carter added. "Artie is still at the hospital."

Lange is expected to enter rehab once he is released from the hospital.
The former Stern Show sidekick was arrested on December 13 after missing too many court dates for a prior drug possession arrest.

On December 15, Lange pled guilty to possession of heroin. In exchange for the plea, prosecutors dismissed February 2016 charges of cocaine possession that was brought against him.

His arrest came on the heels of a bizarre incident when he tweeted a picture of himself looking disheveled with a swollen nose. Lange later admitted he was punched in the face by bookies.

Lange is still due to return to court on February 23.

2018-01-10 15:45:54 UTC
It's amazing that this guy is even still alive.