Rush Limbaugh's hubristic death certificate
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That Derek
2021-03-08 17:18:17 UTC


Rush Limbaugh’s death certificate lists him as ‘greatest radio host of all time’

By Emily Jacobs
March 8, 2021 | 8:29am | Updated

He really was larger than life.

Rush Limbaugh’s death certificate hails him as the “greatest radio host of all time,” according to a report.

The official paperwork from the Palm Beach County Medical Examiner’s Office, obtained by TMZ over the weekend, lists the honorific under “occupation, industry.”

However, the outlet notes that Limbaugh’s widow, Kathryn, was the person providing the information — meaning she was likely the one behind the high praise.

Limbaugh, who passed at age 70 from lung cancer last month, was laid to rest during a small, private ceremony in his home state of Missouri earlier this month.

He was diagnosed in February 2020.

His death sent shockwaves through the conservative media landscape, prompting former President Donald Trump and former Vice President Mike Pence to break their media silences to honor the talk radio legend.

Trump revealed that he spoke with Limbaugh “three or four days” before his death.

“His fight was very, very courageous and he was very, very sick and, you know, from diagnosis on. It was just something that was not going to be beat, but you wouldn’t know it.”

Over his decades on the airwaves, Limbaugh galvanized listeners with his blunt assessments of the social and political landscape and his penchant for sarcasm.

His work influenced the likes of Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly and countless other conservative commentators.
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| Rush Limbaugh’s death certificate lists him as ‘greatest radio host of all time’

I guess that looks better on the certificate than the truth: "The biggest windbag of
all time."

2021-03-08 22:26:12 UTC
I suppose that would rest weightily on which of the various definitions of the slang term "windbag" employed; by one of the NON-prejoritive, it would indeed be applicable and accurate--though I'm guessing above it was one of the dismissive meanings.

I'm also guessing you found Limbaugh's in-your-face--in your EAR and then MIND, really--style no fun to listen to, and that you heard him considerably fewer hours than the 15-hours of his EIB I work I heard from September 1988 (and he was only heard nationally since August 1988).

I realize that sounds like a gross exaggeration. kind Sir or Madam Larc, but it's not: he took a lot of time off every year after about 1994, but I'm pretty sure if he was working all five days in a given week, I heard EVERY ONE of his fifteen hours that week. From the fall of 1988 to the winter of 2021. (Well, I WAS a radio pro 1982-2013, and I like to never miss the best.)

Did I agree every position I heard staked? Nope, FAR FROM IT and homelessness is a prime example. Since the 1970s, I've been a downright socialist on homelessness, so I ALWAYS criticized Rush SEVERELY on the issue--and yes, on the air, on my own broadcasts, naming him by name even though my program directors never appreciated me naming their #1 competitor talent-.

There are other major (and MANY minor) issues I disagreed with him on, but it really didn't matter, Mr./Ms. Larc, for as I've explained at length in other alt-obit threads [for many years now the SOLE place on the Internet I post anything], because have never for a MOMENT of those 33 years of broadcasting cared what position he was taking--I cared how sterling a broadcast it was.

And excepting the occasional instance of Rush lowering himself to vulgarity--his several-times-recycled "farding" schtick in the early '90s may have been clever, but it also evoked 3rd-grade* potty humor, and thus drew my verbal wrath--the program WAS sterling, week in, week out, from 1988 until January 2021. And I heard pretty much EVERY MINUTE of his work, at least on replay tape if not live under 7-second-delay.** (His guest hosts all those years I usually skipped, giving me a chance to hear all the many hosts who were head-to-head against him on those days Rush was playing hooky for whatever reasons.

Again: some Marxist zealot way to the left of Leon Trotsky could do an UTTERLY FANTASTIC call-in newstalk radio show...IF he was a thoroughly talented radio guy and worked industriously at it every minute of every broadcast hour. And some fascistic reactionary to way the right of Heinrich Himmler could do an UTTERLY FANTASTIC call-in talk radio show...IF he was equally talented and hardworking. That because, properly understood (i.e., listened to), radio ain't about WHAT is said, but rather about how elegantly that "what" is said (i.e., how coherently and artfully voiced with crisp [or at least NEVER-unintelligible] diction while presented amid a panoply of other aural aspects (e.g., liners, spots [ads], bumpers, sound effects, pauses-for-effect, and a few dozen additional so-called "formatics"...a term of which the current generation of self-indulgent "content"-is-all-that-matters radio newstalkers seem never to have heard.

Oh, and I imagine EITHER of those two imagined talented zealots' broadcasts would not merely be thusly higher examples of the (usually-desecrated) talk radio art form, but ALSO more enjoyable (i.e., fun) to listen to than all of those simply DREADFUL shows [Dennis Prager, Hugh Hewitt, Dennis Miller, Sean Hannity, Roe Conn, Bob Frantz, Red Eye Radio, John & Ken [KFI/Los Angeles] Mike Gallagher, Glenn Back, Sebastian Gorka, Michael Medved, etc.] which I might (on many issues) find myself voting in consonance with.

Oh, and by the way, I'm fully aware that I TOO have been derided as a "windbag"--or maybe it was "gasbag"?--in an alt-obits thread myself. Yeah, I'm long-winded, for sure. Still, whenever my dylangen--I mean DILIGENT!--proofreading is on mark, then that given posting at least makes sense, if not necessarily engendering any agreement from y'all kind readers.

* Which unapologetic bluenose that I am, I didn't even find funny back in 3rd grade in 1963, though I'll; grant that my fellow (male) students sure seemed to.
** Actually, Rush on his EIB Network didn't use the industry-standard 7-second delay (which I and almost all my fellow inferior-to-RHLIII talents out there used on our broadcasts), instead employing a delay of some 45 seconds, due to somewhat complex reasons relating to the way the EIB uplink was set up.