Tui McLauchlan; NZ painter
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2004-09-04 18:21:46 UTC
Can't find an example of her work. Would appreciate help.

The Dominion Post (Wellington, New Zealand)

September 4, 2004, Saturday

A CASKET decorated with artwork, poems, songs, and tui and
chook impressions reflected the life of artist, writer and
teacher Tui McLauchlan at her funeral in Paraparaumu

Colourful, talented, humorous and humble were words used to
describe Mrs McLauchlan, who was 89, at her funeral attended
by 250 people at St Paul's Anglican Church in Kapiti Rd.

She was laid to rest in a casket adorned with artwork by her

Porirua Mayor Jenny Brash thanked the artist for enriching
lives and for her contribution to the city. "You have given
so much inspiration to so many people," she said.

Lesley Murdoch, past president of Kapiti Arts and Crafts
Society, praised Mrs McLauchlan for establishing the society
in 1973 and said she had been an inspiration to many.

She grew up in Auckland and worked as a journalist. She
moved to Wellington on marrying and it was not till she was
40, with three daughters at school, that she started to
paint. Mrs McLauchlan described her work as impressionistic.

She moved to Pukerua Bay in 1990 and lived there till her

Mrs McLauchan was one of six people with life membership of
the New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts. In 1996 she received
the Governor-General's Art Award and in 2001 a Porirua City
Civic Award.

She is survived by daughters Tess and Lee and her
Bob Feigel
2004-09-05 05:02:56 UTC
Post by Hyfler/Rosner
Can't find an example of her work. Would appreciate help.
Am trying to locate. b

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