That Derek's "Showbituaries" -- April 2018
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That Derek
2018-05-05 16:12:09 UTC
AZD = Alzheimer’s disease; brief = brief/short/sudden illness; C = cancer; c’s = complications; CHF = congestive heart failure; COPD = chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; DB = diabetes; DH = declining health; DM = dementia; DP/SU = depression derived suicide; fall = injuries sustained in a fall; H = heart; HA = heart attack/cardiac arrest; HF = heart/coronary failure; LK = leukemia; LY = lymphoma; NC = natural causes; PD = Parkinson’s disease; peace = peacefully; ped/truck = pedestrian victim of a pedestrian/truck traffic accident; PN = pneumonia; SK = stroke; SU = suicide; sudden = suddenly; UD = undisclosed/unavailable

ASC = American Society of Cinematographers; D = Democrat; exec = executive; Gov. = Governor; HI = Hawaii; LGBT = Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered; MT = Montana; NJ = New Jersey; NPR = National Public Radio; NYC = New York City; OTR = “old time radio”; PD = Parkinson’s disease; R = Republican; Rep. = Representative/Congressman/Congresswoman; RFK = Senator Robert Francis Kennedy; Sen. = Senator; UK = United Kingdom/Great Britain/British; WA = Washington state, WWE = World Wrestling Entertainment

APRIL 2018 (including those not publicized until April/early May 2018)

02/15: DAVE MICHENER, 85 (c’s: virus), Disney animator (“Sleeping Beauty”; “101 Dalmatians”; “The Jungle Book”; “The Aristocats”); nephew of novelist James Michener
02/26: LYNN READY, 73 (UD), 1960s-1960s male juvenile actor (“The Mickey Mouse Club” –only non-Californian “Mouseketeer”)
03/02: JOE CLOKEY, 56 (HA), horticulturist; business administrator son of animator Art Clokey (“Gumby”: “Davey and Goliath”)
03/08: BARBARA DODD REMSEN, 88 (UD), film casting director; widow of actor Bert Remsen
03/23: RALPH WOOLSEY, ASC, 104 (UD), TV/film cinematographer (“Batman '66”; “It Takes a Thief”; “The Great Santini”; “Oh God, Book II”)
03/25: MIKE HARRISON, 72 (UD), UK lead singer, 1960s/1970s blues rock group “Spooky Tooth”
03/29: LIVIA GOLLANCZ, 97 (UD), UK publisher (Victor Gollancz Ltd.); daughter of UK pubisher Sir Victor Gollancz

04/??: SYLVIA SHORT, 90 (UD), stage/screen actress, Talking Books narratrix; former wife of actor Fritz Weaver
04/01: STEVE BOCHCO, 74 (LK), TV program creator/screenwriter/producer (“Hill Street Blues”; “L.A. Law”; “Doogie Houser, MD”; “NYPD Blue”)
04/01: EFRAÍN RÍOS MONTT, 91 (HA), 1980s Guatemalan military dictator; accused war criminal
04/02: SUSAN ANSPACH, 75 (HF), 1970s film actress (“The Landlord”; “Five Easy Pieces”; “Blume in Love”; “Play It Again, Sam”); one-time wife of TV actor Mark Goddard
04/02: CONNIE LAWN, 73 (PD), US-born New Zealander journalist; longest tenured member, White House Press Corps; witness to 1968 RFK assassination
04/02: WINNIE MADIKIZELA-MANDELA, 81 (c’s: DB), South African/Xhosan anti-Apartheid activist; former wife of South African statesman Nelson Mandela; MP (2009-2018); convicted kidnapper
04/02: WILLIAM "BILL" O'HARE, 88 (lung C), film studio publicity exec (MGM, Paramount, Columbia; “Doctor Zhivago”; “2001: A Space Odyssey”; “Gone with the Wind” re-issue; “The Dirty Dozen”; “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”)
04/02: LAURA ROSLOF, 69 (UD), fantasy illustrator (“Dungeons and Dragons”)
04/03: RONALD DUNBAR, 77 (UD), 1970s R&B songwriter (“Band of Gold”; “Give Me Just a Little More Time”; “Patches,” whose Grammy Award statuette was sold on TV’s “Pawn Stars”)
04/03: DAVID EDGERTON JR., 90 (c’s: surgery/fall), restaurateur/co-founder, Burger King
04/03: MARY HATCHER, 88 (bile duct C), 1940s ingénue actress (original Broadway cast: “Oklahoma!”; Paramount film contract player)
04/03: LILL-BABS (nee Barbro Svensson), 80 (C; HF), Swedish singer/actress/TV personality
04/04: BURT BOYAR, 90 (UD), co-author, entertainer Sammy Davis Jr's autobiography "Yes, I Can"; 1940s OTR juvenile old time radio actor (“Archie Andrews”; “Meet Corliss Archer”); confidant to socialite Betsy Bloomingdale
04/04: GERTRUDE JEANNETTE, 103 (UD), Harlem-based stage impresario; film actress (“Shaft”); confidante to and fellow blacklistee of actor/singer Paul Robeson; first NYC licensed female taxi driver (1942)
04/04: SOON-TEK OH, 85 (AZD), South Korean-born actor (“M*A*S*H”; “Hill Street Blues”; “Hawaii Five-O”: “The Man with the Golden Gun” Disney’s “Mulan” series)
04/04: “LUSCIOUS” JOHNNY VALIANT (aka THOMAS SULLIVAN), 71 (ped/truck), 1970s/80s WWE wrestler; wrestling talent manager (Hulk Hogan)
04/05: TIM O’CONNOR, 90 (UD), TV character actor (“Peyton Place”; “Buck Rogers in the 25th Century”)
04/05: ISAO TAKAHATA, 82 (DH), Japanese animation director/producer/screenwriter
04/05: CECIL TAYLOR, 89 (UD), avant-garde style jazz pianist
04/06: Sen. DANIEL AKAKA, 93 (organ failure), US Congressman (D-HI/2nd District, 1977-1990); US Senator (D-HI, 1990-2013)
04/06: DONALD McKAYLE, 87 (UD), Broadway choreographer (“Sophisticated Ladies”; “Raisin”); first African-American to direct/choreograph a Broadway show (“Raisin,” 1973)
04/07: GERALD AYRES, 82 (c’s: DM), film producer (“The Last Detail”); screenwriter (“Foxes”; “Rich and Famous”)
04/07: TODD BRASSNER, 67 (fire at NYC’s Trump Tower), art collector dealer
04/07: DON PITTS, 90 (UD), voice-over actors’ agent (Mel Blanc; June Foray; Janet Waldo; Orson Welles; Casey Kasem; Paul Winchell; Don Messick; Paul Frees; Daws Butler; Henry Corden; Rod Roddy)
04/08: WILLIAM SPERRY BEINECKE (Yale, Class of 1936), 102 (peace), scion of Yale endowment Beinecke Library family
04/08: CHUCK McCANN, 83 (CHF), 1960s NYC TV kiddie show host (“Let’s Have Fun”; “Laurel and Hardy”); commercial pitchman (Right Guard/”Hi, Guy!”; Cocoa Puffs cereal as “Sonny, the Cuckoo Bird”); cartoon voice-over artist (“The Fantastic Four” as “Ben Grimm”/”The Thing”; “Batfink”; “Cool McCool”); screen actor (“The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter”; “The Projectionist”; “Silent Movie”; “Foul Play”; “Far Out Space Nuts”; “One Day at a Time”; “Happy Days” – 1970 variety show); OTR convention personality
04/09: BARNEY EBSWORTH, 83 (UD), art collector; entrepreneur/original investor, Build-A-Bear Workshop
04/10: EUGENE FRANCIS, 100 (UD), 1940s actor (as “Algernon ‘Algy’ Wilkes,” four “East Side Kids” films)
04/10: CHUCK HARDER 75 (UD), Florida disc jockey turned conservative talk-radio host
04/10: JEAN MARZOLLO (née Martin), 75 (NC), children’s author (“I Spy” series)
04/10: YVONNE STAPLES, 80 (c’s: DM), singer/manager, soul/gospel group “The Staple Singers” “I’ll Take You There”; “Let’s Do It Again”; “Respect Yourself”)
04/11: MITZI SHORE (née Saidel), 87 (PD), comedy impresario/owner, LA’s The Comedy Store; ex-wife of comedian Sammy Shore; mother of comedic actor Pauly Shore
04/12: RONALD CHESNEY, 98 (peace), UK TV sitcom writer/creator (“The Rag Trade”; “On the Buses”)
04/12: RON MEDICO, 71 (HA), film editor (“Lady in Red”: “Alligator”; TV documentaries)
04/12: Sen. JOHN MELCHER, 93 (UD), US Congressman (D-MT/2nd District, 1969-77); US Senator (D-MT, 1977-89)
04/13: ARTHUR “ART” BELL, 72 (COPD), radio host ("Coast to Coast AM"); conspiracy theorist/paranormalist
04/13: MILOŠ FORMAN, 86 (brief), Czech-born film director/auteur (“Taking Off”; “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” – Oscar; “Hair”; “Ragtime”; “Amadeus” – Oscar; “Valmont”; “The People vs. Larry Flynt”; “The Man in the Moon”)
04/13: WILLIAM NACK, 77 (c’s: C), sports/horse racing journalist (“Sports Illustrated”); author (film-adapted “Secretariat”)
04/14: ISABELLA BIAGINI, 74 (c’s: SK), Italian film actress “Love, Italian Style”)
04/14: DAVID BUCKEL, 60 (SU/self-immolation), LGBT/environmental activist; attorney in “Boys Don’t Cry” transgendered rights court case
04/14: GERALD NACHMAN, 80 (UD), theatre/media critic (“San Francisco Chronicle”); pop culture author (“Raised on Radio”; “Seriously Funny”; “Showstoppers”)
04/14: NEIL SHAND, 84 (UD), UK TV comedy writer (David Frost; Spike Milligan; Kenny Everett; Bob Monkhouse)
04/14: KIRK SIMON, 63 (HA), HBO/PBS, Academy Award winning documentarian; brother of “The Paley Center for Media” curator Ron Simon
04/15: PHILIP D’ANTONI, 89 (UD), film producer (“Bullitt”: “The French Connection” – Academy Award; “The Seven Ups”; TV’s “Movin’ On”)
04/15: R. (RONALD) LEE ERMEY, 74 (c’s: PN), actor (“Apocalypse Now!”; “Full Metal Jacket”; “Toy Story”)
04/15: VITTORIO TAVIANI, 88 (UD), Italian film director (“Padre Padrone”)
04/16: HARRY ANDERSON, 65 (UD), comedian/magician; TV sitcom actor (“Cheers”; “Night Court”; “Dave’s World”)
04/16: PAMELA GIDLEY, 52 (peace), actress (“Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me”; recurring role, “CSI”)
04/16: MIATTHEW MELLON, 53 (UD; en route to rehab), billionaire investor; heir to Mellon and Drexel banking fortunes,,
04/17: BARBARA PIERCE BUSH, 92 (c’s: COPD; HF), First Lady of the United States (1989-1993); wife of President George H.W. Bush; mother of President George W. Bush
04/17: KEN DOLAN, 75 (LY), NYC personal finance-themed radio host (“The Dolans,” WOR-AM); husband of co-host Daria Dolan
04/17: CURT KASSELL, 84 (c’s: AZD), NPR newscaster/radio personality (“Morning Edition”; “Wait, Wait … Don’t Tell Me!”)
04/17: RANDY SCRUGGS, 64 (brief), country music songwriter/guitarist/producer; son of bluegrass musician Earl Scruggs
04/18: KEVIN COLSON, 79 (UD), Australian-born Broadway/West End stage actor (“Aspects of Love”; original London “Cabaret”); uncle of Australian pop singer Sia
04/18: Assemblyman GERARD “JERRY” GREEN, 79 (UD), New Jersey Assemblyman (D-17th Legislative District, 1992-2002; D-22nd Legislative District, 2002-2018)
04/18: BRUNO SAMMARTINO, 82 (brief), Italian-born 1950s-1970s professional wrestler; longest-reigning Heavyweight Champion (1963–1971, 1973–1977)
04/19: REID COLLINS, 88 (c’s: DM), broadcast journalist/anchorman (CBS Radio; CNN)
04/19: STUART COLMAN, 73 (C), UK music producer (Shakin' Stevens; Alvin Stardust, The Jets; Little Richard)
04/19: JOSÉ "PEPE" FERNÁNDEZ MEDIAVILLA, 77 (UD), Spanish-born Spanish language voice-over dub actor (for Morgan Freeman; James Earl Jones; “Star Trek’s” Leonard Nimoy)
04/19: DALE WINTON, 62 (UD), UK radio personality; TV game show host (“Dale’s Supermarket Sweep”)
04/20: AVICII (TIM BERGLING), 28 (DH), Swedish musician/electronic music disc jockey (“Wake Me Up”)
04/20: Rep. ALAN “AL” SWIFT, 82 (idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis), US Congressman (D-WA, 2nd District, 1979-1995)
04/21: DESMOND SAUNDERS, 91 (UD), UK animation writer/director for producer Gerry Anderson (“Stingray”: “Supercar”; “Thunderbirds”; “Captain Scarlet and the Mysterions”)
04/21: VERNE TROYER, 49 (suspected DP/SU), dwarf film/TV actor (“Austin Powers” series as “Mini Me”; “Jack of All Trades” as Napoleon Bonaparte)
04/22: ANTHONY IMPERIALE JR. 61 (UD), New Jersey roofer/contractor; son of NJ State Senator and Newark NJ political power broker Anthony Imperiale
04/23: DON BUSTANY, 89 (UD), co-creator, radio’s ‘American Top 40”; technical co-ordinator, MTM Productions; Arab-American anti-discrimination advocate
04/23: MATT CAMPBELL, 29 (after collapsing while running London Marathon), UK TV chef (“Masterchef: The Professionals”)
04/23: BOB DOROUGH, 94 (NC), jazz musician/composer; singer/composer, “Schoolhouse Rock”
04/23: ARTHUR B. RUBINSTEIN, 80 (C), film/TV composer (“WarGames” “Scarecrow and Mrs. King”; “Lost in America”; “Stakeout” series)
04/24: TOM DeLISLE, 71 (brief) journalist (“Detroit Free Press,”1967 riots); 1970s comedy writer; co-creator, "Count Scary" (Detroit TV horror host)
04/25: MICHAEL ANDERSON, 98 (UD), UK-born film/TV director (“Around the World in 80 Days”; “The Dam Busters”: “Logan’s Run”; ‘Doc Savage: Man of Bronze”; “The Martian Chronicles”)
04/25: LANA JONES, 62 (sudden), Boston radio journalist (WBZ-AM)
04/26: Gov. PHILIP HOFF, 93 (UD), Governor of Vermont (D-1963-69); first Democrat Vermont Governor elected in 100+ years
04/26: KRISTIN HARMON NELSON, 72 (sudden), actress; former wife of singer/actor Ricky Nelson; sister of actor Mark Harmon; daughter of football player Tom Harmon; mother of actress Tracy Nelson
04/26: CHARLES NEVILLE, 79 (pancreatic C), saxophonist, R&B group “The Neville Brothers”
04/27: ALVARO ARZU, 72 (HA), President of Guatemala (1996-2000)
04/27: PAUL JUNGER WITT, 77 (C), TV/movie producer (“The Partridge Family”; “Soap”; “Benson”; “The Golden Girls”; “Blossom”; “Beauty and the Beast”; “Dead Poets’ Society”; “Brian’s Song”)
04/27: ROY YOUNG, 81 (UD), 1950s-1970s UK pop singer/pianist
04/28: LARRY HARVEY, 70 (c’s: SK), cultural festival impresario; co-creator, “Burning Man” festival
04/28: JAMES HYLTON, 93 (traffic accident), NASCAR driver (1966 Rookie of the Year), team owner
04/28: JAMES HYLTON JR., 61 (traffic accident), son of NASCAR driver/team owner James Hylton
04/28: ART PAUL, 93 (PN), first art director/illustrator for “Playboy” (1952-1982); designer, “Playboy” bunny logo
04/28: ART SHAY, 96 (HF), Chicago-based photographer (for “Playboy”; literary figures Ernest Hemingway, Gwendolyn Brooks, James Baldwin)


DANIEL AKAKA, 93, US Congressman (D-HI/2nd District, 1977-1990); US Senator (D-HI, 1990-2013), 04/06
HARRY ANDERSON, 65 (UD), comedian/magician; TV sitcom actor, 04/16
MICHAEL ANDERSON, 98, UK-born film/TV director, 04/25
SUSAN ANSPACH, 75. 1970s film actress, 04/02
ALVARO ARZU, 72/, President of Guatemala (1996-2000), 04/27
AVICII (TIM BERGLING), 28, Swedish musician/electronic music disc jockey, 04/20
GERALD AYRES, 82, 1970s film producer/screenwriter. 04/07
WILLIAM SPERRY BEINECKE, 102, scion of Yale endowment Beinecke Library family, 04/08
ARTHUR “ART” BELL, 72, radio host; conspiracy theorist/paranormalist, 04/13
ISABELLA BIAGINI, 74, Italian film actress, 04/14
STEVE BOCHCO, 74, TV program creator/screenwriter/producer, 04/01
BURT BOYAR, 90, entertainment journalist/author; 1940s juvenile OTR actor, 04/04
TODD BRASSNER, 67, art collector dealer – fire at Trump Tower, 04/07
DAVID BUCKEL, 60, LGBT/environmental activist/attorney – suicide by self-immolation, 04/14
BARBARA PIERCE BUSH, 92, First Lady of the US (1989-1993); wife of and mother to two US presidents, 04/17
DON BUSTANY, 89, co-creator, radio’s ‘American Top 40”, 04/23
MATT CAMPBELL, 29, UK TV chef – after collapsing while running London Marathon, 04/23
RONALD CHESNEY, 98, UK TV sitcom writer/creator, 04/12
JOE CLOKEY, 56, son of animator Art Clokey (“Gumby”: “Davey and Goliath”), 03/02 (not publicized until April/May 2018)
REID COLLINS, 88, broadcast journalist/anchorman, 04/19
STUART COLMAN, 73, UK music producer, 04/19
KEVIN COLSON, 79, Australia-born stage actor; uncle of Australian pop singer Sia, 04/18
PHILIP D’ANTONI, 89 (UD), film/TV producer, 04/15
TOM DeLISLE, 71, 1960s journalist; 1970s comedy writer; co-creator, "Count Scary" (Detroit TV horror host), 04/24
KEN DOLAN, 75, personal finance-themed radio host, 04/17
BOB DOROUGH, 94, jazz musician/composer; singer/composer, “Schoolhouse Rock,” 04/23
RONALD DUNBAR, 77, 1970s R&B songwriter, 04/03
BARNEY EBSWORTH, 83, entrepreneur/original investor, Build-A-Bear Workshop, 04/09
DAVID EDGERTON JR., 90, restaurateur/co-founder, Burger King, 04/03
R.(RONALD) LEE ERMEY, 74, actor, 04/15\
JOSÉ "PEPE" FERNÁNDEZ MEDIAVILLA, 77, Spanish-born Spanish language voice-over dub actor, 04/19
MILOŠ FORMAN, 86, Czech-born Academy Award-winning film director/auteur, 04/13
EUGENE FRANCIS, 100, 1940s “East Side Kids” film actor, 04/10
PAMELA GIDLEY, 52, film actress, 04/16
LIVIA GOLLANCZ, 97, UK publisher, Victor Gollancz, 03/29 (not publicized until April 2018)
GERARD “JERRY” GREEN, 79, New Jersey Assemblyman (D, 1992-2018), 04/18
MIKE HARRISON, 72, UK lead singer, “Spooky Tooth,” 03/25 (not publicized until April 2018)
CHUCK HARDER 75, Florida disc jockey turned conservative talk-radio host, 04/10
LARRY HARVEY, 70, co-creator, “Burning Man” desert-set cultural festival, 04/28
MARY HATCHER, 88, 1940s ingénue stage/screen actress, 04/04
PHILIP HOFF, 93, Governor of Vermont (D-1963-69), 04/26
JAMES HYLTON, 93, NASCAR driver/team owner -- traffic accident, 04/28
JAMES HYLTON JR., 61, son of NASCAR driver/team owner James Hylton -- traffic accident, 04/28
ANTHONY IMPERIALE JR. 61, son of NJ State Senator and Newark NJ political power broker Anthony Imperiale, 04/22
GERTRUDE JEANNETTE, 103, stage impresario/film actress; first NYC licensed female taxi driver, 04/04
LANA JONES, 62, Boston radio journalist, 04/25
CURT KASSELL, 84, NPR newscaster/radio personality, 04/17
CONNIE LAWN, 73, US/New Zealander journalist; longest tenured member, White House Press Corps, 04/02
LILL-BABS (nee Barbro Svensson), 80, Swedish singer/actress/TV personality, 04/03
WINNIE MADIKIZELA-MANDELA, 81, South African/Xhosan anti-Apartheid activist, 04/02
JEAN MARZOLLO (née Martin), 75, children’s author, 04/10
CHUCK McCANN, 83, 1960s NYC TV kiddie show host; commercial pitchman; cartoon voice-over artist; screen actor; OTR convention personality, 04/08
DONALD McKAYLE, 87, 1970s Broadway director/choreographer, 04/06
RON MEDICO, 71, film editor, 04/12
JOHN MELCHER, 93, US Congressman (D-MT/2nd District, 1969-77); US Senator (D-MT, 1977-89, 04/12
MIATTHEW MELLON, 53, billionaire investor; heir to Mellon and Drexel banking fortunes, 04/16
DAVE MICHENER, 85, Disney animator; nephew of novelist James Michener, 02/15 (not publicized until April/May 2018)
GERALD NACHMAN, 80, theatre/media critic/author, 04/14
WILLIAM NACK, 77, sports/horse racing journalist/author, 04/13
KRISTIN HARMON NELSON, 72, actress; former wife of singer/actor Ricky Nelson, 04/26
CHARLES NEVILLE, 79, saxophonist, “The Neville Brothers,” 04/26
TIM O’CONNOR, 90, TV character actor, 04/05
SOON-TEK OH, 85, South Korean-born actor, 04/04
WILLIAM "BILL" O'HARE, 88, 1960/1970s film studio publicity exec, 04/02
ART PAUL, 93, first art director/illustrator for “Playboy”; designer, “Playboy” bunny logo, 04/28
DON PITTS, 90, voice-over actors’ agent, 04/07
LYNN READY, 73, male juvenile actor/“Mouseketeer”), 02/26 (not publicized until April/May 2018)
BARBARA DODD REMSEN, 88, film casting director; widow of actor Bert Remsen, 03/08 (not publicized until April 2018)
EFRAÍN RÍOS MONTT, 91, 1980s Guatemalan military dictator; accused war criminal, 04/01
LAURA ROSLOF, 69, fantasy illustrator, 04/02
ARTHUR B. RUBINSTEIN, 80, film/TV composer, 04/23
BRUNO SAMMARTINO, 82, Italian-born professional wrestler, 04/18
DESMOND SAUNDERS, 91, UK animation writer/director for producer Gerry Anderson, 04/21
RANDY SCRUGGS, 64, country music songwriter/guitarist/producer, 04/17
NEIL SHAND, 84, UK TV comedy writer, 04/14
ART SHAY, 96, photographer, 04/28
MITZI SHORE, 87, comedy impresario/club owner, 04/11
SYLVIA SHORT, 90, stage/screen actress, Talking Books narratrix, 04/??
KIRK SIMON, 63, documentarian; 04/14
YVONNE STAPLES, 80, singer, “The Staple Singers, 04/10
ALAN “AL” SWIFT, 82, US Congressman (D-WA/2nd District, 1979-1995). 04/20
ISAO TAKAHATA, 82, Japanese animation director/producer/screenwriter, 04/05
VITTORIO TAVIANI, 88, Italian film director (“Padre Padrone”), 04/15
CECIL TAYLOR, 89, avant-garde style jazz pianist, 04/05
VERNE TROYER, 49, dwarf actor – suspected DP/SU, 04/21
“LUSCIOUS” JOHNNY VALIANT (aka THOMAS SULLIVAN), 71, 1970s/80s WWE wrestler – ped/truck, 04/04
DALE WINTON, 62, UK radio/TV personality. 04/19
PAUL JUNGER WITT, 77, TV/movie producer, 04/27
RALPH WOOLSEY, 104, TV/film cinematographer, 03/23 (not publicized until April 2018)
ROY YOUNG, 81, UK pop singer/pianist, 04/27
2018-05-05 19:21:04 UTC
I do believe Avicii's death is attributed to DP/SU not declining health.