Captain Jack McCarthy (NYC TV)
(too old to reply)
2016-06-09 20:56:54 UTC
His son Sean McCarthy told me Yes the song capt. Jack is for his father.
2019-02-07 02:11:31 UTC
Just FOUND this...wanted to mention that Jack died in NY, not Fl. He was quite the NYer & NEVER would have moved to FL, lol. I visited with him at his home in Scarsdale, NY just a little bit before he died, attended his Funeral at St. Patrick's, said by John Cardinal O'Connor & the party at his County Club!

43 times is about right. After his 40th, I think PIX was done with him, which was TOO BAD. IF I remember correctly, he did the 41st, skipped the 42 & did the 43? At any rate, the last one was quite disappointing (to him & us) & he left with an "I'm out of here!" his last words on the Parade. Unfortunate.

But those of us that knew him in his prime, no that there will never be another like him!
Kidvid host and station announcer Jack McCarthy, who as Captain Jack
showed Popeye cartoons for many years on New York City's WPIX-TV, died
5/23 in Florida. He was in his eighties.
McCarthy also set a Guinness record for hosting WPIX's annual telecast of
New York's St Paddy's Day Parade some 43 times (if memory serves). He
quit in the late 1980s, outraged by his treatment at the hands of newly
installed station management, and moved to Florida.
Jack would always end his Popeye show with a salute and a hearty "smooth
Smooth sailin', Jack.
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