United Arab Emirates: "written off" vehicles returned to Hertz Car Rental after serious accidents
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2006-07-04 00:41:27 UTC
Shocking smashes

Friday, 30th June, 2006

The cars pictured are all written off vehicles returned to Hertz
Car Rental after serious accidents. “We get about five write-offs
each month,” Bob Farrow, general manager of Hertz, told 7DAYS.
“The number is high because people drive so badly here,” he adds.

To put that figure in perspective, Bob explains: “Our branch in
Amman, Jordan, only wrote off three cars for the entire year last
year. They have one-sixth our fleet but only one twentieth of the
write-offs because Jordan has stricter rules when it comes to
speeding,” he adds. “If a person is caught doing 40kph above the
speed limit it’s an automatic jail sentence of up to 30 days.
Speeding is the number one cause of accidents in Dubai, followed
by drunk driving which is not covered by insurance,” Bob continues.

But despite the number of bashed up vehicles he sees, Bob has no
hesitation in picking out the worst car wreckage he has ever seen
- it’s the one in the main picture above. “This is by far the
worst I have seen,” he says. “A speeding truck hit the car from
behind flicking it across the middle barrier of the road onto the
opposite lane in a complete 180-degree turn where an incoming
truck slammed into it head on. The driver was killed on the spot.”

formerly Ford Focus
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BEYOND RECOGNITION: The UAE national driving this Ford Focus -
yes that’s what it was - died instantly after he was hit from
behind by a speeding truck. The car was thrown to the other side
of the road where another truck rammed into it.

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LIFE’S A BEACH: A Pakistani national was speeding in this Nissan
Pathfinder at 160kph along the beach front in Abu Dhabi when he
lost control and hit a lamppost. The four-wheel drive spun six
times, flew off the road and landed upside down on the beach. The
driver miraculously escaped relatively unhurt, but the car is
beyond repair.

Nissan Altima
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RUNNING A RED: Police reports say that an Indian driver jumped a
red light in this Nissan Altima and ploughed into another car.

Ford Focus
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DRUNK DRIVER: An Egyptian man was driving under the influence in
the morning. He lost control of the Ford Focus and smashed into
three separate vehicles. Some people in the other cars were
seriously injured, as was the drunk driver.

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BORROWED TIME: Borrowed time An uninsured Indian driver borrowed
this car after it was rented by his friend. He collided with
another car and luckily no one was seriously injured - but he has
a huge bill on his hands.

Nissan Sunny
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GETTING THE HUMP: An Indian driver hit a camel in this Nissan
Sunny. He was speeding at more than 120kph and was lucky to
survive. The camel, however, was not so fortunate and died. The
legal battle over that continues.
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