2021 writers' anniversaries
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2021-01-10 22:54:10 UTC
To find even more anniversaries, go to Wikipedia and search on any year, then click on Literature on the right.

2500th death anniversary
Apr: Confucius

700th death anniversary:
Sept: Dante

400th birth anniversaries:
Mar: Andrew Marvell
July: Jean de la Fontaine

Apr: Jean Baptiste Rousseau
Nov. Colley Cibber

Mar: Tobias Smollett
Nov: Mark Akenside
Dec: William Collins

June: Sydney Smith
Aug: Sir Walter Scott
Dec: Dorothy Wordsworth

Mar: Ernest Feydeau
Mar: Sir Richard Burton
Apr: Charles Beaudelaire
July: Mary Baker Eddy
Aug: Octave Feuillet
Nov: Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Dec: Gustave Flaubert

Apr: S.M. Synge
June: James Weldon Johnson
July: Marcel Proust
Aug: Theodore Dreiser
Oct: Paul Valery
Nov: Stephen Crane

Jan: Friedrich Dürrenmatt (Swiss satirical dramatist)
Jan: Seon Manley (anthologist)
Jan: Patricia Highsmith (thriller novelist: Strangers on a Train)
Feb: Betty Friedan (The Feminine Mystique)
Mar: Richard P. Wilbur (U.S. Poet Laureate, 1987-1988)
May: Farley Mowat (Never Cry Wolf)
May: Pauline Clarke (1962 Carnegie Medalist)
May: James Blish (Star Trek novelist)
May: Ruth McCrea (illustrator for Peter Pauper Press)
June: Ivan Southall (Australian novelist & 1971 Carnegie Medalist)
June: Ib Spang Olsen (Danish illustrator & 1972 HCAA Medalist)
June: Patricia Wrightson (Australian fantasy writer and 1986 HCAA Medalist)
June: Mirko Hanák (Czech watercolor nature artist)
July: Ellen Douglas (1973 National Book Award nominee)
Aug: Hayden Carruth (poet/critic)
Aug: Alex Haley (Roots)
Aug: Brian Moore (Belfast-born novelist & 3-time Booker Prize nominee)
Nov: James Jones (From Here to Eternity)
Nov: Yoshiko Uchida (The Dancing Kettle and Other Japanese Folk Tales)

50th death anniversaries:
May: Ogden Nash (comic poet)
Oct: Philip Wylie (SF novelist)
Nov: Mirko Hanák (Czech artist)
Nov: Maud Petersham (co-illustrator: Rootabaga Stories by Carl Sandburg)

40th birth anniversary:
Ned Vizzini (Teen Angst? Naaah...)

2021-01-11 15:12:11 UTC
About that last one - Vizzini's anniversary will be in April.