OT (barely!) "A Black Teenager Asked for Directions. A Man Responded With Gunfire."
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2018-04-20 02:02:34 UTC

First paragraphs:

Brennan Walker, 14, of Rochester Hills, Mich., woke up around 7:30 a.m. on Thursday — too late. He had slept through his alarm and was going to miss the school bus.

So he decided to walk to Rochester High School, where he is a freshman. That takes about an hour and a half, but he thought he would at least make it in time for his third-period class in world studies, his favorite subject.

Brennan did not have his smartphone that morning, and so, lacking assistance from GPS, he tried to follow the route his bus usually takes. He ended up in a quiet subdivision where the roads looped into each other, and when he noticed he had gone in a circle, he stopped to ask for help.

He tried one home, and then another. A woman answered the door, he said, and began yelling almost immediately, as if he were trying to break into her house.

“She didn’t really give me a chance to speak a lot, and I was trying to tell her that I go to Rochester High and I was looking for directions,” Brennan said on Friday. “A few moments later the guy came downstairs, and he grabbed the shotgun.”...




2018-04-22 20:32:52 UTC

Part of a comment underneath (the article didn't mention that the teen DID own a smartphone, but he didn't have it that day):

"...Now consider this; this home had been burglarized multiple times recently by young men of this young man's description. The police know this and have admitted recently arresting a person (who I believe also attends the same school). Wow! The coincidences just keep piling up. Let's summarize, shall we:
A young man gets lost walking to a school which is at the intersection of two large busy streets. How did that happen?
The mysteriously lost young man just happens to be the only teenager in Detroit without a cell phone. Interesting.
Then, rather than asking a person on the street or a person working in his yard or even a car stopped at an intersection, he decides to knock on the door of a house that has been repeatedly burglarized by groups of young men fitting his description.
Damn! These are interesting facts. It's almost like the person who wrote this article is an incompetent buffoon with a serious truth allergy.
And just to be clear, it's not OK to shoot people who knock on your door; and this man will go to prison for it, rightly. But it's also not OK to attempt to burglarize somebody's house and lie about it when caught. On the way to school???? For God's sake people, wake up!"

However, the camera footage seems to prove the teen's story (I haven't seen it yet).

More on that - it's long: