Diane Marie Cothran, 60, beaten to death in carjacking
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2019-11-14 03:10:30 UTC

Woman dies after February assault, carjacking in North Charleston
Angie Jackson ***@postandcourier.com
3-4 minutes

A West Ashley woman has died several months after police said she was assaulted while giving a ride to a family member of a fellow churchgoer in February.

Diane Marie Cothran died of her injuries Wednesday at Vibra Hospital in Mount Pleasant, according to the Charleston County Coroner’s Office. Loved ones said the attack had left her paralyzed.

Her death was deemed a homicide.

North Charleston Police Department spokesman Spencer Pryor said investigators are consulting with prosecutors to determine whether a pending attempted murder charge against the suspect, 41-year-old Samuel Travino Graham, will be upgraded to murder.

Samuel Graham

Samuel Graham. Cannon Detention Center/Provided

Graham, of O’Hear Avenue in North Charleston, is also charged with carjacking. He was arrested three days after the Feb. 18 assault.

That night, an officer on patrol came across a wounded Cothran lying partially in the road on St. Johns Avenue. The 60-year-old was semi-conscious and bleeding from her ear, according to an incident report. She complained of chest pain.

Cothran was having trouble breathing but managed to tell the officer that she had helped a woman from her church in North Charleston by giving her brother a ride. She said she was hit with a stun gun and pushed out of her Honda CRV.

Officers recovered her car that night nearby in the area of Florida Avenue and Ubank Street. Police detained Graham and a woman inside the vehicle.

Investigators determined that Graham had asked the victim for a ride and beat her up during the ride, Pryor said.

Graham is being held in jail on $100,000 bond, according to court records.

State Law Enforcement Division records show his criminal history in South Carolina includes convictions of assault and battery, possession of a stolen vehicle and burglary, among others.

His most recent arrest was the day after the assault in February, when North Charleston police picked him up for driving under suspension.

Cothran’s brother, Mark Flory of Titusville, Fla., said Thursday he was troubled by Graham’s criminal history and hoped that Graham remains in jail on the current charges.

For several months before the attack, Flory said Cothran brought meals and Christmas presents to Graham’s sister after meeting her at church. Cothran worked as a caregiver and liked to help the elderly and people who lived alone.

“Just the way that it happened just makes it so much worse,” Flory said.
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Topic Cop
2019-11-14 03:11:54 UTC
damn. maybe she shoulda been just a bit more discriminating

Friends mourn death of North Charleston carjacking victim
Harve Jacobs
2-3 minutes

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Friends are mourning the death of a woman who died from injuries in a carjacking in North Charleston.

Sixty-year old Diane Cothran died Wednesday, three months after the carjacking.

Cothran was part of a group called the Fab Five. They were five friends who were like family.

“Diane was probably one of the most care giving people that we’ve ever been around. I mean there’s nothing she couldn’t do,” Melissa Hunter said.

"Diane did not have a selfish, mean bone in her body. She would do anything for anybody at the drop of a hat," Stacy Dantsler said.

In February, a woman Cothran was helping through her church asked Cothran to give her brother a ride home. North Charleston police say the man who needed the ride was Samuel Graham.

Police say once inside the car, Graham beat Cothran in the neck and head.

“Threw her out of her car and left her in the middle of the road to die,” Hunter said.

Police found Cothran at the intersection of O’Hear and St. Johns Avenues in North Charleston. They say her injuries were so severe that she couldn’t speak and tell them what happened. Graham was later found behind the wheel of the woman’s car and was arrested.

Cothran was left paralyzed.

“Oh my gosh. Just how, why, why would this happen to anybody period? But to be doing what she was doing, working through the church, it was just totally unbelievable, shock,” Hunter said.

Now her friends have to deal with the death of their dear friend.

“It’s been a big blow. It’s been a tremendous blow to all of us,” Hunter said.

They want to remember the good times and the gifts they exchanged at Christmas.

"I never cut off the tags. I know that seems kind of silly but to know, 'Hope you have a Merry Christmas Diane', I'll never cur that tag off that Christmas ornament," Tricia McKenzie said.

Graham remains behind bars, waiting to find out if the attempted murder charge will be changed to murder.

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2019-11-14 16:54:26 UTC
I do a homeless outreach. I am never close. I choose one to grab the boxes of food and clothing from my truck, and I am out of there. I think of it as Lord of the Flies.
Guilty Bastard
2019-11-15 21:03:21 UTC
Post by Topic Cop
damn. maybe she shoulda been just a bit more discriminating
Those who don't judge often end up like that girl did. I judge all of
the time!
2019-11-15 21:08:38 UTC
Those who don't judge often
end up like that girl did.
I judge all of the time!

I am a true crime aficionado.
The scary part is you can’t
always detect a sociopath (eg OJ)
or you can be hit random by a serial.