Maria Spivak, 55, Russian language HaЯЯy PotteЯ translator -- badly translated obit
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In Russia died a famous translator of books about Harry Potter

magictr | July 20, 2018 | News

Russian writer and translator Maria Spivak died on 56 year of life.

This was announced on his page on Facebook Director of the publishing house “the Phantom the press” and a close friend of the late Alla Steinman.

“Died today, Masha Spivak. My dear friend, I’m sorry I didn’t save you,” wrote Steinman.

Date and place of the funeral she promised to tell later.

Maria Spivak has gained wide popularity due to the alternative translation of novels by JK Rowling about Harry Potter, received mixed reviews among readers.

After the translation of “Harry Potter and the goblet of Fire” Mary Spivak did not translate Rowling’s books under his own name.

Subsequently, the network appeared the translations of such books as “Harry Potter and the order of the Phoenix”, “Harry Potter and the half-blood Prince” — stylistically in the manner of Spivak, however, the translator was listed on some of Em. Tasama.

But on account of its was and outstanding work.

On the professional award “the Unicorn and the lion” in 2009, she was awarded second place in the nomination “prose” for the translation of the novel by Nicholas Drayson “the Book birds of East Africa”.

Also, we have previously reported that on July 16 in the British County of Norfolk on 95-th year of life died writer Clive king. He became famous with the novel “Stig of the dump” about a caveman who lives close to a normal family.
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I never understand why, when we're talking about a woman, the "translator" always seems to turn "she" into "he." Doesn't matter what language we're talking about.