Remembering Spike Jones
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Matthew Kruk
2020-08-22 04:07:18 UTC

The Spike Jones Story - Part 1. Worth watching IMHO

2020-08-22 04:30:44 UTC
I have heard a lot of bands in my life and the tightest band of the 20th century, in my humble, unsolicited opinion was Spike Jones and the City Slickers. Their timing was flawless.

The father of one of my oldest friends told me he went to see Spike and the City Slickers in Denver in the late '40s. He said the band arose from the floor at the beginning of the show with the entire band wearing green and black checkered zoot suits, green derbies, black gloves and black face masks. Then the lights were all cut except for a black light and it then appeared that empty suits were playing the concert.

I love to hear Spike Jones talk.