Barbara Rickles, 84, wife of Don
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2021-03-15 13:02:53 UTC
Paul Shefrin
Sunday, March 14, 2021 at 4:28 PM

My friend Barbara Rickles passed away this morning at the age of 84. Her husband, my client and friend, Don Rickles left us in 2017. Had they both lived, today would have been their 56th anniversary. For over 40 years they were both significant parts of my life. They were incredibly devoted to each other. She was the perfect woman for Don and vice-versa. The tuxedo picture is from Don's 70th birthday party and I believe the other photo was taken at a party celebrating their anniversary years later. Don used to joke that he only kept me around because Barbara loved me even though he couldn't understand why. Now I will miss them both. I wish the best for daughter Mindy and her husband Ed Mann and Don & Barbara's grandchildren Ethan & Harrison at this difficult time. RIP
2021-03-15 21:12:30 UTC
Barbara Rickles, Widow of Don Rickles, Dies at 84
1:45 PM PDT 3/15/2021 by Mike Barnes

Barbara Rickles, the widow of famed comedian Don Rickles, died Sunday on what would have been the couple's 56th wedding anniversary. She was 84.

Rickles died at her home in Century City of complications from non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, publicist Paul Shefrin told The Hollywood Reporter. Her husband died in April 2017 of kidney failure at age 90.

Born Barbara Sklar and raised in Philadelphia, she first met the insult comedian when she was working as a secretary for his agent, and they married in 1965. She and Don often vacationed with comic Bob Newhart and his wife, Ginnie.

In his 2007 memoir, Rickles' Book, he called her "the world's best sport. I say that because even though she quickly became a character in my routines, she never complained.

"Barbara didn't blink when I told audiences in New York, Miami and Las Vegas about me swinging from the chandelier during our wedding night. I made up all kinds of crazy nonsense. I was Tarzan, she was Jane. I'd say, 'When we get home from a dinner party, she takes off her diamond ring, stands by the window and signals ships — and there's no water in sight.' I'd talk about her like she was a shopaholic. If I could get a laugh out of painting her as a spoiled princess, I did it.

"Of course, none of that was true."

Survivors include their daughter, Mindy, and grandchildren Ethan and Harrison. Their son Larry, who produced the HBO documentary Mr. Warmth: The Don Rickles Project, died in December 2011 of respiratory failure due to pneumonia at age 41.