Skip Hinnant?
(too old to reply)
2020-05-18 13:57:21 UTC
Wikipedia is having edit wars saying he died.

Can't find anything on Google News.
That Derek
2020-05-18 16:29:25 UTC
Last i heard, Skip Hinnant was narrating audio-books.

Roughly twelve years ago, I tried to engage him to be a guest at the (now defunct) FOTR/Friends of old Time Radio convention here in the greater NYC area, on the strength of his having been a regular performer on "The General Mills Children's Theatre," a mid-1970s "retro-" OTR programme hosted by Tom Bosley.

I found his number in the Manhattan telephone directory and phoned him. He politely declined my invitation and I left it at that. I didn't plead with or badger him beyond that.

[Perhaps he was so in love with his chair so much that he didn't want to leave his apartment. :)]

Anyway, a cursory WhitePages.com exploration reveals that there are both a "Skip H. Hinnant" and a "Joseph Hinnant" residing in the Denver CO area. It's probably him as a Wikipedia search states that his full name is "Joseph Howard Hinnant."

I'm led to believe Skip Hinnant is off-topic. Call Fargo North, Decoder!