Famous Deaths for 10th July 2018
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2018-07-10 19:38:40 UTC
1086 - Knut IV, the Saint, king of Denmark (1080-86), murdered

1920 - John A "Jacky" Kilverston, adm/designer (dreadnought), dies at 79

1954 - Calogero Vizzini, Sicilian mafioso (b. 1877)

1983 - Werner Egk, German composer (Die Zaubergeige), dies at 82

1990 - Irene Champlin, dies after long illness at 59

2002 - Jean-Pierre Côté, French Canadian politician and Lieutenant Governor of Quebec (b. 1926)

2003 - Bishnu Maden, Nepalese politician

2005 - Freda Wright-Sorce, American radio performer (b. 1955)

2005 - A. J. Quinnell [Philip Nicholson], English writer (Man on Fire), dies at 65

2007 - Doug Marlette, American cartoonist (b. 1949)

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Michael OConnor
2018-07-11 02:33:00 UTC
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2005 - Freda Wright-Sorce, American radio performer (b. 1955)
I guess whomever does this picks the names out at random, but she was very marginally famous at best, as she was the wife of a radio host (Don Geronimo) of a syndicated radio show (Don and Mike) and she was most famous (or infamous, as I think most fans of the show would agree) for calling in every day and taking up to an hour of airtime discussing their son and their dogs and everything else under the sun. She added absolutely no entertainment value to the show. That being said, I was sad to see that she was killed in a car accident as her and Don seemed like a happy couple.