Addenda: David Carson's list: of celebs aged 80+, 90+, 100+; it's HUUGE!
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That Derek
2017-12-04 07:53:13 UTC
It just so happens that I am a big fan of David Carson and his dead/alive lists. Truly, Mr. Carson is a statistician extraordinaire!

However, I have conjured up a bunch of names of octogenarians, nonagenarians, and centenarians who did not make it into most his recent posting.

Like David, I have used his format:
(*) - personages, aged 90 to 99 (inclusive);
(!) = personages 100 and over.

I truly hope many of these names will be incorporated into David Carson's next listing.

JERRY ADLER - actor, “The Sopranos”
LOU ADLER - record producer (“The Mamas and the Papas”)
ANOUK AIMÉE - French actress, “La Dolce Vita”; “8 ½”
AKIHITO - Emperor of Japan
FELIPE ALOU - Dominican-born baseball player
(*) ERNEST ANGLEY - televangelist,
JOHN ANISTON - Greek-born actor (Days of Our Lives”); father of actress Jennifer Aniston
LOU ANTONIO - TV actor/director, “Star Trek: Let That Be Your Last Battleground” as half white/half black alien
(*) CHARLES AZNAVOUR - French singer
BARBARA BABCOCK- actress, “Hill Street Blues”
CARROLL BAKER – actress, “Baby Doll”; “Harlow”)
(*) KEN BALD - syndicated comic-strip author/illustrator, “Dr. Kildare”; “Dark Shadows”
(*) KAYE BALLARD - singer/TV comedic actress, “The Mothers-in-Law”
CARL BANAS - Canadian voice-over artist, “Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer”; 1960s “Spider-Man”
JOHN BARTH - author
JEAN-PAUL BELMONDO - French "New Wave" film actor
LUCIANO BENETTON - Italian entrepreneur, Benetton Group
ALAN BENNETT - comic actor, ”Beyond the Fringe”; playwright /screenwriter, “The Madness of George III”
SILVIO BERLUSCONI - Italian entrepreneur; statesman
(*) HONOR BLACKMAN - British actress, TV’s “The Avengers”; “Goldfinger”
BRIAN BLESSED - British actor, “The Black Adder”
ANN BLYTH – actress, “Mildred Pierce”
CLAIRE BLOOM - British actress, “Charly”
DON BLUTH – animator/director, “The Secret of NIMH”
(*) BRADLEY BOLKE, voice-over actor, “Tennessee Tuxedo and His Tales" as "Chumley, the Walrus”
(*) FRANK BOLLE, comic book artist; syndicated cartoonist/illustrator, “Winnie Winkle”; “The Heart of Juliet Jones”
JOHN BOORMAN – British film director (“Deliverance”: Zardoz”)
PHILIP BOSCO, actor, “My Best friend’s Wedding”
PATRICIA BOSWORTH – journalist/celebrity biographer, Montgomery Clift, Diane Arbus, Marlon Brando, Jane Fonda
CONRAD BROOKS – actor, part of Ed Wood's "stock company,” “Plan 9 from Outer Space”
(*) LAURENT de BRUNHOFF - French children’s author/illustrator, “Babar” series”; brother of “Babar” creator Jean de Brunhoff
(*) JAMES BUCKLEY (Conservative Party-NY), US Senator (1971-1977¬), New York; brother o pundit William F. Buckley Jr.
WHITEY BULGER - Irish-American criminal
JACK BURNS - comic actor, “The Andy Griffith Show”; comedy partner of Avery Schreiber
(*) BRENDAN T. BYRNE - Governor, New Jersey
(*) JOSEPH CAMPANELLA - actor, “Ben”; “Meteor”
DYAN CANNON - actress, “Heaven Can Wait”
ROBERT CARO - historian/biographer, Robert Moses; President Lyndon B. Johnson
LESLIE CARON - French actress (“Gigi”)
(*) CARLETON CARPENTER - actor/singer, “Aba Daba Honeymoon” with Debbie Reynolds
(*) PAT CARROLL - comedic actress, “The Little Mermaid”; “Too Close for Comfort”
RAUL CASTRO - president of Cuba
(*) MARGE CHAMPION, - actress/dancer
DOMINIC CHIANESE – actor, "The Sopranos”
(* 90 on 12/25/2017) MARY HIGGINS CLARK - novelist
ROBERT COLBERT - TV actor, “The Time Tunnel”
ERNIE COLÓN - comic book artist forDC, Marvel, Harvey, Warren
(*) FORREST COMPTON - actor, “Gomer Pyle - USMC”
GARY CONWAY - TV actor, “Land of the Giants”
JOHN CONYERS - US Congressman, Michigan; longest-serving sitting US congressman
TOMMY COOK - juvenile actor, “Panic in the Streets”
KENNETH COPELAND – televangelist
(*) VALENTINA CORTESE - Italian actress, “Day for Night”; “Barabbas”; “Jesus of Nazareth”
COSTA-GAVRAS - Greek-born film director ("Z"; "Missing”)
TOM COURTENAY - British film actor, “The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner”
BOB COUSY - basketball player
KATHRYN GRANT CROSBY - actress; widow of singer/actor Bing Crosby
CLIVE CUSSLER - prolific thriller author
(*) ARLENE DAHL – actress, “Stingaree’
JIM DALE - British singer/actor, “Barnum”); co-writer, song “Georgy Girl”); audio-book narrator, “Harry Potter” series
ABBY DALTON - actress; game show panelist
(*) WILLIAM DANIELS, actor, 1776”; “St. Elsewhere”; “Boy Meets World”
JAMES DARREN - actor/singer
HENRY DARROW - Puerto Rican-born actor, “The High Chaparral”
LEN DEIGHTON - British espionage novelist
(*) GENE DEITCH - animator, 1950s post-Hanna-Barbera "Tom and Jerry"; 1950s TV “Popeye"
DON DeLILLO - best-selling novelist
ALAIN DELON - French actor
WILLIAM DEVANE – actor, “The Missiles of October”
TOMMY DeVITO - guitarist, “The Four Seasons”
(*) RICHARD DeVOS - co-founder, Amway; father-in-law of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos
JOAN DIDION – author
(*) JOHN DINGELL - US Congressman, Michigan
(*) DAVID N. DINKINS - first African-American mayor of New York City
(*) STEVE DITKO - comic book artist/writer; co-creator, “Spider-Man”
ELINOR DONAHUE – actress, ”Father Knows Best hil Donahue - TV host
ROBERT DOWNEY SR. – director, ”Putney Swope”; father of actor Robert Downey Jr.
JAMES DRURY - actor, “The Virginian”)
OLYMPIA DUKAKIS - actress, “Moonstruck” "
(*) JOSIP ELIC - character actor, “The Twilight Zone”; “Santa Claus Conquers the Martians”; “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”
HECTOR ELIZONDO – actor, “American Gigolo”
DICK ENBERG - pro football announcer; game show host,
BOB FASS - New York City free-form radio personality, WBAI-FM/Pacifica
(*) LAWRENCE FERLINGHETTI - poet; book store proprietor
JAMES FLORIO - Governor, New Jersey
(80, 12/21/2017) JANE FONDA - actress; political activist
MILOŠ FORMAN - Czech-born director, “Amadeus”; “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”
FRED FOSTER – songwriter, most of Roy Orbison’s hits
(*) SONNY FOX, TV executive; 1960s kiddie TV host, “Wonderama”,
(*) RAMONA FRADON - comic book artist, “Metamorpho”; “Super Friends”
ARTHUR FROMMER - travel guide publisher
ATHOL FUGARD - South African playwright
ROBERT FULLER – actor, “Wagon Train”; “Emergency!”; “Hollywood Squares”
EILEEN FULTON - soap opera actress, “As the World Turns”
(*) HELEN GALLAGHER - Broadway/stage actress
HANK GARRETT – actor, “Serpico”
(*) HUNTER GIBSON - religious theoretician; father of actor/director Mel Gibson
JOE GIELLA - syndicated comics artist, “Mary Worth”; comic book artist primarily for DC
(*) LEWIS GILBERT, British film director, “Alfie”; “Educating Rita”; “Shirley Valentine”; “You Only Live Twice,” “The Spy Who Loved Me,” “Moonraker”
JOÃO GILBERTO - Brazilian bossa nova musician
MILTON GLASER - graphic designer/illustrator
PHILIP GLASS - composer
JULIAN GLOVER - British actor
JEAN-LUC GODARD - French “New Wave” film director
WILLIAM GOLDMAN – novelist, “The Princess Bride”; “Marathon Man”; screenwriter, ”Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid”; “All the President’s Men”
ARLENE GOLONKA - TV sitcom actress (“Mayberry RFD”)
GORDON GOULD - New York- based stage/voice-over actor, “The CBS Radio Mystery Theatre”; TV ads for NYC’s “The Ritz Thrift Shop”; Talking Books narrator
DALLAS GREEN - baseball manager
JOEL GREY - singer/actor, “Cabaret’
CHARLES GRODIN – actor, former CNBC talk show host
CLU GULAGER - film actor; fixture in American crossword puzzles
BUDDY GUY - blues singer/musician
ALAN HAMEL - Canadian TV host once married to actress Suzanne Somers
PETE HAMILL - journalist/author
ROLF HARRIS - Australian-born English singer, “Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport”; “Two Little Boys”
(*) ROSEMARY HARRIS – actress, Tobey Maguire “Spider-Man” series as “Aunt May”
DON HASTINGS – actor, “As the World Turns”
ORRIN HATCH - US Senator, Utah
RONNIE HAWKINS - singer/musician
BILL HAYES – singer, “The Ballad o Davy Crockett”; soap opera actor, “Days of Our Lives”
KATHRYN HAYS – actress, “As the World Turns”; “Guiding Light”
TIPPI HEDREN - actress; mother of actress Melanie Griffith
(*) GLORIA HENRY - TV actress, “Dennis, the Menace”
MARILYN HICKEY - televangelist
(*) DARRYL HICKMAN - juvenile actor, “The Grapes of Wrath”
DWAYNE HICKMAN - TV actor, “The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis”
JACK HIGGINS - British author, “The Eagle Has Landed”
PETER HIGGS - British phycisist/Nobel Laureate; namesake for “Higgs boson” particle
PATRICIA HITCHCOCK - British-born actress; daughter of director Sir Alfred Hitchcock
DAVID HOCKNEY- British-born artist
IAN HOLM - British actor, “Alien”
JAMES HONG - Sino-American actor, “Blade Runner”
(80, 12/31/2017) ANTHONY HOPKINS - British actor
PATRICK HORGAN - British-born TV actor, “The Doctors”; “Ryan’s Hope”; “Star Trek: Patterns of Force”; Talking Books narrator
MARILYN HORNE - opera mezzo-soprano
(*) A. E. HOTCHNER - biographer, playwright, screenwriter
(*) JOAN HOTCHKIS - TV actress (“The Odd Couple” as “Gloria Unger”)
CISSY HOUSTON - gospel singer; mother of singer/actress Whitney Houston
BARRY HUMPHRIES - Australian-born British TV personality “Dame Edna Everage”
(!) MARSHA HUNT – actress, “Johnny Got His Gun”
WILL HUTCHINS - TV actor, "Sugarfoot”
(*) DICK HYMAN - composer/pianist
JAMES INHOFE - U.S. Senator, Oklahoma
ROBERT ITO- Japanese-Canadian actor, “Quincy, M.E.”’; fixture in American crossword puzzles
GLENDA JACKSON- British actress; stateswoman
JOE JACKSON- patriarch, singing Jackson family
KEITH JACKSON- former ABC college football announcer \
BYRON JANIS- pianist
JEANNE-CLAUDE - Moroccan-born installation artist
(*) GLYNIS JOHNS - South African-born Welsh actress, “Mary Poppins”; “Papa’s Delicate Condition”
JASPER JOHNS - painter
RAFER JOHNSON - athlete/Olympian; apprehender of Senator Robert F. Kennedy’s assassin
(*) L. Q. JONES - actor, primarily war films and westerns
JACKIE JOSEPH - actress, “The Little Shop of Horrors”: “The Dick Van Dyke Show”)
THOMAS H. KEAN - Governor, New Jersey
SALLY KELLERMAN - actress, “Brewster McCloud”
ETHEL SKAKEL KENNEDY- widow of Senator Robert F. Kennedy
WILLIAM KENNEDY - Albany NY-based author
MARGARET KERRY – actress, “Our Gang”; “The New 3 Stooges”; model for Disney’s “Tinkerbelle”
SIDNEY KIBRICK - 1930s child actor, “Our Gang” as “The Woim”
MORGANA KING, - jazz singer; actress , “The Godfather”
(* -- 90, December 2017) LESTER KINSOLVING - Baltimore-based radio personality/political commentator
SHIRLEY KNIGHT - actress, “The Rain People”
SUSAN KOHNER - actress, “Imitation of Life” remake
(*) MILDRED KORNMAN - silent film child actress, “Our Gang” series; younger sister of “Our Gang” actress Mary Kornman
MICKEY KUHN - juvenile actor, “Gone With the Wind” as “Beau Wilkes”
MILAN KUNDERA -, Czech-born author, “The Unbearable Lightness of Being”
DIANE LADD - actress, “Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore”; mother of actress Laura Dern
KARL LAGERFELD - German fashion designer
SUE ANE LANGDON - actress, “Roustabout”
(80, 01/01/2018) FRANK LANGELLA - actor, “Dracula”
PIPER LAURIE – actress, “Carrie”
LINDA LAVIN – actress/singer, “Alice”
CAROL LAWRENCE - singer/dancer/actress once married to Robert Goulet
JOHN le CARRÉ - British espionage author
RUTA LEE - Canadian-born actress; fixture in American crossword puzzles
URSULA K. LeGUIN - science fiction/fantasy author
CARL LEVIN - U.S. Senator, Michigan
HAL LINDSEY - evangelist/author, “The Late Great Planet Earth”
TONY LoBIANCO – actor, “The French Connection”
DEANNA LUND - TV actress, “Land of the Giants”
(*) JIMMY LYDON - 1940s juvenile actor, “Henry Aldrich” series
(*) BETTY LYNN - TV sitcom actress, “The Andy Griffith Show” as “Thelma Lou”
(!) Dame VERA LYNN - British actress/singer, “We’ll Meet Again
ELIZABETH MacRAE – actress, “Gomer Pyle - USMC”)
PATTY MALONEY - diminutive costumed actress, “Far Out Space Nuts”: “Star Wars Holiday Special” (*) JERRY MAREN, diminutive actor, “The Gong Show”; believed to be the last surviving cast member, 1939’s “The Wizard of Oz”
JUAN MARICHAL - Dominican-born baseball player
JEAN MARSH - British actress, “Upstairs, Downstairs”; :The Twilight Zone: The Lonely”)
RON MASAK - TV actor, “Murder, She Wrote”
NANA MASKOURI - Greek singer
RODDY MAUDE-ROXBY - British-born comic actor, “Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In”
ELAINE MAY - comic actress/director
JOHN MAYALL - British singer/bluesman
DAVID McCALLUM - Scots-born actor, “The Man from U.N.C.L.E”
CHUCK MCCANN - comedic actor “The Projectionist”; “The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter”; “ar Out Space Nuts”
(*) PEGGY McCAY -, TV actress (“Love of Life”; “Days of Our Lives”)
(*) JAMES McCORD JR. - Watergate figure
DAVID McCULLOUGH - historian, “John Adams”
BARRY McGUIRE – singer, “Eve of Destruction”
(*) ALLYN ANN McLERIE - Canadian-born actress, “WKRP in Cincinnati”"
BUDDY MERRILL - musician, “The Lawrence Welk Show”
(*) W. S. MERWIN - poet
(*) KING MICHAEL I - Romanian royal
DICK MILLER - actor for director Roger Corman
JONATHAN MILLER - - comic actor, “Beyond the Fringe; theatrical producer, TV’s “The Shakespeare Plays”; physician
(*) MARK MILLER, TV actor (“Please Don’t Eat the Daisirs”)
GRACE MIRABELLA – fashion magazine editor, Vogue”
(*) PEGGY JEAN MONTGOMERY (aka Diana Sera Cary) - silent movie child actor “Baby Peggy”
SARAH JANE MOORE - attempted assassin of President Gerald R. Ford
TERRY MOORE – actress, “Mighty Joe Young”
(*) MAX MORATH - musician/entertainer
(!) PATRICIA MORISON - actress
DESMOND MORRIS - British anthropologist/author
(*) JAN MORRIS (nee James Morris) - Welsh travel writer
SHELLEY MORRISON – actress, “The Flying Nun”; “Will & Grace”
TONI MORRISON - Nobel Laureate author
ROBERT MORSE – actor, “The Loved One”; “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying”
ARMIN MUELLER-STAHL - German-born actor, “Avalon”
DON MURRAY - actor, “Bus Stop”
V. S. NAIPAUL - Nobel Laureate West Indian author
VICTOR NAVASKY - journalist/author
PETER NERO - pianist
KATHLEEN NOLAN – actress, “The Real McCoys”
MARGARET O’BRIEN - 1940s juvenile actress, “Meet Me in St. Louis”
KENZABURŌ ŌE - Japanese Nobel Laureate author
NANCY OLSON - actress
ALLAN OPPENHEIMER - TV character actor
(*) ROBERT ORBEN - political comedy writer
CORINNE ORR - Canadian-born voice actor, “Speed Racer”; “Marine Boy”; “The CBS Radio Mystery Theatre”; as pitch-character “Snuggles,” the fabric softener teddy bear
SEIJI OZAWA - Japanese conductor
(*) JANIS PAIGE – actress, “Follow the Boys”
LUCIANA PALUZZI - Italian-born actress, “Thunderball”
(*) GEOFFREY PALMER, - British TV actor (”As Time Goes By”)
(*) VIRGINIA PATTON – actress, “It’s a Wonderful Life” as George Bailey’s sister-in-law “Ruth Dakin Bailey”
TOM PAXTON - folk singer
ISABEL PERÓN - former president of Argentina
(*) BARBARA PERRY - TV actress, “The Dick Van Dyke Show” as Pickles Sorrell, Buddy’s wife
SIÂN PHILIPS - Welsh actress, “I, Claudius”: “Dune”
CHRISTINA PICKLES - British-born actress, “St. Elsewhere”
ROSAMUNDE PILCHER - British romance novelist
(*) PRISCILLA POINTER - 1970s/1980s movie actress; mother of actress Amy Irving
VLADIMIR POSNER - Russian-born journalist
(*) LEONTYNE PRICE - opera soprano
HAL PRINCE - Broadway stage director/producer
E. ANNIE PROULX - novelist, “Brokeback Mountain”
THOMAS PYNCHON – author, “Gravity’s Rainbow”
MARY QUANT - 1960s British fashion designer
(*) CARMEL QUINN - Irish-American singer, “The Arthur Godfrey Show”
LEE RADZIWILL - socialite; sister of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis
(*) GENE REYNOLDS - juvenile actor, “The Blue Bird”; TV producer, “M*A*S*H”
RENÉE RICHARDS - transgendered tennis player
CHITA RIVERA - dancer/actress
PAT ROBERTSON - televangelist; presidential candidate
ANNE ROIPHE - feminist author
SONNY ROLLINS - jazz musician
PHILIP ROTH - author ("Goodbye, Columbus”)
PATRICIA ROUTLEDGE - British actress (“Keeping Up Appearances”)
GENA ROWLANDS – actress, “Gloria”
(*) BARBARA RUSH – actress, “The Young Philadelphians”\
MITCHELL RYAN – actor, “Dark Shadows”
(*) MORT SAHL - Canadian-born comedian/political commentator
BRUNO SAMMARTINO - Italian-born wrestler
PAUL SAND - actor, “Story Theatre”; “Can’t Stop the Music”
PRUNELLA SCALES - British actress, “Fawlty Towers”
CHUCK SCHADEN - Chicago-based radio personality/author specializing in OTR (old time radio)
RONNIE SCHELL - TV comedic actor, “Gomer Pyle – USMC”; “Good Morning, World”
PETER SCHICKELE - comedic composer/pianist “P.D.Q. Bach”
BOB SCHIEFFER - broadcast journalist
LALO SCHIFRIN - Argentine-born pianist/composer/conductor, “Mission: Impossible”9
(*) ALFIE SCOPP - British-born Canadian voice-over artist, “Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer”;1960s “Spider-Man”)
RENATA SCOTTO - Italian opera soprano
GEORGE SEGAL - actor, “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?”
MARIE SEVERIN - comic book artist (primarily for Marvel
RICHARD SHELBY - party-switching U. S. Senator, Alabama
(*) MIMI SHERATON - food critic; cookbook author
RICHARD M. SHERMAN - Disney songwriter, “Mary Poppins”; “It’s a Small World”
ROBERT SILVERBERG - science fiction author
TOM SKERRITT – actor, “M*A*S*H” movie; “Alien”
JEAN KENNEDY SMITH - sister of President John F. Kenndy
WOLE SOYINKA – Nigerian Noble Laureate author
TOM SPRINGFIELD - British pop songwriter “I’ll Never Find Another You”: “Georgy Girl,” as co-writer
JACKIE STALLONE - astrologer; mother of actor/screenwriter Sylvester Stallone
BART STARR - football player
HERBERT STEMPEL - Quiz Show scandal figure
FRANCES STERNHAGEN - stage/screen actress, “Cheers” as Cliff Clavin’s mother
DEAN STOCKWEL – actor, “The Boy With Green Hair”; :Married to the Mob”
(*) ELLY STONE - singer/stage actress, “Jacques Brel Is Alive and Well and Living in Paris”
(80, 12/20/2017) (NOEL) PAUL STOOKEY - folksinger, “Peter, Paul and Mary”
UNA STUBBS - British TV actress, ’Til Death Ys Do Part”
GEORGE TAKEI – actor, “Star Trek”; LGBT activist
GAY TALESE – journalist/author, “Thy Neighbor’s Wife”
VALENTINA TERESHKOVA - Russian cosmonaut; first woman in space
CHAIM TOPOL - Israeli-British actor, “Fiddler on the Roof”
JEAN-LOUIS TRINTIGNANT, French actor, “And God Created Woman”
VALENTINO - Italian fashion designer
(*) CHARLES VAN DOREN - academician; Quiz Show scandal figure
JACK VAN IMPE – televangelist
(*) MONIQUE VAN VOOREN - Belgian-born actress
MARIO VARGAS LLOSA - Peruvian Nobel Laureate author
MAX VON SYDOW - Swedish acto
M. EMMETT WALSH - character actor
JOSEPH WAMBAUGH - law enforcement professional turned novelist
WAVY GRAVY (ne Hugh Romney) - 1960s countercultural personality
PAXTON WHITEHEAD - British-born stage/screen actor, “Beyond the Fringe”
STUART WHITMAN – actor, “Hold Back the Night”
(*) CARA WILLIAMS - TV sitcom actress, “Pete and Gladys”
GAHAN WILSON - illustrator; children’s book author
MARY LOUISE WILSON – actress, “One Day at a Time”
(*) JULES WITCOVER - political author/columnist
(*) JANE WITHERS - 1940s child actor; 1970s TV pitchwoman “Josephine, the Plumbe
ANDREW YOUNG - statesman
HARRIS YULIN - character actor
(*) FRANCO ZEFFERELLI - Italian film producer/director
Michael OConnor
2017-12-04 08:44:52 UTC
I was going thru that list and had to check about a half dozen of them that I thought were dead. Joseph Wambaugh I thought had died simply about 20 years ago because he put out a bunch of police books in the 70's and early 80's then pretty much disappeared. I didn't realize he was in his mid 30's when he first started publishing his best sellers, I thought he was in his 50's at the time and brought a lifetime of experience as a cop to his writing.

I didn't realize Wavy Gravy was still with us. I met Wavy about 20 years ago when I was living in Detroit and he was visiting the local mall selling ties for the Jerry Garcia tie company. I didn't buy a tie but I did get an autographed picture, which is buried in my storage building someplace.
David Carson
2017-12-04 16:24:53 UTC
On Sun, 3 Dec 2017 23:53:13 -0800 (PST), That Derek
Post by That Derek
It just so happens that I am a big fan of David Carson and his dead/alive lists. Truly, Mr. Carson is a statistician extraordinaire!
However, I have conjured up a bunch of names of octogenarians, nonagenarians, and centenarians who did not make it into most his recent posting.
(*) - personages, aged 90 to 99 (inclusive);
(!) = personages 100 and over.
I truly hope many of these names will be incorporated into David Carson's next listing.
Thanks for the compliment and the suggestions. Here are a few
impressions off the top of my head.

John Conyers - definitely

John Dingell, Orrin Hatch - ditto

Ernest Angley, Kenneth Copeland - intriguing

Honor Blackman - I've gotten a lot of past requests to add her, but
haven't yet

Betty Lynn - ditto

Dyan Cannon - can't believe I don't already have her

Steve Ditko - hmm ... I have a bias AGAINST MARVEL

Ethel Kennedy - no, this list isn't for other people's spouses,
children, parents, etc. ESPECIALLY Kennedys

Jean Kennedy Smith - ditto

Karl Lagerfeld - already on my list

Carol Lawrence - ditto

Desmond Morris - yeah, probably

George Takei - I have to fix his DOB in my data base, but yes

This list of impressions off the top of my head is not comprehensive,
nor is it intended to be.
A Friend
2017-12-04 17:27:48 UTC
Post by David Carson
Steve Ditko - hmm ... I have a bias AGAINST MARVEL
He's worked for just about everybody over the decades. Please don't
hold it against him.

I was particularly fond of his work for Charlton Comics in the 1960s.
That Derek
2017-12-04 17:37:03 UTC
My list was done in a format reflecting David Carson's original. Hence, the compression of facts.

One day, such a listing will encompass Ditko's other work at DC, Charlton, et. al. That will occur as soon as Hollywood makes a successful big-budget movie out of Captain Atom, The Question, The Creeper, The Hawk and the Dove, or Shade the Changing Man.
2017-12-04 18:01:44 UTC
Dallas Green died on March 22, 2017
J.D. Baldwin
2017-12-04 19:51:00 UTC
Post by That Derek
However, I have conjured up a bunch of names of octogenarians,
nonagenarians, and centenarians who did not make it into most his
recent posting.
David doesn't seem to think much of classical musicians, but off the
top of my head I think Zubin Mehta (81), Alfred Brendel (86), Paul
Badura-Skoda (90), Vladimir Ashkenazy (80) and Nana Mouskouri (83) are
all pretty notable even to the general public. Badura-Skoda, maybe
not so much, but he ought to be.
_+_ From the catapult of |If anyone objects to any statement I make, I am
_|70|___:)=}- J.D. Baldwin |quite prepared not only to retract it, but also
\ / ***@panix.com|to deny under oath that I ever made it.-T. Lehrer
2017-12-04 20:28:11 UTC
Menahem Pressler is 95.
2017-12-05 04:20:53 UTC
A terrific list :)

Darryl Hickman however is 86 and should not be asterisked.

As a Star Trek fan, I'm adding Walter Koenig.
2017-12-05 04:22:39 UTC
A terrific list :)

However Darryl Hickman is 86 and shouldn't be asterisked.
That Derek
2017-12-05 05:32:29 UTC
ADDENDA to Assenda:

(*) RAY ANTHONY - bandleader
RUSSELL BAKER - social/political critic; memoirist, one-time host, “Masterpiece Theatre
JOAN BENNY - memoirist; daughter of comedic actors Jack Benny and Mary Livingstone
PERRY BOTKIN JR. - composer/musician, “Nadia’s Theme”
(80, 12/17/2017) JOYCE BULIFANT - comedic actress, “Big John, Little John”
CHIEF MANGOSUTHU BUTHELEZI - South African Zulu statesman
(*) PHYLLIS COATES - actress, “The Adventures of Superman”
GINO CONFORTI - TV sitcom actor, “Three’s Company”
(*) NORM CROSBY - comedian/malapropist
DICK DALE - 1960s surf guitarist (NOT “The Lawrence Welk Show” singer)
BARRY DE VORZON - composer/musician, “Nadia’s Theme”
BOB DISHY - comedic actor, “That Was the Week That Was”
BOB DOROUGH - jazz pianist/singer, “Schoolhouse Rock”
ABDUL “DUKE” FAKIR - singer, “The Four Tops” (last surviving original member)
FELICIA FARR - actress; widow of actor Jack Lemmon
JAMES FRAWLEY - director, “The Monkees”; “The Muppet Movie”
BAMBER GASCOIGNE - – British TV personality/intellectual
CHARLIE GRACIE - 1950s singer, “Butterfly”
ROOSEVELT “ROSEY” GRIER - football player; actor; apprehender of Senator Robert F. Kennedy’s assassin
HARRY HARRISON - Top 40 radio personality, New York’s WMCA-AM, WABC-AM, WCBS-FM
BILLY HAYES - comedic actress, “Li’l Abner”; “H.R. Pufnstuf”
PHIL HENDERSON - member, comedy team “Skiles and Henderson”
CHUCK JACKSON - R&B singer, “Any Day Now”; claimant to having discovered “The Jackson 5”
FRANK JACOBS - MAD Magazine satirist known for song/nursery rhyme parodies
TOM JONES - co-author, Off-Broadway musical “The Fantasticks” (NOT the Welsh-born pop singer),
(*) WILL JORDAN - impressionist best-known as Ed Sullivan, “the Doors”; “The Buddy Holly Story”
JOHN KANDER - co-author, Broadway shows “Cabaret”; “Chicago”
MONTE LANDIS - British-born comedic actor, “The Monkees”; “Myra Breckinridge”
GALT MacDERMOTT - co-author, Broadway musical “Hair”
(*) CHRISTINE McGUIRE - singer, “The McGuire Sisters”
PHYLLIS McGUIRE - singer, “The McGuire Sisters”
ZUBIN MEHTA - Indian-born conductor
PHYLLIS NEWMAN - actress; widow of songwriter Adolph Greene
LARRY PEERCE - film/TV director, “The Other Side of the Mountain”; son of operatic tenor Jan Peerce
JAMES RADO - co-author, Broadway musical “Hair”
BOB RAFELSON - director/producer, “The Monkees”; “Five Easy Pieces”
BABA RAM DASS (ne Richard Alpert) - spiritual teacher; 1960s countercultural personality
RAMIRO “RAY” RAMIREZ - Austin, Texas, police officer who shot sniper/killer Charles Whitman (1966)
BOBBY RAMSEN - comedian/sitcom actor, “Double Trouble”; “The Bob Newhart Show”
JIMMIE RODGERS - 1960s pop singer (NOT earlier country singers), “Honeycomb”
ANNIE ROSS - British-born jazz chanteuse, “Lambert, Hendricks and Ross”; actress, “Our Gang Follies of 1938”; “Superman III”
BILLY SALUGA - comedic performer “Raymond J. Johnson Jr.”
HARVEY SCHMIDT - co-author, Off-Broadway musical “The Fantasticks”
BOBBY SEALE - political activist, The Chicago 8
MITZI SHORE - comedy club impresario; mother of actor Pauly Shore
IAN TYSON - Canadian-born folk singer, “Ian & Sylvia”
(* 90 on 02/06/2018) LARRY WILDE - comedian turned joke book author turned motivational speaker
(believed to be over 80) TATJANA WOOD - comic book colorist; one-time wife of comic book artist Wallace Wood
(*) LOUIS ZORICH - actor, “Mad About You”; husband of actress Olympia Dukakis
David Carson
2017-12-05 05:52:06 UTC
Post by That Derek
Already on my list.
That Derek
2017-12-06 01:25:30 UTC
More Addenda:

JAY J. ARMES - amputee private investigator
JOHN BIRD - British comedic actor, “That Was the Week That Was”; singer/songwriter, Idi Amin parody “Amazing Man”
PAT CROWLEY - TV actress, “Please Don’t Eat the Daisies”
(*) JEANNETTE DeMARCO - singer, “The DeMarco Sisters”
JANET CANTOR GARI - memoirist; daughter of entertainer Eddie Cantor; inspiration for Cantor song “Yes, Sir, That’s My Baby”
FRANK GEHRY - Canadian-born architect
ANITA GILLETTE - actress, “Quincy, M.E.”
(*) RUSS HEATH - comic book artist, DC war-theme titles including “The Haunted Tank”
JOHN HORTON - Canadian-born actor, “The Shawshank Redemption” (as judge); Talking Books narrator
BEN KINCHLOW - co-host, “The 700 Club”
GARY LOCKWOOD - actor, “2001: A Space Odyssey”
(*) SYLVIA MILES - actress, “Midnight Cowboy”
BRUCE MORROW - Top 40 radio personality “Cousin Brucie,” NYC’s WABC-AM; WNBC-AM; WCBS-FM
(*) CARMELITA POPE - 1940s actress; 1970s TV pitchwoman
TOM ROBBINS - author, “Still Life with Woodpecker”
DAVID ROTHENBERG - NYC radio personality, WBAI-FM; theatrical producer; advocate for prison reform, “The Fortune Society”
FRANK SERPICO - whistleblowing NYPD police officer
(*) BILLY WATSON - juvenile actor, “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington”
(*) H. M. WYNANT - episodic TV actor, “Perry Mason”; “The Twilight Zone: The Howling Man”
Michael OConnor
2017-12-06 02:59:00 UTC
Post by That Derek
JAY J. ARMES - amputee private investigator
I wonder how much he got paid for this:

David Carson
2017-12-06 16:43:43 UTC
On Tue, 5 Dec 2017 17:25:30 -0800 (PST), That Derek

What would be your top twenty "must-include" suggestions?

That Derek
2017-12-08 07:12:01 UTC
More names ...

(* 90 on 12/18/2017) Ramsey Clark - U.S. Attorney General under :.B. Johnson
Ben Cooper - actor, "Alias Smith and Jones" (NOT the Halloween costumer)
Mart Crowley - playwright, "The Boys in the Band"
Alphonse D'Amato - U.s. Senator, New York
Paul Krassner - 1960's countercultural journalist/author
David Ossman - comedy performer/writer, "Firesign Theatre"
Stu Phillips - film/TV composer
James Randolph - actor; TV spokesman, NYC's computer training Albert Merrill School
Freddie Roman - comedian, "Catskills on Broadway"
Calvin Trillin - journalist/columnist
Rexella Van Impe - televangelist
Adam Wade- singer, "Ruby"; first African-American TV game show host, "Musical Chairs"
RH Draney
2017-12-08 13:22:16 UTC
Post by That Derek
More names ...
(* 90 on 12/18/2017) Ramsey Clark - U.S. Attorney General under :.B. Johnson
Ben Cooper - actor, "Alias Smith and Jones" (NOT the Halloween costumer)
Mart Crowley - playwright, "The Boys in the Band"
Alphonse D'Amato - U.s. Senator, New York
Paul Krassner - 1960's countercultural journalist/author
David Ossman - comedy performer/writer, "Firesign Theatre"
Stu Phillips - film/TV composer
James Randolph - actor; TV spokesman, NYC's computer training Albert Merrill School
Freddie Roman - comedian, "Catskills on Broadway"
Calvin Trillin - journalist/columnist
Rexella Van Impe - televangelist
Adam Wade- singer, "Ruby"; first African-American TV game show host, "Musical Chairs"
* Ed Ames - actor, singer, "Frontier rabbi" in classic Tonight Show clip

That Derek
2017-12-08 15:52:24 UTC
Ed Ames wa on the original David Carson litany. He’s easy to find … only names in.
I guessed you missed him … just like Ed Ames with his tomahawk.
BTW, check out my latest posting titled “MEFA-LIST” in which I combined Carson’s list with all the supplements. There’s like 800-900 names thereupon.