To Post Everlasting: Leroy Fletcher Prouty Jr., Remembering America’s Heroes
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2021-07-29 15:53:21 UTC
To Post Everlasting: Leroy Fletcher Prouty Jr., Remembering America’s
Air Force Colonel
Leroy Fletcher Prouty Jr., 84, a retired Air Force colonel who also
worked for Washington area corporations, died of multiple organ
failure June 5 at Inova Alexandria Hospital. He lived in Alexandria.
Col. Prouty was born in Springfield, Mass. As a young man, he sang
with professional big bands in New England. He was a graduate of the
University of Massachusetts.
He served with the Army Air Forces during World War II as a transport
pilot in North Africa and Saudi Arabia.
After the war, he was assigned to Yale University, where he
established an ROTC program, and to the Air Defense C...
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He didn't live to see 9/11. Would have loved to hear his input.
2021-07-30 00:54:25 UTC
Pretty sure Oswald killed Fletch in 2001. And clearly David Ferrie aided and abetted in this second assassination by Oswald. And it sure seems like The Civil Air Patrol has been covering it all up.

Now get to work on those theories, "assassination research community" !