Semi-OT, from Reddit: "AITA for screaming..."
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2021-05-20 17:35:57 UTC
Owner of a very sick dog has to put it down. Neighborhood (preteen) kids try to steal the dog so it won't happen. Owner screams nasty language at the ringleader. Parents of girl demand apology.

There are well over 1300 comments. Aside from the dog's situation, the most popular comments include a good deal of discussion about euthanasia for humans. (The most popular comments always come up first, if you don't know, but one can also select "controversial" or old or new comments.)

And, as you might guess, the commentators are mostly on the OP's side.

2021-05-20 18:03:33 UTC
Oh, yes - several people said that, since even much younger kids CAN understand the need for putting down sick, beloved pets, if their parents explain it in a way they can understand, there's a good chance that the 10-year-old girl's parents refused to explain this harsh fact of life to her, beforehand - and maybe even encouraged her to believe that miracles are a regular occurrence.