Grichka & Igor Bogdanoff, 72, Eccentric Twin French TV Presenters, Covid
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Turd Ferguson
2022-01-04 23:29:55 UTC

Grichka and Igor Bogdanoff, the eccentric French TV presenter twins,
have died of Covid within six days of each other. Igor died Monday and
Grichka on December 28. They were 72.

The BBC said the unvaccinated brothers had told friends their healthy
lifestyle would protect them from Covid, but both were admitted to
hospital in the middle of last month. Although their families did not
specify the cause of their deaths, their lawyer Edouard de Lamaze
confirmed that both contracted the virus.
Igor Bogdanoff’s family said in a statement he had “gone towards the
light,” surrounded by his children and family.

The identical twin brothers were raised by their maternal grandmother,
Countess Bertha Kolowrat-Krakowská, in a castle in Southern France.

The Bogdanoffs first started making a name for themselves in 1979, when
they hosted Saturday afternoon science-fiction show Temps X, which aired
from a spaceship set and ran for a decade on French broadcaster TF1. The
show exhibited the day’s cutting-edge technology along with introducing
French audiences to the likes of Doctor Who and Star Trek.

Later, the Bogdanoffs also fronted France 2’s Rayons X.

Away from hosting, they became well-known for their facial features
changing dramatically in the 1990s, and later they got caught up in the
2002 Bogdanov Affair, an academic dispute regarding the legitimacy of a
series of theoretical papers the twins wrote after they obtained Ph.Ds.
The affair –with an alternate spelling of their surname — led to a
period of introspection for the peer-review system, which was deemed by
many physicists to have failed.

The pair won a 2014 court case for defamation before losing a lawsuit
against the French National Centre for Scientific Research.
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2022-01-05 03:19:33 UTC
Post by Turd Ferguson
Away from hosting, they became well-known for their facial features
changing dramatically in the 1990s