Debra Lynn Johnson, 69, died at Death Meth party while having sex and listening to Quiet Riot
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2019-01-31 18:25:34 UTC
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A Minnesota man told police he held a “death party” for his terminally ill wife during which he gave her meth and they had sex shortly before she died.

Duane Arden Johnson, 58, of Searles, called Brown County Sheriff’s Office after his wife Debra Lynn Johnson, 69, had died, at around noon last Thursday, Pioneer Press reported.

On the door of the property were the words “Death Parde God Hell” sprayed in red, The Mankato Free Press reported, citing a court filing.

Johnson was naked and yelling that his wife was dead when officers first arrived. He then sat in a bathtub trying to wash off black and white “things” from his body, the Free Press reported.

He had also washed and wrapped his wife’s body in linen “like the Bible told me to do,” he told police.

While his wife was ailing but still alive, they listened to Quiet Riot’s “Metal Health,” took meth, and had sex just two hours before she died.

Johnson claims that his wife told him to take her out of the nursing home in which she was cared for because she did not want to die there, despite medical advice not to. Police also found several guns and lots of ammunition at the property.

According to KEYC, police arrested Johnson and he is held in the Brown County Jail on charges of criminal neglect.

Duane Arden Johnson
Duane Arden Johnson, 58, of Searles, Minnesota, gave his terminally sick wife meth at a "death party" he threw for her. Brown County Sheriff’s Office

Elsewhere in Minnesota, a dementia sufferer living in a care center died after a member of staff punched him repeatedly in the face.

Steven G. Nelson, 58, lived at Chappy’s Golden Shores in Hill City where he was confined to a wheelchair. He was left bleeding when the employee “beat the crap out of him,” another staff member told investigators.

A second employee held Nelson down and a third failed to intervene. Nelson suffered internal brain bleeding and died weeks later.
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According to a report by the Minnesota Department of Health, a doctor ruled Nelson’s death as due to natural causes, citing a non-traumatic brain bleed. But the doctor later told investigators had he known about the alleged abuse it would have "definitely affected the findings."

Minnesota governor Tim Walz said in a statement he was “outraged by the abuse.”

“All Minnesotans deserve safety and dignity,” Walz said. “My administration will work tirelessly to root out elder abuse, ensure thorough oversight and investigations, and provide justice to victims and their families.”
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2019-01-31 20:32:42 UTC
Se and Quiet Riot ...

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Remember that old joke circa 1983?

Q: What's worse than Olivia Newton-John in Grease?
A: Come on Eileen.
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2019-01-31 20:43:45 UTC
"Come on Eileen" was one of the video titles Randall read off when he was ordering movies from the distributor in "Clerks", with the mother and young child watching (warning: NSFW):