Sad, old story from Uganda
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2021-08-21 19:00:46 UTC
The woman in question (born in 1911?) was rescued, in the early 1920s, but many others were not. Unbelievable.

"Uganda's Punishment Island: 'I was left to die on an island for getting pregnant' "

2021-08-21 19:31:14 UTC
More, similar articles:


And, if you click on the 2016-12-22 link to "Kenyan girls hide in schools to escape FGM" and click on the BBC link itself, you'll see another link to "My quarrel with a proud FGM cutter," from 2016. (The journalist is a Brit of "Indian Bengali descent.")

Excerpts from that one (from Sierra Leone):


What about the pain and trauma caused by cutting? And the deaths? Memunatu isn't having any of it. "It's all lies," she tells me. "It's good for the woman. One man is not enough for a woman who has not been circumcised," she continues. "But when she is initiated, she becomes sexually contented and sticks to just one man."...

...I ask Memunatu what she would do if the government banned the practice. "We would storm the offices of the president," she bellows. "They know this is an important tradition. Many of them are in our secret society."
After ranting about the injustice of it all she takes a deep breath. "If they want us to stop," she says, "they will have to find something else for us to do. If you want to wean your baby off breast milk you provide alternatives, don't you?"
I put to her that if this is her logic, then initiations for her are more about cold hard cash than ancient traditions. "It's about both," she says.