OFF-TOPIC: Amorous couple puts DeSantis boyhood-hometown on map
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2023-11-13 21:55:30 UTC
Well, neither died...but either or both of these imprudent lovers sure MIGHT have, had they been plowed into during this silly stunt.

[Still-competitive-in-the-GOP-race* Ron DeSantis was born in and (in?)famously represented Jacksonville as a U.S. Representative, but his boyhood was spent in this obscure Tampa Bay Area burg.]

* Quite unlike galpal-showcasing Tim Scott, as of yesterday.
2023-11-13 22:01:59 UTC
Speaking of what sex so often leads to...here's something in the New York Times today, from David French.

(A conservative columnist, for those who don't know).

"The New Republican Party Isn’t Ready for the Post-Roe World"


Ohio is not a swing state, not any longer. Donald Trump won it by eight points, twice. It has a Republican governor, and while its senators are split between the parties, its U.S. House delegation is made up of 10 Republicans and five Democrats. And yet Ohio just passed an abortion-rights referendum by a margin of more than 13 points.

There’s no way to spin this result. There’s no way to spin every other pro-choice result in every other red-state referendum. The pro-life movement is in a state of electoral collapse, and I think I know one reason.

In the eight years since the so-called New Right emerged on the scene and Trump began to dominate the Republican landscape, the Republican Party has become less libertarian but more libertine, and libertinism is ultimately incompatible with a holistic pro-life worldview.

I’m not arguing that the pro-choice position is inherently libertine. There are many millions of Americans — including pro-choice Republicans — who arrive at their position through genuine philosophical disagreement with the idea that an unborn child possesses the same inherent worth as anyone else. But I’ve seen Republican libertinism with my own eyes. I know that it distorts the culture of the Republican Party and red America.

The difference between libertarianism and libertinism can be summed up as the difference between rights and desires. A libertarian is concerned with her own liberty but also knows that this liberty ends where yours begins. The entire philosophy of libertarianism depends on a healthy recognition of human dignity. A healthy libertarianism can still be individualistic, but it’s also deeply concerned with both personal virtue and the rights of others. Not all libertarians are pro-life, but a pro-life libertarian will recognize the humanity and...


I'm reminded of what another American columnist wrote in 1988. I doubt much has changed since then.


"The fact is, when your back is against the wall of unwanted pregnancy, it doesn't matter whether or not you think the fetus is a person. That's why, in this country, Roman Catholic women, who are less likely to use effective birth control, have a higher abortion rate than Jews or Protestants."