Semi-OT: "does anyone else not care about leaving a legacy?"
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2021-10-28 02:57:15 UTC

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"i’ve always strived for a mediocre/average/simple life. where i live (USA) would be considered paradise to a lot of countries. and i’ll also be dead anyway, so it won’t matter.

"i never been able to understand why people are so scared of “being forgotten”, i couldn’t care less. just to put it in perspective: think about some of your classmates/teachers from primary and/or secondary school. there’s a chance you don’t remember some, and the same could go for them-to-you."

A couple of responses (there are 22):

"If people want legacies, then they should do something worth remembering."

"Most people who use that saying havent done anything worthwhile and just want to convince themselves they've contributed without actually putting in any effort."
Terry del Fuego
2021-10-28 19:17:24 UTC
"i never been able to understand why people are so scared of "being forgotten",
i couldn’t care less.
A thousand and one times this.