Marjorie Bauernschmidt, 91, in May 2018 (illustrator: "You Can Always Tell a Freshman," 1949)
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Marjorie (Bauernschmidt) Barnhart, age 91, passed away peacefully on May 13, 2018, at The Homeplace in Midway, Kentucky. Born and raised in Baltimore Maryland, daughter of Katerina and John Bauernschmidt, she met her husband (Edward F. Barnhart) in Baltimore on a blind date and was married for 48 years until his death in 1993.

She graduated from Wilson College (Chambersburg, PA) and worked for a brief time in advertising. Marjorie, a "people person," had a rich sense of humor, artistic talent, and a flare for the dramatic. A talented cartoonist, she illustrated several books, most notably "You Can Always Tell a Freshman," a guide to adjusting to college life. She loved animals, music, reading and spirited conversations. Ever observant, she had an ability to appreciate and share the small wonders of everyday life; watching a butterfly hatch, a bird building its nest, a wildflower. If she was your friend, you had a devoted friend for life. While raising her family, she devoted much of her time helping others, with a particular focus on the community of the visually impaired...


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From one review of "Yours Till Niagara Falls":

"...born of a more innocent era...a kind of autograph source book. It brought back joyful memories to her and her sister. These aphorisms on life are still vivid, clear, clever, humorous, and fun."

Other books of hers:

You Can Always Tell a Freshman: How to Get the Most out of Your College Years – 1949

Remember Me When This You See: A Collection of Autograph Verses Compiled by Lillian Morrison, 1966

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Review of "You can always tell a freshman" by Elisabeth Ann Hudnut:



And from Goodreads:

"A guide for the college bound girl in 1949 pretty much works for 2014. A lot of wisdom for any freshman."