Fritz Feld, November 18, 1993
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Matthew Kruk
2020-06-28 06:47:14 UTC
That Derek
2020-06-28 16:32:45 UTC
Tol Avery? Arthur Batanides? Vincent Beck? Michael Conrad? Hans Conried? John Crawford? Melinda Fee? Fritz Feld? Robert Foulk? Marcel Hillaire? Ronald Long? Sheila Matthews (Allen)? Woodrow Parfrey? Leonard Stone?

What is this? The “Lost in Space” guest star stock company tour?

Where are Stanley Adams, Michael Ansara, John Carradine, Ted Cassidy, Wally Cox, Royal Dano, Alan Hewitt, Henry Jones, Werner Klemperer, Al Lewis, Warren Oates, Arte Johnson, Strother Martin, Mercedes McCambridge, Gerald Mohr, Michael Rennie, Michael J. Pollard, Albert Salmi, Reta Shaw, Liam Sullivan, Torin Thatcher, Malachi Throne, Francine York?
That Derek
2020-06-29 15:33:45 UTC
"Fun (mouth pop), fun (mouth-pop), fun (mouth pop)."

Fritz Feld made a career out of playing maitre'd's who would make mouth-popping noises by applying his open palm to his open mouth.

In the 1970s, I subscribed to a "Lost in Space" fanzine published by author Joel Eisner, who later produced mainstream books about both "Lost in Space" and "Batman '66." Usually, the centerpiece articles therein would be a big interview with B-movie "Lost in Space" guest actors such as Leonard Stone, Marcel Hillaire, and Fritz Feld -- personages recently noted on this forum by veteran AO-er Matthew Kruk.

Around the time Mr. Eisner interviewed Mr. Feld (1978? 1979?), there was a TV ad for Tic-Tac breath-freshener mints in which the actors popped the mints orally while performing the Fritz Feld hand-to-mouth popping shtick.

IIRC, Fritz Feld either threatened to sue Tic-Tacs or successfully enacted a cease-and-desist order against them for the appropriation of this gesture, a dynamic he claimed he invented and trademarked.