AMA survey shows over 96% of doctors fully vaccinated against COVID-19
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2021-12-08 09:41:56 UTC
"The American Medical Association (AMA) today released a new survey
(PDF) among practicing physicians that shows more than 96 percent of
surveyed U.S. physicians have been fully vaccinated for COVID-19, with
no significant difference in vaccination rates across regions. Of the
physicians who are not yet vaccinated, an additional 45 percent do plan
to get vaccinated."


For me the obvious question is 'why are nearly all doctors vaccinated?'

Do they know something the anti vaxxers don't? Are they less informed
than anti vaxxers?

I always see see the elephants in the living room, don't bother looking
for the ants. Just the way my brain/intuition works.
John M.
2021-12-08 21:25:54 UTC
On Wed, 08 Dec 2021 06:12:15 -0800, Terry del Fuego
Post by Whisper
For me the obvious question is 'why are nearly all doctors vaccinated?'
Because only 4% are suicidal/homicidal idiots?
I can't decide if I'm happy or disappointed that our former
"contributor" who never failed to fully embrace any and every
conspiracy theory, no matter how insane, is no longer here. I'm sure
we'd all have been "enlightened" by the experience.
That would be Roy?

John M.
Terry del Fuego
2021-12-10 01:08:44 UTC
Post by John M.
That would be Roy?
Got it in one!