Famous Deaths for 7th June 2018
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2018-06-07 05:25:02 UTC
1329 - Robert the Bruce, King of Scots (1306-1329) and national hero, dies at 54

1862 - William B. Mumford, 1st US citizen hanged for treason, at 42

1866 - Chief Seattle, Native American leader

1935 - Ivan V Mitsjoerin, Russian botanist, dies

1937 - Jean Harlow, actress (Bombshell), dies from gallbladder infection at 26

1938 - Norbert Fonteyne, Flemish writer (How Flemings Came Late), dies

1942 - Alan Blumlein, English electronics engineer (b. 1903)

1991 - Eric Francis, actor (Shillingbury Blowers), dies

1992 - Bill France, Sr., American racing car driver and co-founder of NASCAR, dies of Alzheimer's disease at 82

2009 - Hugh Hopper, British musician (b. 1945)

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Adam H. Kerman
2018-06-07 22:50:47 UTC
Look. I'm getting the strong impression that you're just shilling for a
Web site and not reading Usenet at all. Right?

Don't you think that getting the year horribly wrong is a really bad
thing when listing deaths?