Good pics of G&J on May 23 68...I hadn't seen before
(too old to reply)
Eddie Catskill
2017-11-20 00:59:43 UTC
Lots of photos I hadn't seen before...worth a butchers me thinks.
Just because you haven't seen 'em doesn't mean that real fans like us
haven't seen 'em, pillock.

Stop wasting our time with yer shite.
Dresden Houndiearfums
2017-11-22 10:24:53 UTC

Lots of photos I hadn't seen before...worth a butchers me thinks.
I've only seen a couple of those.
- John appears to be wearing the same fur coat he wore for the
rooftop session. I don't like it - it looks too much like a woman's
coat. Maybe it's the shoulder pads. Looks nice and warm, though!
- I never heard of "Apple Tailoring". I guess the failure of the
Apple Boutique didn't totally discourage them. Here's a little bit
- I do like George's extravagent patterened jacket. Probably not
something I'd wear around town, but it would make for good stage
- George looks pretty toasted in those restaurant pictures.
Oh Nil thank you so much for your expert taxpert commentary on this
posting. Danny must be so honoured that you took 5 minutes out of your
busy day of walking on water to let us know your thoughts. The world
could never survive without your observations and critiques. The world
is such a better place with your divine guidance.
Dresden Houndiearfums
2017-11-22 10:27:17 UTC
I have seen some, but not all of those pix....but geez, could they
have maybe put a little beatle music in the background?
The video is better enjoyed with the sound muted!
Actually the video would be better enjoyed if the audio track were
replaced with your observations oh great Nil. Just think how much more
advanced Beatleology would be if your thoughts and observations were
included on every single Beatle video. You would win the Nobel prize
that was due to go to Bono.