"Gypsies Are Found Near Heaven" actor Vsevolod Gavrilov, 77
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2020-10-10 20:51:58 UTC
He was from Moldova.

I can't find a real obit, but here's what I did find:



"Gypsies Are Found Near Heaven" (1975) is also known as "Queen of the Gypsies." He seems to have had only a small role in that one, but the movie looks quite worthwhile - it has a 7.5 rating, for starters, and musical numbers as well.


2020-10-10 20:58:21 UTC
You can see the movie here, with subtitles:

Big Mongo
2020-10-10 21:12:31 UTC
Post by Lenona

The well-known Moldovan theater and cinema actor Vsevolod Sergheevich Gavrilov passed away today

"Vsevolod Sergheevich Gavrilov has left ... Colleague ... Friend ... Father ...", wrote on his page on social networks the emeritus artist of Moldova, the director, the actor at the theater "AP Chekhov", Dmitrie Koev .

"Today, from our theatrical family left the People's Artist of the Republic of Moldova, the most loved by spectators actor of the Russian State Dramatic Theater" AP Chekhov ", our dear friend, the wisest mentor - Vsevolod Sergheevich Gavrilov.

It hurts, it hurts a lot when the "legends" leave. Vsevolod Sergheevich dedicated his life to Chekhov's favorite profession and theater. Tevie, Lear, Rubincik, Ragin, and how not to remember Danilo from the famous movie "A Camp Ascends to Heaven" and dozens of other notable roles, which can be listed.

An eternal memory, good for you, Vsevolod Gavrilov ! ", It is said in the message of the" AP Chekhov "Theater.

Vsevolod Sergheevich Gavrilov was a theater and film actor. He was born on November 10, 1942 in the city of Tiraspol . His path to acting is very interesting. In 1967, Vsevolod Gavrilov began acting in films. His first major role in the film was the role of Paska in the 1971 film "Reserve Officer", followed by other important works: "Autumn Storms", 1974, " Dimitrie Cantemir ", 1974, "A Camp Ascends to Heaven" , 1976, Jewish Vendetta "etc. Since 1984 he has been an actor at the Russian theater AP Chekhov in Chisinau . He has acted in 34 films, but his favorite was still the theater. And V. Gavrilov served the theater for over 38 years.

Vsevolod Sergheevici Gavrilov - member of the Theater Union of Moldova since 1973, member of the Union of Filmmakers since 1978. He is an emeritus artist, decorated with the medal "For special merits", winner of the Pushkin Prize "For the best art of interpretation".
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