Patricia Busacker, Communications Sspecialist, 59
(too old to reply)
2004-12-05 18:03:09 UTC

Ms. Busacker died of breast cancer Wednesday, December 1, 2004, at her home, at the age of

Patricia Busacker had a desire to help people and a talent for writing.

"She was always so interested in other people," said her husband, Jim Cooke of Quincy,

Born in St. Louis, Missouri, Ms. Busacker grew up in Nebraska. As a high school student
she visited New England with relatives and vowed to return after college.

Ms. Busacker received a bachelor of arts degree in journalism from the University of
Nebraska. She developed a talent for advertising, which she used in public relations
positions at Hills Department Stores, Jordan Marsh, and Marshalls.

In 1985, Ms. Busacker started her own business, Busacker Communications.
Ms. Busacker died of breast cancer Wednesday at her home. She was 59.

"She was tired of the corporate system and wanted to work for herself, in a sense," her
husband said yesterday.

Busacker Communications produced medical training films and provided print and video
services for the health-care industry.

"She didn't have a degree in science but would make it her business to know what they were
talking about," Cooke said.

In 1986, Ms. Busacker met her husband through a mutual friend. They were married a year

After writing articles for the Lahey Clinic Magazine, she was asked to join the staff. For
10 years, Ms. Busacker was editor of and writer for the Lahey Clinic Health Letter and the
Lahey Clinic Magazine.

In June 2004, the New England chapter of the American Medical Writers Association honored
Ms. Busacker for two articles she wrote that appeared in the Lahey Clinic Magazine winter
issue 2002.

Ms. Busacker served on the board of directors of Gang Peace, a Dorchester youth
organization for which she produced promotional videos in 1998. She was also a mentor with
Pathways, a Boston-based program that encourages disadvantaged youths to advance their

"She was my mentor for 3 years," said Shardae Jobson of Brookline. "She always let me know
if I needed help I could ask her."

Ms. Busacker also volunteered at an animal shelter, and she and her husband were
caretakers of the Dorchester Historical Society's William Clapp House for seven years.
2004-12-05 20:51:31 UTC

This is the first time ever in alt.obituaries that the name Busacke has appeared.