OT: "Politicians and their staff create their own reality"
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2019-07-27 20:16:05 UTC

First comment, underneath the blog item, from one of the more eloquent and humorous posters (just to clarify, I know he does NOT like Trump):

"This is no longer about a failure of Democrat voters and honchos to humbly acknowledge their failure to serve an enormous number of Americans.

"They're ENJOYING the Trump presidency. Expressing social distance from the voters for whose interests they once built their careers is emotionally rewarding to them. Meritocracy is no longer about achievement, right? It's about academic test scores and other over-stressed (and under-evident) systems of social distinction.

"It seems entirely possible that they'd rather lose elections than provide representative government to the many people they've come to ignore and belittle. It's more egotistically gratifying than having to actually interact with the hoi polloi, let alone court their enthusiasm through anything but government programs."

Crid at July 27, 2019 1:33 AM
2019-07-27 20:52:19 UTC
So true!