Mike Richards's gig as host of Jeopardy!, 2021-2021
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2021-08-21 05:47:51 UTC
This is not the end of Richards's career in television production, or even in the quiz show genre, as he is staying on as Executive Producer of J!.

Since they usually tape five shows over a long day, it sounds like Richards will be on for the entire first week of the new season, which of course may be swept by phenom Matt Amado. (By the way, I was annoyed that no guest host has asked Amado what discipline his forthcoming Ph.D. is in; I wasn't surprised to learn it is artificial intelligence, although clearly there's noting synthetic about his own smarts.)

As for Richards, I didn't like the guy during his guest-hosting run and then liked him even less after I saw some tapes of his Trump-era series on Game Show Network, the silly-formatted "Divided".

And then, echoing Campaign 2000 ("It's an amazing coincidence, Governor Dubya, but out of 350 million Americans, the absolutely best-qualified to be your veep is ME!"), Richards just happened to have ended up with the prize. Even though Richards wasn't even a D-List celebrity, and as guest host wasn't much better than the ever-uneasy Dr. Sanjay Gupta or the embarrassingly clueless :LeVar Burton.

So I am not unhappy to see this snake in the grass Richards put aside. And now the appropriate powers that be can make the wisest--AND hippest--choice, and select Buzzy Cohen as rightful successor to Art Fleming and Alex Trebek.

That Derek
2021-08-21 12:17:43 UTC
Let's hope that Mayim Bialik gets the daily gig. Not only is she super-nerd hot, but Sony would be able to auction off hcr dresses for charity,

It's ironic that both Michael AND Mike Richards have both been censured.