A Will Dockery poem from 1999 is discovered
(too old to reply)
Lord Penis
2018-02-09 09:40:50 UTC
Stone, Stone
by Will Dockery
Walking down Macon Road with Lady Elaine,
she's wearing my aged black denim jacket,
we're arguing about the moon.
In my teal green hat and fag bag, pacing back & forth,
looking at the purple pansies.
Stone, Stone is copyright 1999 by Will Dockery
A poem of mine from nearly twenty years ago, could use some revision, but basically a sound work.
using the derogatory word fag
I wrote "fag bag" which was what these travel bags were called in the 1990s.
It was a derogatory term asshole.

Then again I can see you being upset and defensive since you are a
recently married same sex couple with Pickering. The two of you are the
most defensive pole smokers on the planet.
Lord Penis
2018-02-10 01:27:12 UTC
Obsessed with me as usual I see, Brooke.
Slobber on, troll.
And you continue to slobber on Pick's dick.